New Manga Critique Magazine

Kyoto Seika University starts a new manga critique magazine

Kyoto Seika University has recently established the first manga faculty in Japan this spring. Moreover, they will be starting a manga critique magazine titled "KINO". Starting this month, it will be on sale throughout bookstores across the country.

The editor of the magazine will be Professor Masashi Kumata, the former editor of "Weekly Young Sunday." Masashi Kumata will also act as the new student's researcher and external writer of the faculty.

The first issue of KINO will talk about "The Law of Mega Hits," including a talk with Hisashi Nagasaki, producer of many of Urasawa Naoki's manga such as "20th Century Boys" and "Yawara!". Also, there will be an interview with Mitsuo Umeoka, the editor of "Nana."

Translated by Floating_Sakura
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