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BL publisher Iris Print has an updated of its current status since the last update on its financial situation:

On the subject of volunteers--wow, I'm amazed at the response! I'm practically swimming in volunteer proofreaders now...more than I could use, in fact. I was trying to respond to each person individually at first, but it quickly became apparent that I wouldn't be able to.

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BL publisher Iris Print has posted an extensive blog post on how the company is running out of fundings, and is currently struggling to survive in the manga market:

The short story is, Iris Print ran out of funding. Orders for in-stock books are still shipping, and refunds for BL Twist are being issued, slowly but surely. But there hasn't been enough money coming in to support this venture for a long time, and to be honest, the plug was pulled a lot later than it should have been.

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According to YaoiSuki, Iris Print has canceled its yaoi magazine BL Twist:

How lucky am I? Literally the day after I ordered their new magazine BL Twist, they close down their purchasing page and announce that the October launch of the mag has been cancelled and they're refunding subscriptions.

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Redlands, CA, May 24, 2006 - Iris Print, publisher of the Lambda Literary Award finalist novel "A Strong and Sudden Thaw", announced today its plans to publish the first North American boys' love magazine, BL Twist.

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The latest issue of PWCW has two articles focused on yaoi.

The first one, "A Year of Yaoi at Iris Print," looks at the history and growth of publisher Iris Print.

The second article, "Media Blasters Drops Shonen; Adds Yaoi," looks at how Media Blasters is dropping their shonen titles in favor of a yaoi lineup.

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MangaCast points out some new features found on Iris Print's website, which include the new Iris blog, a new webcomic called Jigsaw Hearts, the Iris Shop, and more.

Iris Print has announced that Diamond Comics Distributors will be its exclusive distributor in the North American as well as international comic and book store markets.

We are proud to announce that Diamond Comics Distributors will be the exclusive distributor of Iris Print's graphic novel titles in the North American and international comic and book store markets. Comic book retailers can order through Diamond Comic Distributors, and should look for Iris titles (including When Worlds Collide) starting in the January 2007 Previews catalog.

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BL publisher Iris Print is accepting short story submissions for its new "fairy tale and fantasy" anthology (currently unnamed), which wil be released in Summer 2007. The story has to contain between 3,000 and 12,000 words, with a theme of folklore, fairy tales, fantasy, and an element of male/male romance.

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Iris Print will be releasing a new BL anthology titled When Worlds Collide on October 20, 2006. The new anthology will contain five short comics in a manga-sized trade paperback, and is available for pre-ordered on or at the publisher???s web site.

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Love Manga takes a look at BL publisher Iris Print and the global BL scene, and interviews Tina Anderson and Caroline Monaco.