DramaQueen Announces New RUSH Release Schedule and More

According to the latest entry on DramaQueen's news page, the release schedule of DramaQueen's BL anthology Rush will be once every three months instead of every two months:

Houston, Texas, 16th April 2007 Here at the DQ Shop we have been simply thrilled with the response to our pre-order sales, with the month of March being our most successful to date. For all those eagerly awaiting your goodies, the books will start to ship out next week and be shortly winging their way into your hands.

Competition time is always exciting but finding out who won could be nail biting! So let's break the suspense and reveal the lucky winners of this month's pre-order lottery. These lucky few will be winning a unique signed edition of the book they ordered instead of the regular copy, for your chance to be one of the chosen few check out next month's pre-orders to be in with a chance to win.

But enough with the preamble! On to those lucky winners, the envelope is opened and the names appear, all our congratulations go to

S. M from Lancaster in California who wins a signed copy of



J. R from Durham in North Caroline who wins a signed copy of

Challengers Vol. 4

They get to join the lucky few who have also been able to add these rare treasures available exclusively at Drama Queen

Virtuoso di Amore - K. D Victoria, Australia
Your Honest Deceit - M. G Pembroke, Massachusetts
Last Portrait - U V. Victoria, Australia
Lies and Kisses - S. J Oulu, Finland.

Our heart felt congratulations to all those who won their unique signed copies, and a big thanks to all those who participated in the competition making this a fantastic month for DramaQueen.


Now occasionally even the best of us run into little technical glitches that are unforeseen, and the gremlins decided that it was the turn of DramaQueen. During our recent print run of Audition Vol. 2, we encountered an issue whereby not enough glue was used in the binding process, causing the pages to fall out of the book. Luckily most of the problem copies were caught at our end and removed from circulation, but just in case a few did slip out into the system we are dedicated to correcting the problem. If you do find that you are having problems with your copy, please contact us as soon as possible at customer@onedramaqueen.com and we will arrange for you to return your book to us, so that we can send you out a new and problem-free replacement as soon as we can.

Examples of problems to be aware of would be;

Pages that are loose from the binding, meaning there is insufficient glue

Pages where the edge that is bound to the spine is clearly visible and the book easily bends or folds out flat, meaning there is insufficient glue. Everyone at DramaQueen would like to rectify this issue as soon as we can, and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


We at DramaQueen are dedicated to exploring new frontiers, pushing boundaries and trying out original ideas and concepts. RUSH is one of those exciting developments that we have been working tirelessly to bring to you.

In order to continue with our high production values and commitment to excellence we have decided to introduce some changes to how we produce this groundbreaking anthology. The great news is that means that you can expect the same calibre stories and art from the DQ team of creators and editors. In order to make sure that we keep that quality top-notch we are now making it a tri-monthly release, with issue #1 going to print this week.

We at DramaQueen apologise that this is a little later than hoped, we are just as eager as the fans to see this anthology reach your hands, but you can rest assured that we are doing everything to make sure we don't sacrifice quality or content to get you the best in OEL Boys Love.

We would like to thank those dedicated fans who signed up for the six issue subscription, we will be contacting each and every one of you individually to reassure and discuss all the options available to you.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.