From PingMag comes an interview with Simona Pini, an Italian/English manga translator who translated titles such as Air Gear, Bleach, Steel Ball Run, Host Club and Nana. In the interview Simona shares her experience as a manga translator:

Let's get a bit practical: What would be a typical day for a manga translator?

Well, usually I wake up at 4 in the afternoon, turn on my computer, read my mail - and get lost on the internet. I read the Panini forum because I like to read what our readers think, and I do Mixi. Eventually I start working until the morning...

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Manga Forever, an Italian website about comics and animation, conducted an interview with manga artist Go Nagai during a comic convention in Naples (at Castel Sant'Elmo) called Comicon 2007. A translated version of the interview by Manga forever can be found here.

World Cosplay Summit 2005 winner Francesca Dani will participate in Brazilian WCS 2007 Final, according to JBC, the publishing company that organizes the event in Brazil.

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Las Vegas, NV, July 27, 2006 -€“ Yaoi Press has acquired the English publication rights to three prominent Italian yaoi graphic novels.

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