New Mecha + Bishoujo Magazine from Kodansha

The first issue of a new otaku magazine from Kodansha, "Megabi" (Mecha + Bishoujo), will be released on June 2nd. From Junji Hotta, author of "Gainax Interviews" and "Moe Moe Japan", and Toru Honda, who worked on "Denba Otoko, "Megabi" can be considered as the definite otaku book among the many publications that deals with the otaku boom in Akihabara nowadays.

"Megabi" will feature interviews with famous people from many otaku-related fields, including foreign minister Taro Aso, movie director Shinji Higuchi, artist Gackt, and more. Through these interviews, one will be able to gain a better understanding of the world of otaku.

Some of the contents from the magazine are mentioned in the official blog site. The blog states that "this is an otaku magazine aimed at male readers . . . A collection of all the otaku and moe informations."

Translated by Floating_Sakura

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I thought this was gonna be

I thought this was gonna be a manga mag...

That sounds like quite

That sounds like quite possibly the worst mag ever. And that's among some pretty stiff competetion.

If someone can read and is

If someone can read and is interested, the magazine came out today and someone did a detail review on it.
Sorry, I'm not translating. ^^;

it's sold out at

it's sold out at marketplace seller are charging 2600 for it