Kitty Media Seeking Intern

Adult publisher Kitty Media is currently looking for an unpaid intern to help proofread uncensored yaoi and moe manga:

I'm Frank and I'm the Managing Editor here at Media Blasters and Kitty Media. I'm looking for someone with really good English language skills to help me with some proofreading. I'd like you to actually come in to the offices and work with me this way we can discuss the stuff you'll be working on.

Source: AoD

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I am interested in learning more about the internship offered. I am a college Junior at California State University Monterey Bay interested in working for Kitty Media in the future. I am currently doing studies in Japanese culture and language, as well as International Business. I am an avid fan of both anime and manga, and have been a for 10+ years. I enjoy reading both translated and untranslated manga, especially yaoi.

Questions I would pose to you are: Is there a specific time frame that is being offered? Are there any fields of study that might be beneficial to my cirriculum? Are there

On another note, I am aware that Kitty Media is based in New York and I am willing to travel out there from California for the internship.

Thank You.