About ComiPress

ComiPress reports manga news and trends from around the world, although stories relating to the U.S. and Japan tend to appear more often than those from other countries. Sometimes news involving anime, gaming, and other otaku-related areas of interest are also reported.

ComiPress means Comic Press (duh), which was inspired by "Comiket". ComiPress was originally launched in April 2006 as a blog on Manga Jouhou (with the domain www.comipress.bgdigital.net, thanks Blue Ghost!); it was intended to be a place where users could access the Manga Magazine Guide (later known as ComiPedia), manga releases, serialization updates, press releases and more. In May 2006, ComiPress moved to its own domain at comipress.com.

In August 2006, ComiPress split from Manga Jouhou and officially became a manga news site of its own, and it has been growing steadily ever since. In October 2006, the old Manga Magazine Guide was re-launched under the name ComiPedia and became its own site at comipedia.com. In December 2006, two old projects, PreAnime and NJR (New Japanese Releases), were combined to form the new site LightNovel.org (headed by NeoSam).

ComiPress is currently powered by the Drupal content management system, and the forum runs on SMF.

ComiPress Projects and Sister Sites

ComiPress projects are usually maintained by multiple users, and may become their own websites in the future.

ComiPedia started out as a ComiPress project called Manga Magazine Guide. In October 2006, it was launched as a separate website. Go here for more information on the history of ComiPedia.

Backstage is a new project we started in April 2006. Its purpose is to do a full analysis on selected anime and manga websites, complete with the sites' history, content, and discussions with their founders/administrators.

LightNovel.org is a cool light novel website from our very own NeoSam; check it out!

Business and Press

If you are a publisher, another website, or someone important in general and would like to advertise on our site, send us review materials, or arrange an appointment for a cup of tea, then this section is for you!

Reviews – No, we currently do not have a review department, and we're not planning to create one anytime soon due to our staff limitations. However, we wouldn't mind receiving gifts! :)

Advertising - If you wish to advertise on ComiPress, use the contact form to get in touch with us. Please keep in mind that we won't accept ads that are either inappropriate or flashy (we prefer still ads over moving ones), and they need to be manga-related.

Links - Want to link to us? Go ahead! You can even use this specially made banner!


The truth is, we're actually very short on news staff and writers at the moment, so we encourage everyone to submit news or articles to ComiPress (keep in mind that items from anonymous users first need to be approved by an editor before appearing on the front page) Below are some things to know before submitting:

Submitting News and Articles - Please keep in mind that the news should not duplicate any older articles. Also, please include your sources. An entry without any sources means the editors will have to spend more time confirming the accuracy of the news. Also, don't forget to include your own name, so we can give credit where it's due!

If you have sent a news article but it hasn't been posted, we are most likely still in the process of verifying the sources. It may have already been posted, or is not newsworthy enough to be posted. Rest assured that any news submitted by a user will be checked by an editor within 24 hours of submission.

If you would like to be able to post directly to ComiPress, contact us and apply to be a CP Editor. A CP Editor can post directly to ComiPress, and has the power to edit all posts and comments on ComiPress.

If you are part of/were a part of an established online/offline news publication, you can become a CP Editor right away.

Translators - We're also looking for translators. If you think you're interested, either contact us here or send an email to this address. Tell us the language you're fluent in, and how much you will be able to contribute, and we'll get you set up right away. We currently need for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese translators.

Other contributions - If you can't/don't want to write, you can still contribute! Just contact us, as we're always in need of more help.

Last but not least, if you are a writer, and one of your articles is translated and published on our site without your permission (which almost never happens, since we'll always contact you beforehand), and you do not wish to have your article mentioned on ComiPress, please contact us. We will remove the article as soon as we receive a confirmation from the original website the article was published on.

Translating ComiPress articles to another language – So yeah, we translate manga articles from other language into English...but what if you want to translate our stuff into your own language? Go ahead! Everything on CP is copyrighted under Creative Commons. It's okay, as long as you credit the sources of the article, meaning ComiPress and the original website where the article was first published. Giving us a heads up would be great, too. (The only thing that requires permission before translation is Manga Zombie, the copyright of which does not belong to us, but rather to its original author Takao Udagawa).

Some Rules

Comments - Nothing special, just some general rules regarding posting comments:

Please use common sense and respect others' opinions. Do not troll or post topics just to cause fights. Posts with excessive use of caps or swearing, or which have nothing to do with the discussion, will be edited or deleted.

Meet the Team!

This is where you get to know those working behind the scenes to bring you the latest news in the world of manga!


  • Eclipse – Founder and administrator of ComiPress, news administrator of Manga Jouhou between 2005 – 2006, left MJ in August 06 to devote his time to CP.
  • NeoSam – An expert on light novels and anything Moe-related. Currently the main contributor to ComiPedia, also the guy who runs LightNovel.org.


  • Neuroretardant – Former chief translator of ComiPress...currently semi-retired.
  • Oceanizer – Umi!
  • T. Ohara – Japanese translator who has been with us for years.
  • Michiko – Another Japanese translator who has been working with us for an extended period of time.
  • Sarah Neufeld - Translator extraordinaire, is 25, lives in or around Portland, OR, and owns far too many manga. Check out some of Sarah's works!

Editorial Team:

  • Anthony Andora - Co-creator and writer of Tokyopop's OEL manga Rhysmyth. He also writes the webcomic Strip! Revenger!! Anthony helps with proofreading.
  • Chloe Ferguson - Chloe Ferguson is an occasional columnist, sometimes blogger and always reader. Besides writing the Panelosophy column for ComiPress, she cranks out the occasional review for Manga Life and does her own thing at Shuchaku East. She likes any titles that can be qualified as "comeuppance theater," but is generally game for anything if it's good.
  • Fabio - Contributor/Proofreader, and my name is Immortal Sharingan.
  • Lorena Ruggero - Proofreader, works with the media in San Diego, Calif. She's been into anime and comic books for years, recently got into manga, and has been attending San Diego Comic-Con International since the late 1990s.
  • Matthew J. Brady – A comics blogger, he posts regular reviews and commentary at his site Warren Peace Sings the Blues (warren-peace.blogspot.com). He also writes occasional reviews for Silver Bullet Comics (soon to become Comics Bulletin), MangaLife, and IndiePulp. His contributions to Comipress are mostly in the area of proofreading.
  • Pea Rea - Proofreader, Indonesian writer.
  • Sandra Monte - Our Brazilian news editor. Runs the blog Papo de Budega.

Retired: - Although you're no longer with us, we'll never forget you, and will always be in your debt for helping make the site into what it is today!

  • Aldo - One of CP's first Japanese translators, back when the site was still young.
  • Arita - One of CP's first Japanese translators, back when the site was still young.
  • Floating Sakura - Former translator and helper while CP was still part of Manga Jouhou.
  • Gaminette - Proofreader.
  • Kawazoe - One of CP's first Japanese translators, back when the site was still young.
  • L - Former (and one of our first official) proofreader.
  • Lissa Pattillo - An avid manga reader who posts reviews at her personal site, Kuriousity and also as a contributor at Manga Jouhou and Comics Village. Currently writing articles for ComiPress.
  • Masako - A "special" translator that was with us for a brief period of time.
  • Nakamoto - One of CP's first Japanese translators, back when the site was still young.
  • Yasuko - One of CP's first Japanese translators, back when the site was still young.


  • Ed Chavez – Overlord of MangaCast, has helped us out many, many times, at one time event provided the entries for our Japanese release calendar, also played an important role in the creation of ComiPedia (read the history to find out!)
  • Isaac Alexander – Contributed many an articles to CP, as well as many, many other things, thanks Isaac!!!
  • Blue-Ghost – Administrator of Anipike.com, played an important role in the creation of Manga Magazine Guide (later known as ComiPedia). Also provided a place for ComiPress to stay at www.bgdigital.net.
  • Manga Jouhou – Without my experience working at Manga Jouhou, ComiPress probably wouldn't be what it is today.