Shogakugan Manga to be Turned into E-Book

E-book Japan will start carrying Shogakugan's long-running manga series in e-book format. The first series to be made available is "Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari," the first 10 volumes will be on sale July 28. There are also plans to finish the rest of the series (34 Volumes in total).

The reason behind eBookJapan's line-up of Shogakugan's popular long-running series is due to the believe that there is a demand of these manga in the ebook format, since it is quite expensive to buy them in an entire set, no one expects an increase in the "whole series bulk buying" rate.

Future planned series include: "Gekka no Kishi" (by Noujiyou Junichi), "Okami-san" (by Ichimaru), "Ogisa ME Kounin" (by Kitazaki Taku), "Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage" (by Shinohara Chie), "BANANA FISH" (by Yoshida Akimi), "P.A." (by Akaishi Michiyo), "Koi Monogatari" (by Saitou Chiho) and "Princess Army" (by Kitagawa Miyuki).

Translated by Floating_Sakura

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Mew Mew

I like to read books and I love manga, but they are finished to fast for me and have no details so I want to be able to read them like a novel. Will that ever be possible?