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Below is a list of various manga and anime related Twitter links. If you have your own manga/anime Twitter you'd like to see listed, just post it in the comment and it will be added to the list!




Special thanks to Isaac Alexander

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You forgot

Thanks for including my

Thanks for including my twitter on the list! ^_^

Twitter list...

We cross referenced your list with the one we created earlier (of fan conventions) and credited you appropriately.

Thanks for the info.

I'd to add to the list... but we fit under news (we promote all the Florida conventions) and conventions (we produce major events for all of them two.)

You pick.

Thanks again,



Naka-Kon Anime Convention in Kansas City:

Got them :)

Got them :)

Please add:

Please add: The offical twitter for Anime Genesis at

Thank You

Thank you for listing us.

nebraskon twitter

Anime NebrasKon also has a twitter for their mascot...

Anime Club

Is there space for anime clubs?

Metro Anime is New York City's longest-running anime club:

I started one finally

Finally gave in and started my own twitter for my blog

got them :)

got them :)

Got it =)

Got it =)

2 Twitter Links to Add


I've got two links for you.

The first is an anime convention in Chattanooga, TN called JAMPcon. Link is

Then I host an online weekly j-pop/j-rock and I've made a twitter for it, and that can be found at


I'm not sure what category

I'm not sure what category to put my twitter into, but it's definitely related. I am a mangaka in Japan (currently working as an assitant), working with JUMP and Konomi Takeshi on the new Prince of Tennis series.

Yoroshuuu! ^o^/

LOL forgot the twitter

LOL forgot the twitter link.. it's here:


Also not sure which category

twitter name: 0takupride

Otaku pride is an anime/manga community... something like a cross between a forum, blog network, and social media

Great list...

Hopefully we can get listed on the next one... @foryouranime cheers!


You may add is an anime & manga convention once in a year here in Peru