Mangacast has more coverage on Yaoi Con and an interview with Lara Yokoshima, whose work is featured in DramaQueen's new RUSH anthology.

San Francisco, California, 22nd October 2006. DramaQueen announced three new titles at YaoiCon 2006.

During the industry panel at YaoiCon, DramaQueen gave the audience a sneak preview of three new titles that DramaQueen has acquired and will publish in 2007. DramaQueen acquired the following yaoi/BL titles:

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More license announcements from Yaoi Con:

- "Angel & Devil" by Uzuki Jun
- "Cage of Thornes" by Sakuragawa Sonoko
- "Missing Road" by Sakurai Shushushu

Be Beautiful:
- "Casino Lily" by Nitta Youka
- "Love a la Carte" by Minami Haruka
- "Virgin Soil" by Minami Haruka

Source: Yaoi Suki

Houston, Texas, 12th October 2006. Last week, DramaQueen announced two new titles at MangaNext in New Jersey.

During the panels at MangaNext, DramaQueen gave the audience a sneak preview of two new titles that DramaQueen acquired. Starting with the yaoi/BL title:

- Aijin Ichimanyen by Dr. Ten

This titles promises to give the readers a whole new perspective on the term "hardcore Yaoi." For the readers who have been fans of Dr. Ten, don’t miss out on her first English debut!

Next up is the "poor-little rich boy" manhwa romantic comedy:

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DramaQueen and Kitty Media has announced the following new BL licenses at MangaNEXT:

- "Aijin Ichimanyen" by Dr. Ten

Kitty Media:
- "A King's Lesson" by Aoi Futaba & Kurenai Mitsuba
- "Pleasure Dome" by Minami Megumu
- "Thunderbolt Boys - Excite" by Toujou Asami

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According to online book trade website Shelf Awareness, CPM and DramaQueen will be working with Consortium Book Sales and Distribution starting Spring 2007.

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From Love Manga comes an interview with DramaQueen's Editor in Chief A. Neculai, who talks about DramaQueen's new BL anthology Rush.

DramaQueen has launched the official website of its new Global Boys’ Love anthology RUSH.

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Baltimore, MD- August 07, 2006 - Alas the Otakon 2006 is over. The DramaQueen Staff had a wonderful time at this marvelous convention and wants to thank all her fans and the staff members of Otakon for all their support and love. However we did not leave the convention without giving our fans an interesting industry/yaoi panel!!! During this panel we announced the following great new manga & manhwa titles and also announced our street release date for Rush, an original western Yaoi anthology:

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DramaQueen has announced the following new licenses at Otakon:

- "Invoke" by Higashizato Kiriko
- "Not/Love" by Miyamoto Kano
- "Omen" by Tateno Makoto
- "Tyrant Who Falls In Love" by Hinako Takanaga

- "Peter Panda" by Na Ye-Ri
- "Promise" by Eun-Young Lee