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Renowned Bishoujo Game Available Today via Digital Download

January 23, 2009. is pleased to announce the digital release of Da Capo, the signature title of Circus. In this traditional adventure game, the player plays the role of Junichi Asakura, a 3rd year student at Kazami Academy on Hatsune Island where cherry blossoms are in bloom all year long. In such mystical island, Junichi spends his Spring school life with many girls such as his kind stepsister, Nemu Asakura, school idol Kotori Shirakawa, and his clingy childhood friend, Sakura Yoshino.

Da Capo will be available in English for the first time since its initial release in 2002.

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According to Earl.Box, the popular manga Naisho no Tsubomi by Yuu Yabuuchi will be adapted into an anime next spring.

Naisho no Tsubomi is a sex-ed manga aimed at elementary school students. The manga, with a fifth-grade girl as its protagonist, became extremely popular in Japan and has received many praises.

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topThe residents in the neighborhood of Washinomiya Jinja Shrine, Kuki city, Saitama Prefecture are particularly nervous this months due to an increase in strangers. Because Washinomiya Jinja and its surrounding area is the setting of the anime Lucky★Star (based on a 4-koma of the same name), fans are rushing to this area, calling it the "holy site."

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topArcher is a popular character from Type-Moon's visual novel Fate/stay night. In the game, he is the Servant (someone who fights for his or her master) of Rin Tosaka, one of the series' main female casts. Archer is a skilled fighter at projectile weapons, and has a Reality Marble (think of a special sorcery that creates an alternate reality) called "Unlimited Blade Works." To activate "Unlimited Blade Works," Archer first needs to complete a special chant.

Due to Archer's popularity, many variations of his chant can be found around the web made by fans.

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topICv2 reports that Seven Seas Entertainment has decided to cancel the publication of Kaworu Watashiya's seinen comedy, Nymphet (Kodomo no Jikan) in the U.S. According to Seven Seas president Jason Deangelis, they have decided it not appropriate Nymphet in the U.S. A full explaination from Jason Deangelis can be found here. Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold also briefly mentions his view on the issue.

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In other related news, AoD reports that LiveJournal has removed a large number of communities and journals related to yaoi, shota, and rape. ANN has the full story.

In more related news, Yahoo! News reports that proposals to execute pedophiles is making headway in the U.S.

In an article titled "Korean Otaku Turn Aprons Up at 'Moe' Warm, Fuzzy Feelings," Mainichi Daily looks at the differences between Japanese otaku and Korean otaku, and how the concept of "Moe" does is almost non-existent in Korea's otaku culture:

"There's still a concept close to moe in Korean otaku culture. There's a word 'haakku,' which means to get excited, or feel good. But this word doesn't really apply to the gaming or cosplay worlds here, yet it does apply to kinky stuff, [...] In Korea, Lolicon is outlawed and maid cafes were a flop."

Moetan, the popular English study guide from SansaiBooks, will be adapted into an anime TV series this July. The pre-site can be found at

The first issue of Moe☆Star, a bi-monthly Moe comic-illustration magazine that serializes comics and novels, was released by Mirai Shounen on April 20th.

As a first in all of China, Beijing Chaoyang District's local tax office announced a new manga character to promote the payment of tax. The name of character is Nana.

On April 4th, students from Baijiazhuang, Chaoyang District met with Nana, special manga featuring Nana were also handed out during the event. According to the Chaoyang tax office, Nana was created in order to educate the youth about basic income tax knowledge, and to help establish integrity and a sense of duty as a taxpayers.

A new magazine titled Comic MoeMax will be launched by Moeru Publishing on April 24th. The new magazine is aimed at adults, and will be every month for 540 yen.