Popular Web Comic Zesty to be Published

Las Vegas, NV, September 25, 2006 – Yaoi Press will publish the young adult web comic Zesty in January, 2007. Yaoi Press has numerous enhancements planned for the print version of the series.

Zesty chronicles the adventures of Zesty Tastee, a wealthy playboy who secretly fights against his father’s corrupt business. Zesty’s father brings in the mysterious ninja agent Prince to stop Zesty, but Zesty ends up falling in with love him. As Prince tries to catch Zesty, Zesty tries to capture Prince’s heart. Mayhem ensues with sweet, romantic moments interspersed.

The Zesty graphic novel will have one interior color page, as well as pinups and bonus material not seen on the web site. The artwork for the online version of Zesty is inked line-work. The print version will have fully rendered screen-tone shading throughout.

Zesty represents the second graphic novel Yaoi Press is marketing specifically to young adults aged 13 and older. Their first young adult book, Surge, was drawn by the same artist as Zesty. With hordes of young female fans already devoted to Zesty, Yaoi Press sees this title as their definitive entrance into the young adult marketplace.

About Yaoi Press

Yaoi is a romantic genre that deals with stories about men in love with men that appeal to female readers. Yaoi Press borrowed their theme from Japan where it’s been hugely popular for several decades. Yaoi is an explosively popular shojo subgenre in the United States.

Yaoi Press was founded in 2004, and has published close to 20 yaoi manga graphic novels to date. Yaoi Press titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors.

For more information please visit www.yaoipress.com.

Size: 5”x7.5”
Pages: 152, b&w with 1 page color
Rating: Young Adults 13+
ISBN #: 978-1-933664-11-8
Street: January 22, 2007
SRP: $12.95

Size: 5”x7.5”
Pages: 152, b&w
Rating: Young Adults 13+
ISBN #: 1-933664-07-X
Street: November 20, 2006
SRP: $12.95
# # #

Zesty Cover, 805kb: http://www.yaoipress.com/9781933664118zesty_vol1.jpg