DramaQueen Announces Three New Titles at YaoiCon 2006

San Francisco, California, 22nd October 2006. DramaQueen announced three new titles at YaoiCon 2006.

During the industry panel at YaoiCon, DramaQueen gave the audience a sneak preview of three new titles that DramaQueen has acquired and will publish in 2007. DramaQueen acquired the following yaoi/BL titles:

- Missing Road by Sakurai Shushushu

DramaQueen brings you the new sensational title from the author of Mandayuu & Me and Naked Jewels Corporation.

- Cage of Thorns by Sonoko Sakuragawa

This title by Sonoka Sakuragawa needs no explanation, Cage of Thorn promises to have every ingredient you need to keep you “HOT” during those cold winter nights.

- Angel or Devil?! By Uzuki Jun

A sweet story about Fujiki, a teacher who gets his kiss stolen by a delinquent! Who is this boy and where did he come from? And why does he resemble the new transfer student, Shiina, whom Fujiki likes so much?

Our DQ team has an incentive to bring out these great titles… to put it simply ― we want to read them too!! As always, we thank you for all your support and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your support and check back with us soon.

Until next time....

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