New Yaoi Manga form DramaQueen

Yaoi Suki points out 10 new titles on DramaQueen's website. According to DramaQueen, this is "an early Christmas present to the fans."

- "Doctor's Rule" by Sakura Ryou
- "Here Comes the Wolf?!" by Kouga Youichirou
- "I'll Get You! Wanted: Mysterious Man!" by Asa Kusuko
- "Junk!" by Sakurai Shushushu
- "Lord of Sal Manor" by Nanten Yutaka
- "Love Ballad" by Momoyama Kei
- "Organic Sons" by Sadamoto Mika
- "Scent of Temptation" by Toyama Mako
- "Sleeping Flower" by Ebihara Yuri
- "Sweetheart" by Kisaragi Seika