Sweatdrop Studios Turns Six Years Old!

topThis week sees Sweatdrop Studios reach its sixth year as a manga collective! To celebrate this special occasion, they are giving a whopping 50% discount on their comics until 1st February 2008. Sweatdrop also offer free international shipping for orders over £15 (about US$30), so if you ever wanted to check out some UK-made manga, there couldn't be a better time.

Visit their online shop at: www.sweatdrop.com/shop

Furthermore, there is a free prize draw on the forum, with prizes including Sweatdrop anthologies, books and an original watercolour image by Selina Dean. Just reply to the competition thread on the forum to take part.

Prize Draw forum thread: www.sweatdrop.com/forum/showthread.php?p=128534

Sweatdrop Studios (www.sweatdrop.com) is a group of 19 UK-based manga artists which has been operating since January 2002. They have published a number of anthologies such as "Cold Sweat and Tears", "Blue is for Boys" and "Pink is for Girls", as well as original titles such as "Looking for the Sun" by Morag Lewis and "Fantastic Cat" by Selina Dean.

Sweatdrop members Emma Vieceli and Sonia Leong recently released "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet" respectively with SelfMadeHero; and Fehed Said released "The Clarence Principle" with Slave Labor Graphics. Several members are also featured in Tokyopop's UK & Ireland Rising Stars of Manga anthologies.