and Caught Selling Adult Manga

The Consumerist has published an article criticizing and for selling the BL manga Yaoi Hentai (published by Yaoi Press).

From the article:

The Consumerist may not be porn, but Walmart is now in the business of selling it, in comic book form. [...] Yes, we're surprised as well. Not that we're prudes or anything. It's just, you know, Walmart. Are congratulations in order? Golden tentacles? Target, meh, we knew they're sluts anyway. —MEGHANN MARCO and BEN POPKEN

After discovering even more yaoi material on, The Consumerist received a reply from spokeswoman Amy Colella:

"These titles erroneously appeared on due to an isolated system filtering issue. We're taking this matter very seriously, and are working to remove these titles immediately from our website. We apologize to our customers for this occurrence."

Currently the titles mentioned in the article have been taken down from Walmart's website, but are still available on Target's website.