ComiPress Projects

ComiPedia - Encyclopedia on Manga Magazine, Publisher, Imprint, Novel Guide, and more.

Backstage - In-depth analysis of popular, quality, or useful anime/manga-related websites.

NJR - Informations on newly released Japanese light novels updated daily. Also mentions new Anime starting in Japan, and what they are based on.

Annnd some non-manga related random sites:

miscGamer - A small game site on small games.

Tsukikan - A small Type-Moon fan site!

...There are more, but we don't want to tell you, go find out yourself! ;)


U.S. News
U.S. news as in, they report anime/manga news in Americanese...or English to the less sophisticated. These are the big boys, what makes the world go 'round, the wheels turning, and the bed bugs from biting you at night. It was decided all sites are listed alphabetically instead of from favorites to less favorites in order to not hurt anyone's feelings ;)

ActiveAnime - Anime news, but mainly focused on reviews and press releases.

Anime News Network - The biggest English anime news site, also reports some manga news.

Anime News Service - Japan anime, manga news. One of the older anime news sites together with ANN, not updated as often.

Anime On DVD - Anime and manga reviews, release dates, and some press releases and news. Make sure to stop by the forum.

Anime Vice - A community-based anime/manga/otaku site brought to you by the former editor of animeOnline.

Manga Jouhou - Manga scanlation, news and information, also known as

Natsume Goushin Ryu Dojo - Anime and manga news, is a bit inactive lately.

theOtaku - Various anime, manga and other news.

Tokyograph - Reports some Japanese news, mainly on adaptations and the likes.

Around the World (excluding Japan)
Now here are news sites from across the ocean, great sites if you know the language (Google or Babel Fish Translation don't count).

Anime Roundtable - Actually a Canadian site. Became Anime North's official podcast site.

Anime UK News - Anime news, reviews, and everything else you can think of.

AniMangaWeb - Spanish anime and manga news site.

AnimeClick - Probably one of the the bigger and more updated Italian website about anime and manga.

AnimeY - A German news/magazine site, would be so nice if there was an English version.

j-ent News - German blog from David Heinemann, lots of news on conventions.

La Ventana de Saouri - Spanish manga news blog, mainly focused o Saint Seiya stuff, takes a while to load.

Manga News Webzine - French manga news site.

MangaItalia EX - And an Italian manga news site.

Otaku News - A website dedicated to news for fans of Japan, covering anime, manga, cool technology and other things of interest to the modern Otaku.

Papo de Budega - Brazilian manga blog, also available in English.

Shoujo Cafe - Brazilian manga news blog.

U.S. Manga Blogs
The blogosphere, a strange place that steals time away from you in a fashion Lupin III can only dream of. There are countless categories for blogs, these are the more manga-oriented ones.

Comicsnob - A place full of charts and stats, full of useful data.

Deutsche Mangaka - English blog on German manga news.

Icarus Blog - Icarus Publishing's official site, but it's really a blog where you go for great adult-related manga news...err I mean random pr0n posts.

MangaBlog - Manga news, articles, and impressions, one of the most updated blogs, should place somewhere near the top of your bookmark.

MangaCast - Manga podcasts, release information, reviews, news, and articles. While there make sure to bug Ed to move out of LiveJournal.

Manly Manga and More... - Another English blog on the German manga scene, relatively new, but good.

Okazu - Yuri manga blog. Yuri, you know, girl on girl action. Ran by Erica Friedman, the President of Yuricon (!Important-People Alert!), which also publishes manga through ALC Publishing.

Shuchaku East - A good place to read manga reviews and other neat stuff.

U.S. Anime Blogs
There are tons of them out there, just check, but here are some of the better ones.

Random Curiosity - Okay, I lied, there is actually only one anime blog at the moment. But really, there are other great ones, just check Random Curiosity's links.

More to come...

U.S. Comics Journal and Magazine
U.S. journals and blogs and webzines focused on comics in general, and happens to report manga-related stuff as well.

Comic World News

Comics Worth Reading

Global Pop Culture

Kokoro Media - One of the newer sites, but really good...but why do everyone use WordPress!? The software is so messy underneath!

ICv2 - Internal Correspondence version 2, pop culture news and information.

Mechademia - Interdisciplinary journal for Anime, Manga, and the Fan Arts.

Newsarama - Don't forget to visit their blog as well.

The Beat - News and views on comics in general, which happens to include manga as well as some good comments. Use to be at

The Comics Reporter - Another comics blog, with tons more links in its entries.

??Journalista! - Also reports comics news, though usually with more details. Forms the holy trinity of comics journal blog together with The Beat and The Comics Reporter.

Otaku Stuff
Akihabara, moe, figurines, ero-games, anime, manga, moe, Akiba, Haruhi, moe....

Akiba Angels

AkibaBlog: The English version of the popular Japanese blog, 'nuff said.

Akihabara Channel - Latest otaku blog from the same guy who runs Moonlit World.

Canned Dogs - Great place to go for anime, manga, games, and otaku news.

Danny Choo - An amazing site...the layout rocks.

Giapet - Former animeOnline news editor Gia's blog.

Heisei Democracy - A lot of news on ero-games and NSFW material, but that's not a bad thing!

Ikimashou - Mainly focuses on figurine and adaptation news.

Moetron - Moe, moe.

N-Field - From the former owner of Little Harlock's Newslog, if you don't know what that is, just know that this is a must-visit.


Japan News
Same as U.S. news category, except sites are in Japanese.

Anime! Anime! - Think of it as the Japanese equivalent of ANN.

B-Kan - Links to tons of anime, manga and gaming news everyday.

Nifty AnimeFan - Anime news.


Ultimatum - Anime, manga, and gaming news, releases, informations, and more. No longer updated, but its blog, Ultimatum Tidbits, is still very active.

Japan Blogs
Blog, blog, and more blogs, all in Japanese.

Akiba Blog - One of the premier otaku blog, moe-related and lots of pictures for you none-Japanese speakers.

Aoiya - Manga news and information.

Eigo de! Anime, Manga - A Japanese blog that reports/translates U.S. manga news. Neat, eh?

Golgo 31 - Anime, manga, gaming news, like B-Kan, but more manga-related stuff.

HoChiSo - Manga serialization updates.

Mantan Web - Official Anime/manga/gaming news site from Mainichi Shimbun.

Moon Phase - Another "link" blog like B-Kan and Golgo31, more ero though. Seems to be a favorites among U.S. news sites.

White Data Mansion - Manga and anime news and impression.

Places where you waste your money...err...places where you buy stuff. Note these are anime/manga/whatever-related, which is why you don't see or Ebay on here. Oh and by the way, we're not endorsed by any of these sites...although more funds for the site would be nice... *cough cough*

Animaxis - An anime store that also happens to have a good news section.

Animebooks - Anime/Manga/Gaming Artbooks.

AnimeNation - Anime store, news, articles.

Cartoon Character Drawings

HimeyaShop - Japanese Games.

JP Queen - Mostly used and new manga, artbooks, doujinshi, and more, very cheap, and doesn't really look like used at all.

Manga Arts - A manga drawing materials art supplier based in Australia. Take order from any countries and ship to them.

Manga no Mori

Mangaoh - Manga anthology, anime, and more.

Nippon Export

Palet Maikl Service - Another Japanese game store, cheaper than Himeya.

RightStuf - Online store.