Sweatdrop Studio

topThis week sees Sweatdrop Studios reach its sixth year as a manga collective! To celebrate this special occasion, they are giving a whopping 50% discount on their comics until 1st February 2008. Sweatdrop also offer free international shipping for orders over £15 (about US$30), so if you ever wanted to check out some UK-made manga, there couldn't be a better time.

Visit their online shop at: www.sweatdrop.com/shop

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Oxford and Cambridge, UK, 5 September 2007 - Oxford indie Infinite Ideas will launch self-help books in manga format in a groundbreaking new venture with the UK's leading manga collective Sweatdrop Studios. Set to hit the shelves in April 2008, manga versions of Be creative and Find true love will marry manga images with tried and tested expert ideas in a stunning mixture of art and advice that takes self-improvement to a new level and is guaranteed to win a new generation of readers. Two further titles will follow in June 2008.

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This month's Sweatdrop podcast is a special event, as each of the four presenters were previously winners of Tokyopop's "Rising Stars of Manga" competition. They talk about how they prepared and planned their comics, and what they went through whilst producing them. They also offer tips and advise for anyone that is entering Rising Stars of Manga or any other short manga competitions. Sweatdrop Studios have been releasing podcasts for a while now, with three previous episodes covering UK events, San Diego Comic Con, and various Sweatdrop Studios members, as well as interviewing UK manga industry personalities such as Helen McCarthy.

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From ComicBitsOnline.com (via MangaBlog) comes an interview with Sweatdrop Studios member Emma Vieceli, a winner of Tokyopop's first UK and Ireland Rising Stars of Manga competition.

According to aNIme, manga artwork from Sweatdrop Studio's Sonia Leong will make an appearance in the new British comedy movie Popcorn.

Source: Anime UK News

Sweatdrop Studios presents two new anthologies this autumn - "Pink is for Girls" and "Blue is for Boys".

The two books were created as a pair: one for girls and one for boys, where the stories are closely intertwined and explore the differences between shojo and shonen manga.

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Sweatdrop Studios has announced the release of two new How-to-Draw manga books - Draw Manga by Sweatdrop Studios and Drawing Manga by Selina Dean. According to the press release, "both books are aimed at beginners and offer practical, easy-to-follow guides to the various aspects of the manga art style."

From Love Manga comes an interview with artists Sonia Leong and Emma Vieceli from the U.K. manga group Sweatdrop Studios.

The Smoke presents an interview with U.K. manga artist Emma Vieceli, a member of Sweatdrop Studio.