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Adult publisher Kitty Media is currently looking for an unpaid intern to help proofread uncensored yaoi and moe manga:

I'm Frank and I'm the Managing Editor here at Media Blasters and Kitty Media. I'm looking for someone with really good English language skills to help me with some proofreading. I'd like you to actually come in to the offices and work with me this way we can discuss the stuff you'll be working on.

Source: AoD

According to AMN's (via animeOnline) Media Blasters Panel Report, Media Blasters has licensed several new manga, as well as new titles under its Kitty Media imprint:

Media Blasters:

  • Aiken Volumes 7-12
  • Roses of the Rhine
  • I Want to be Naughty
  • Return to Scandalous Seiryo University 2

Kitty Media:

  • Fuyu no semi
  • Okane ga Nai (No Money)
  • Gakuen nana Fushigi (from the character designer of Bible Black)
  • Haru wo Daiteteta

MangaCast and Yaoi Suki are reporting that Kitty Media has acquired four new licenses:

Yaoi Suki reports that Kitty Media has licensed to new yaoi titles:

- I Want to Be Naughty! by Mei Sakuraga
- Roses of the Rhine by Megumu Minami

Also confirmed are a few previously leaked licenses:

- Scandalous Seiryo University by Kazuto Tatsukawa
- Dog Style by Modoru Motoni

According to Yaoi Suki, Media Blasters (parent company of Kitty Media) has licensed to new BL manga:

MangaCast points out Kitty Press' new license announcement at NYCC: A King's Lesson by Aoi Futaba and Kurenai Mitsuba.

DramaQueen and Kitty Media has announced the following new BL licenses at MangaNEXT:

- "Aijin Ichimanyen" by Dr. Ten

Kitty Media:
- "A King's Lesson" by Aoi Futaba & Kurenai Mitsuba
- "Pleasure Dome" by Minami Megumu
- "Thunderbolt Boys - Excite" by Toujou Asami

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According to Yaoi Suki, Kitty Media will be releasing a few new yaoi titles, including Can't Stop Loving You by Takakura Row.