DRAMAQUEEN St Valentine's Day Extravaganza

Houston, Texas, 12th February 2007 - Happy St. Valentine’s Day! What a wonderful tradition, having one day to celebrate love in all its aspect.

Although we here at DQ can’t send each of you chocolates or flowers, we have something just as thrilling to give you. With much love from all of the DQ Staff, we are very honored and pleased, to announce the following new licenses;

Awakening Desires by Bohra Naono
What do you do when the person you're in love with is too old for you? Or your best friend? Or you're the one who's too old? This is a collection of romantic stories about first love.

Chronicle of the Divine Sword by Uki Ogasawara
The ninja Shinkai Sumida gained immortality from Shiva, god of a, magical sword. Four hundred years later, he meets Tsunaie Hirasaka, a man whom he's already killed once, and has vowed to continue killing through the endless cycle of reincarnations.

Maiden Rose by Fusanosuke Inariya
Two soldiers caught on opposing sides of a war between nations must choose between country and an oath of fealty made long before. But the world that they live in is hard, distrustful and cold. What will happen to their innocent love, as they are tangled ever deeper inside the terrible ravages of war?

Wicked Love Song by Kaoru Kyogoku
Choco and Aasan met on a heavenly tropical island. Aasan seduced Choco with his sweet words, but in reality he's completely vicious! Choco's fiance has left him on the rocks--what surprising path will he take in the midst of this sadness?

La Vita Rosa by Akira Honma
Miyamoto works for the sales division of a major insurance company. Every day, he continues to put the moves on his cool, attractive boss, Himuro. Then one day, the young company president, Takarada, returns to Japan. Takarada is in love with Himuro too, and he and Miyamoto engage in a fierce battle for Himuro's affections.

Can't Help Getting Hurt by Mika Sadahiro
Shouji thinks his boyfriend, Honami's first love, Terumi, might still have feelings for Honami, so he goes to investigate. He finds out that while Terumi does love Honami, he's straight. Shouji can't seem to get Terumi out of his head and things get even more complicated when Honami's own lingering feelings for Terumi surfaces.

We hope this announcement makes your Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter. On top of that, the DQ Shop is having a love fest~~everything on the Shop is on Sale!!!

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For those fans who have yet to buy their DQ books, today’s the only chance to save 20% off the DQ titles. Thank you for all your support and may your Valentine's Day blossom with much love and warmth.

From all of us at DramaQueen, Happy St. Valentine’s Day~~~!!!

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