A new manga titled Hatsukoi Limited (初恋限定) by Mizuki Kawashita, creator of Ichigo 100%, will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump No.44 (10/1).

A new series titled GTR -GREAT TARO REVOLUTION-, drawn by Toda Takanobu, will start in Big Comic Spirits No.44 (10/1).

The official site for Futabasha's seinen manga magazine Manga Action Pizazz has been opened at http://www.action-pizazz.com/.

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

topBack in Febraury, Kadokawa Shoten revealed that the popular seinen manga MPD Psycho, written by Eiji Otsuka and drawn by Sho-u Tajima, will be moved from Shonen Ace to Comic Charge. MPD Psycho resumed serialization with the release of Comic Charge issue 11 (8/22).

Also beginning in Comic Charge issue 11 is Masaaki Nakayama's Maigo Man, a preview of which is available here.

A new series titled Angel High School by Inugami Sukune will begin in the September issue of Sunday GX (8/18), the same issue that Shin Angyo Onshi ended in.

A new manga titled Reisen Shoujo by Souichi Hon began serialization in Manga Action No. 17 (8/21).

On 8/21, Kadokawa Shoten released a special issue of its Monthly Shonen Ace magazine titled Neon Genesis Evangelion Complete Compilation. The special issue contains Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's Evangelion manga, as well as materials from other artists.

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Masahito Soda (capeta creator)'s manga Subaru will resume serialization in Big Comic Spirits No. 36+37 (8/6) under the titled Moon (Subaru ~solitude standing~).

Also, a new manga by Hiromi Morishita titled Yoru, Umi e Kanru Basu will begin serialization in Manga Action issue 16 (8/7).

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

The official site for Futabasha's shoujo manga magazine Comic High! has opened at www.comichigh.jp. Comic High! is a shoujo manga magazine aimed at males, genres like moe, yuri, youth, yaoi, fantasy, heartful and gag are all included in this magazine.

Japanese publisher Futabasha has re-launched the official website of its weekly seinen magazine Manga Action at www.webaction.jp.

According to the cover wrap of Kodomo no Jikan volume 3, the popular moe/loli manga series will be adapted into an anime.

Kodomo no Jikan by Kaworu Watashiya is currently serialized in Futabasha's Comic High!, and is being published in the U.S. by Seven Seas under the name Nymphet.

topThe first issue of a new shojo manga magazine from Futabasha was released on 1/24.

The magazine, titled Comic Mahou no iland (Island) (COMIC魔法のiらんど), will serialize manga based on popular mobile novels (cellular phone novels).

The magazine will be released on the 24th of every month, at the price of 550 yen.

topKaworu Watashiya's manga Kodomo no Jikan is currently one of the most talked about moe/loli manga in Japan. According to an announcement in Futabasha's manga magazine Comic High! (released on 1/22), the cover wrap of the third volume of Kodomo no Jikan, to be released on 2/10, will contain a major announcement regarding the series.

While the content of the announcement is still being kept a secret by Futabasha, many speculate that the announcement will either be an anime adaption, a live-action adaption, a drama CD adaption, or a video game adaption.

Kodomo no Jikan is currently being published in the U.S. by Seven Seas under the name Nymphet. The first volume will be released in April 2007.

A new adult magazine titled Men's Young Special Ikazuchi will be released by Futabasha on January 22nd. Men's Young Special Ikazuchi is a special issue of Men's Young.

According to Comic High Magazine, Kirihara Izumi's Hitohira will be adapted into an anime TV series in 2007.