Iris Print Announces BL Twist: North America's Only Boys' Love Magazine

Redlands, CA, May 24, 2006 - Iris Print, publisher of the Lambda Literary Award finalist novel "A Strong and Sudden Thaw", announced today its plans to publish the first North American boys' love magazine, BL Twist.

The bimonthly print magazine will feature articles, reviews, and news related to the boys' love genre (stories of male/male romance, also known as yaoi or slash), but the magazine's main feature is 100+ pages of serialized comics (manga) and fiction in each issue, with each comic appearing in the form of a 20-25 page "episode" per issue. All stories will contain a strong element of male/male romance in every episode, but the magazine's content will remain appropriate for a 16 and up readership.

The magazine is the first of its kind, not only for its subject matter, but also for its focus on Original English-Language (OEL) manga. "This is an exciting time for boys' love," said Kellie Lynch, publisher of BL Twist. "Yaoi manga's explosive popularity in the U.S. has given rise to a wide range of talented Western creators. We're pleased to be able to showcase some of that talent."

A full-length preview issue of BL Twist will be published in October 2007, and will be available at this year's Yaoi-con in San Francisco. Issue 1 of BL Twist will be published in January 2008.

The magazine's web site launched today at

ABOUT IRIS PRINT - Iris Print is a publisher of boys' love novels, short stories, and graphic novels, created by and for Western readers. The company was founded in February 2006, and currently has 5 books in print. Further details, including a detailed FAQ about the boys' love genre, can be found at