Yaoi Press Moves Stores and Opens Doors

Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2007 - Graphic novel publisher Yaoi Press has moved their online sales to everythingyaoi.com, and will begin selling manga graphic novels from other publishers on the site.

Everythingyaoi.com will sell all commercially mass-produced merchandise that falls into the yaoi category. The explosive growth of yaoi has led to eight graphic novel publishers, four anime manufacturers, and two video game manufacturers being represented on the site. Everythingyaoi.com is the first store to sell all available yaoi merchandise exclusively.

"The store is a replacement for Yaoi Press' online store first," says Everything Yaoi web master Jean Zimmerman, "and a one stop shopping place for all yaoi merchandise out there second." Yaoi Press books are discounted on the site, and customers are now able to preorder upcoming titles.

In order to compete with other larger online sellers everythingyaoi.com will offer free shipping and customer rewards which will change each month. The store currently offers a free Manga University Workbook valued at $7.50 for qualifying orders.

About Yaoi Press
Yaoi is a romantic genre that deals with stories about men in love with men for mostly women readers. Yaoi Press borrowed their theme from Japan where it's been hugely popular for several decades. Yaoi has gained a strong foothold in the United States.

Yaoi Press was founded in 2004, and has published twenty global yaoi manga graphic novels to date. Yaoi Press titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors.

For more information please visit www.yaoipress.com and www.everythingyaoi.com