Popular Chinese Manga Magazine XinGanXian to Cease Publication

According to an announcement made on its website, the popular bi-monthly Chinese Anime & Manga Digest XinGanXian: Comic & Ani Report will cease publication in May. While the website did not specify the reason behind the sudden cancellation, apparently the magazine can no longer use the name XinGanXian (means New Front in Chinese) due to some legal problems.

XinGanXian was first released in 1999, and is now one of the most popular anime & manga magazine in China, providing the latest manga news, reviews, articles, and more to countless Chinese manga fans (most of them elementary/middle/high schoolers) every month. The magazine played an important role in promoting the growth of manga in China. One of its most notable achievements was the active role it played in promoting Chobits (by Clamps), and the Chinese name given to Chobits by XinGanXian has now become the official Chinese title for the series.

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Nooo!!! I love this

Nooo!!! I love this magazine, it's one of the first things I buy whenever I go to China! I hope it will be published under another title because it would be a real shame to loose such a great publication.