The First UK International Manga Art Show

Saturday 14th June to Saturday 12th July 2008 -- The First UK International Manga Art Show

Fairfields is very pleased to organise the first event of its kind in the UK - 'The First UK International Manga Art Show.' There have, of course, been good exhibitions of manga in the UK in the past. But this show is not meant to be any kind of comprehensive overview of manga, it is the first one which is specifically about Manga as an Art form, and the first one which draws from such a wide ranging international range of artists.

Although essentially a Japanese art form, this exhibition has work by manga artists from all over the world, including Japan, China, Italy, France, Canada, and the UK. Manga is now very much an international phenomenon, a very successful cultural export.

Many of the artists whose work we are showing are only in their early twenties, and state their media as 'Pencil and Photoshop CS.' As an art form it requires both the traditional ability to draw well, and also a high standard of software skills. We will run this show again next year, so any fabulously talented artists should get in touch with us at!

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