Just out, Henry VIII is published in association with Historic Royal Palaces to mark the 500th anniversary of King Henry's accession to the throne. Full press release, web and print quality images available from www.selfmadehero.com 978-1-906838-02-7

At the end of May, two more titles join the popular series for graphic novel and manga readers of all ages:

Ilya re-imagines King Lear set during the era of The Last of the Mohicans – circa 1759. Lear is a venerated Iroquois chieftain, entering his final days.
A full press release, web and print quality images are available from www.selfmadehero.com 978-0-9558169-7-0

Emma Vieceli, sets Much Ado About Nothing during Risorgimento – the political and social movement that between 1815 and 1871 created modern Italy.
A full press release, web and print quality images are available from www.selfmadehero.com 978-0-9558169-6-3

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The artists Chie Kutsuwada, Ryuta Osada, Mustashrik Mahbub from Julius Caesar, As you like it and Othello will be signing & sketching for people who come along.

We'll also have a small competition prize to win some artwork, and we'll be holding a portfolio review for any budding artists that come down and would like some feedback on their work.

Manga Shakespeare is a series of graphic novel adaptations of William Shakespeare using manga visuals from UK-based artists.

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Dimensional Manga is a new publisher from the UK currently in their Pre-launch stage. We have been touring the UK exhibiting at numerous conventions introducing our new concept of Feature Manga. The response so far has been explosive!!!! In 2009 Dimensional Manga will release their first Feature Manga titles – Awakened Soul, Vampire Samurai and Pwanda. During 2008 Pre-launch period, Dimensional Manga pre-released with their Dimensional Saga series, Demon Prince: Children of Gaia. Limited Edition of Vol 1-5 have been pre-released at conventions and limited retail outlets. Dimensional Manga have the pleasure to announce that they will be signing at Travelling Man, Leeds. Limited stock is currently available from Traveling Man.

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Saturday 14th June to Saturday 12th July 2008 -- The First UK International Manga Art Show

Fairfields is very pleased to organise the first event of its kind in the UK - 'The First UK International Manga Art Show.' There have, of course, been good exhibitions of manga in the UK in the past. But this show is not meant to be any kind of comprehensive overview of manga, it is the first one which is specifically about Manga as an Art form, and the first one which draws from such a wide ranging international range of artists.

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Death Note II – "The Last Word" Special Bank Holiday
Preview @ The ICA!

Date: 26th May 2008
Time: 3.30pm
Location: ICA : http://www.ica.org.uk

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The Beat reports that winners of the 2007 Eagle Awards has been announced. The winner in the Manga Category is Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Death Note.

From TH.Yu diary, online diary of artist TH (Tim) Yu, comes a gallery of photos taken at Manhua! China Comics Now, one of the UK's largest festival of Chinese culture launched by CHINA NOW, in order to "explore Manhua - the powerful narrative art form of comics and graphic novels in China."

CHINA NOW, the UK's largest ever festival of Chinese culture, launches the first ever exhibition in Britain to explore Manhua - the powerful narrative art form of comics and graphic novels in China.

Manhua are poised to become the next global cross-media phenomenon, spinning off into films, television, animation, games, toys and more. The exhibition will take place between 7 March - 11 April at the London College of Communication. The exhibition explores 19th Century Picture Story Traditions, the Modern Manhua Masters, Hong Kong's New Wave movement and China's Next Generation of artists.

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The big (and free) exhibition looming on the horizon is MANHUA! CHINA COMICS NOW, from March 7th to April 11th at the London College of Communication, SE1. It's been a fantastic opportunity for me as curator to research this culture and work with some excellent experts to source both major mainstream hits and cult and underground alternatives, from mainland China as well as from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Details are on the site and much more info and images will follow soon:


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topThis week sees Sweatdrop Studios reach its sixth year as a manga collective! To celebrate this special occasion, they are giving a whopping 50% discount on their comics until 1st February 2008. Sweatdrop also offer free international shipping for orders over £15 (about US$30), so if you ever wanted to check out some UK-made manga, there couldn't be a better time.

Visit their online shop at: www.sweatdrop.com/shop

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