From Okazu comes an interview with Tokyopop Editor Hope Donovan.

In the latest issue of PWCW, MangaBlog's Brigid Alverson talks to DramaQueen in "DramaQueen Relaunches."

Finally, Post-Gazette talks to Undertown writer Jim Pascoe.

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Gynocrat explains in the RUSH Blog how to make your local comic store carry DramaQueen's yaoi magazine RUSH.

According to Publishers Weekly (via MangaCast), at Otakon DramaQueen announced its plans to start a new action imprint, with the Korean manhwa Spam Mail Hunter being the first title to be released under the new imprint this coming September.

Also confirmed are two new licenses from Media Blasters:

  • Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei
  • Family

According to the latest entry on DramaQueen's news page, the release schedule of DramaQueen's BL anthology Rush will be once every three months instead of every two months:

Houston, Texas, 16th April 2007 Here at the DQ Shop we have been simply thrilled with the response to our pre-order sales, with the month of March being our most successful to date. For all those eagerly awaiting your goodies, the books will start to ship out next week and be shortly winging their way into your hands.

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Wholesale distributor Cold Cut announced that it has added yaoi manga publisher DramaQueen to its lineup:

This week, we have added a new publisher to our lineup: Dramaqueen Books! Formed in 2004, Dramaqueen has primarily focused on publishing yaoi and b/l manga, but has also published all-ages fantasy as well as heterosexual adult manga. With several books already published, Dramaqueen has an ambitious publishing schedule for 2007. Cold Cut has recently added a dozen new books from Dramaqueen to our catalog, and we will be adding several more in the months to come!

Source: Icarus Blog

Houston, Texas, 12th February 2007 - Happy St. Valentine???s Day! What a wonderful tradition, having one day to celebrate love in all its aspect.

Although we here at DQ can???t send each of you chocolates or flowers, we have something just as thrilling to give you. With much love from all of the DQ Staff, we are very honored and pleased, to announce the following new licenses;

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Houston, Texas, 15th January 2007. Last week, DramaQueen announced a new title at Ohayocon in Ohio.

During the panels at Ohayocon, DramaQueen gave the audience a sneak preview of a new title that they have acquired:

Devil x Devil by Sawauchi Sachiyo

A deliciously sexy comedy about less then angelic angels and the devils who fall for them. This is the first of Sawauchi Sachiyo's manga to be translated into English, and we at DramaQueen are confident you will enjoy this title as much as we do.

New Website Launch

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VIZ Media is looking for an Approvals Coordinator (Domestic Publishing) fluent in Japanese.

DramaQueen's RUSH Magazine is looking for translators fluent in Russian.

- MangaBlog

MangaCast points out that DramaQueen's RUSH site has launched a new blog called RUSH Blog. Also new is a manga title by Lynsley Brito called Venom Fang.

Yaoi Suki points out 10 new titles on DramaQueen's website. According to DramaQueen, this is "an early Christmas present to the fans."

- "Doctor's Rule" by Sakura Ryou
- "Here Comes the Wolf?!" by Kouga Youichirou
- "I'll Get You! Wanted: Mysterious Man!" by Asa Kusuko
- "Junk!" by Sakurai Shushushu

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