Broccoli Books:
- "A Juvenille Orion Artbook"

Yaoi Press:
- "Caim" by Le Peru GGine
- "LIly and the Rose" by Dany & Dany

June Manga:
- "Love Recipe" by Kiriko Nigashizato
- "In the Walnut" by Touko Kawai
- "Picnic" by Yugi Yamada
- "Othello" by Toui Hasumi
- "Sweet Whisper" (Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau) by Hyouta Fujiyama
- "World's End" by Eiki Eiki
- "Ordinary Crush" by Hyouta Fujiyama
- "Can't Win With You" (Kimi ni wa Kattenai) by Yukine Honami (Written by: Satosumi Takaguchi)

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New titles announced by Blu:

- "Innocent Bird" by Hirotaka Kisaragi
- "June Pride" by Kazumi Ooya & Shinobu Goto
- "Bokura no Onsei"

Source: Yaoi Suki

More license announcements from Yaoi Con:

- "Angel & Devil" by Uzuki Jun
- "Cage of Thornes" by Sakuragawa Sonoko
- "Missing Road" by Sakurai Shushushu

Be Beautiful:
- "Casino Lily" by Nitta Youka
- "Love a la Carte" by Minami Haruka
- "Virgin Soil" by Minami Haruka

Source: Yaoi Suki

801 Media has licensed a new yaoi license: Affair by Shiuko Kano.

Source: Yaoi Suki

In Part II of its 2006 Yaoi Awards, Yaoi Suki presents Character Awards - Part A:

Nicole from Boy Princess
Naoki from Jazz
All Character by by Hoshino Lily

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Yaoi Suki has announced a new 2006 Yaoi Awards event. The first three awards are:

Rockstar Games Award for Riskiest Licensing: DramaQueen
Most Aggravating Licensor: Be Beautiful
Favorite Publisher: June

Go here to vote for "Best Manga," "Worst Manga," and "Guilty Pleasure Award."

Las Vegas, NV, September 25, 2006 ??? Yaoi Press will publish the young adult web comic Zesty in January, 2007. Yaoi Press has numerous enhancements planned for the print version of the series.

Zesty chronicles the adventures of Zesty Tastee, a wealthy playboy who secretly fights against his father???s corrupt business. Zesty???s father brings in the mysterious ninja agent Prince to stop Zesty, but Zesty ends up falling in with love him. As Prince tries to catch Zesty, Zesty tries to capture Prince???s heart. Mayhem ensues with sweet, romantic moments interspersed.

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Yaoi Press has announced the acquisition of three Italian yaoi titles:

"Idol" by Dany&Dany
"Wishing for the Moon" by Dany&Dany
"Love Circles" by Zel

Also announced was the creation of a Young Adult line for readers of 13+, the first two titles to be released under the YA line will be Surge (November 06) and Zesty (January 07).

Yaoi-Con, the west's only anime convention dedicated to the yaoi genre of Japanese anime and manga, announces the details about its sixth annual event, including dates, location and guests.

San Francisco, CA, USA - September 8, 2006 -- Yaoi-Con, the only Western fan convention dedicated solely to the yaoi genre of Japanese anime and manga, is pleased to announce its sixth annual event, to be held the weekend of October 20-22, 2006 at the Westin San Francisco Airport and adjacent Clarion San Francisco Airport hotels in California.

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DramaQueen has launched the official website of its new Global Boys??? Love anthology RUSH.

Source: Love Manga