From DramaQueen comes a new Global Boys' Love anthology called Rush, which is planned to be released at this year's Yaoicon.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4th July 2006. DramaQueen has announced that they acquired three new yaoi titles and one Korean shounen-ai title.

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Houston, Texas. - 9th June 2006. - DramaQueen announces all the conventions which they will be participating in.


It's finally here: it's summer convention time !!!!!!!!!

DQ begins our summer tour in Europe with a stop in The Netherlands and then over to England.

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Houston, Texas, 7th June 2006. DramaQueen has announced that they acquired one new yaoi Title: Worthless Love by Yuuya

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To all our fans and friends, you all know DQ for the yaoi/boys' love manga that we publish. It is our hope that you will also embrace the wonderful manhwa (man-hwa) stories that we will be bringing out this summer. The manhwa titles from DQ will be some of the best stories from some very talented Korean authors.

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