imgMoePre has an interesting analysis of the recent attempts by Shonen Jump to better market itself to the fujoshi* demographic.


(1) Literally "rotten girl" (腐女子). A pun, based on the homonymous term for women (婦女子). Ironical self-description by readers of Yaoi/Boys Love. (Urban Dictionary)

(2) Pertaining to manga/anime, girls who like gays (translator)

translator's aside: it would help to have a basic understanding of otaku terminology such as fujoshi (explained above), yaoi/BL (explained in the article) and moe before reading this article.

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PWCW interviews yaoi mangaka Makoto Tateno, author of Yellow.

Gardena, CA, August 8, 2006 -€“ Digital Manga Publishing wrapped up its summer convention season with new title announcements at its DMP panel at Otakon 2006. Flower of Life by Fumi Yoshinaga joins Vampire Hunter D and Megami DX in Digital Manga Publishing'€™s line-up for 2007.

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Baltimore, MD- August 07, 2006 - Alas the Otakon 2006 is over. The DramaQueen Staff had a wonderful time at this marvelous convention and wants to thank all her fans and the staff members of Otakon for all their support and love. However we did not leave the convention without giving our fans an interesting industry/yaoi panel!!! During this panel we announced the following great new manga & manhwa titles and also announced our street release date for Rush, an original western Yaoi anthology:

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DramaQueen has announced the following new licenses at Otakon:

- "Invoke" by Higashizato Kiriko
- "Not/Love" by Miyamoto Kano
- "Omen" by Tateno Makoto
- "Tyrant Who Falls In Love" by Hinako Takanaga

- "Peter Panda" by Na Ye-Ri
- "Promise" by Eun-Young Lee

DMP announced that 801 Media Inc., a new yaoi manga publisher, which will be managed by people from DMP, will make its debut at this year's Yaoi Con.

According to Yaoi Suki, Kitty Media will be releasing a few new yaoi titles, including Can't Stop Loving You by Takakura Row.

Las Vegas, NV, July 27, 2006 -€“ Yaoi Press has acquired the English publication rights to three prominent Italian yaoi graphic novels.

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From DramaQueen comes a new Global Boys' Love anthology called Rush, which is planned to be released at this year's Yaoicon.

Gardena, CA July 3, 2006 - June by Digital Manga Publishing, the industry's largest yaoi publisher, has announced the debut of 5 new yaoi titles!

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