From Media Factory comes a new monthly magazine called Comic Alive, the first issue will be released on June 27th. According to Media Factory, it will "fill you with energy, and make you feel alive!"

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The first issue of a new otaku magazine from Kodansha, "Megabi" (Mecha + Bishoujo), will be released on June 2nd. From Junji Hotta, author of "Gainax Interviews" and "Moe Moe Japan", and Toru Honda, who worked on "Denba Otoko, "Megabi" can be considered as the definite otaku book among the many publications that deals with the otaku boom in Akihabara nowadays.

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July Anniversary Edition Will Debut Special Content Including Launch of New Series

San Francisco, CA, May 15, 2006 -€“ VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced content for the July 2006 issue of SHOJO BEAT magazine, which goes on sale nationwide on June 20. This edition marks the first anniversary for the dynamic publication aimed at the growing number of shojo manga fans in North America. This demographic is now one of the fastest growing segments in the manga publishing industry.

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According to an announcement made on its website, the popular bi-monthly Chinese Anime & Manga Digest XinGanXian: Comic & Ani Report will cease publication in May. While the website did not specify the reason behind the sudden cancellation, apparently the magazine can no longer use the name XinGanXian (means New Front in Chinese) due to some legal problems.

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imgFrom Isaac Alexander comes an article that looks at the Anime Magazines and Anthologies scene of 2005.

Anthologies and Magazines 2005.

2005 was a year of transition. Anime magazines changed formats, new anthologies were added to store shelves, and an old anthology called it quits.

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Kyoto Seika University starts a new manga critique magazine

Kyoto Seika University has recently established the first manga faculty in Japan this spring. Moreover, they will be starting a manga critique magazine titled "KINO". Starting this month, it will be on sale throughout bookstores across the country.

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The first issue of Comic Seed! has been released.

Kodansha will be starting a new free web comic, MiChao!, through its MouRa website, which will open on April 27th. MaChao!, updated every Saturday, will be providing its user with free manga and illustrations, along with other contents such as photogravure, fortune-telling, and novels. Unlike other web-based manga service before, MaChao! will serialize original titles, some will even be created by well-known authors.

Comi-Digi (petit-) will be renewed once again. The new name will be Comi-Digi+ (plus), and will be released on April 21. The color pages will contain KogeDonbo's "Kon Kon Kokon." Two chapters of Galaxy Angel 3rd (a total of 72 pages and a cover page) will also appear in this issue.

An all-cat magazine, Manga Nekomanma, released by Nihon Shuppansha, will start its publication on April 17.