Yaoi Suki reports that two previously rumored titles from Blu have been confirmed:

- Truly Kindly by Yoshinaga Fumi
- Lovers in the Night by Yoshinaga Fumi

Gardena, CA, February 2, 2007 - Juné by Digital Manga Publishing, one of the industry’s most innovative manga licensing and publishing companies, has announced two new yaoi titles for summer.

"We are really excited to have another Fumi Yoshinaga title in our line-up" explains Eric Rosenberger, Sales and Distribution Manager. "Antique Bakery made the American Library Association's 2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens List and we hope to see more DMP and Juné titles make the cut in the future," adds Erica Jeng General Manager of Digital Manga, Inc.

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The Consumerist has published an article criticizing and for selling the BL manga Yaoi Hentai (published by Yaoi Press).

From the article:

The Consumerist may not be porn, but Walmart is now in the business of selling it, in comic book form. [...] Yes, we're surprised as well. Not that we're prudes or anything. It's just, you know, Walmart. Are congratulations in order? Golden tentacles? Target, meh, we knew they're sluts anyway. —MEGHANN MARCO and BEN POPKEN

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The Wild Side, a German BL manga publisher, is looking into becoming a general manga publisher:

The Wild Side has decided to do some branching out. Aside from Yaoi and Shounen Ai we also want to publish mangas with other adult oriented themes like Shounen, Horror, Thriller, Action and so on. The stories should be mature and well thought out, sex is optional.

Source: Deutsche Mangaka

topIn Genshiken, Kanako Ohno once declared that "Homo-hating girls don't exist!!" While the validity of the statement could be contested, yaoi-loving females, otherwise know as fujoshi, have since used it to defend their hobby.

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imgMoePre has an interesting article titled "Jump and Fujoshi." The article analyzes the recent attempts by Shonen Jump to better market itself to the fujoshi demographic.

Part 1 of the article introduces the readers to the term "fujoshi," and provides an overview of the situation. In Part 2, the article takes a closer look at the impact of the fujoshi audience on Shonen Jump.

[The Turning Point of Shonen Jump]

Shonen Jump experienced a turning point during the serialization of The Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi.

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The 2006 ANF Yaoi/Yuri Awards is open for nominations, 3 votes can be submitted to each categories, the categories are:

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June Manga has announced a new Christmas Contest. Participants must be over 13, and the contest will last until January 15th, 2007.

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Iris Print has announced that Diamond Comics Distributors will be its exclusive distributor in the North American as well as international comic and book store markets.

We are proud to announce that Diamond Comics Distributors will be the exclusive distributor of Iris Print's graphic novel titles in the North American and international comic and book store markets. Comic book retailers can order through Diamond Comic Distributors, and should look for Iris titles (including When Worlds Collide) starting in the January 2007 Previews catalog.

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Yaoi Suki points out 10 new titles on DramaQueen's website. According to DramaQueen, this is "an early Christmas present to the fans."

- "Doctor's Rule" by Sakura Ryou
- "Here Comes the Wolf?!" by Kouga Youichirou
- "I'll Get You! Wanted: Mysterious Man!" by Asa Kusuko
- "Junk!" by Sakurai Shushushu

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