Shin Angyo Onshi Coming Ending, 10 Years of Tenjho Tenge, and More

Shin Angyo Onshi (Blade of the Phantom Mask) by In-Wan Youn and Kyung-Il Yang will end its serialization in the September issue of Sunday GX, on sale 8/18.

Senaka: Otaku Road reports that with the Japanese release of Tenjho Tenge Volume 17, Oh! Great's seinen manga, which began serialization in 1998 in Ultra Jump, will have sold over 10.7 million copies.

Shounen Fang's official website has been updated with a brief statement from its editorial department announcing the magazine's demise.

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Price guide for Shin Angyo Onshi?

Do you know where I can find a price guide for old copies of Shin Angyo Onshi?

I see issues on ebay from time to time but am not sure what they are worth.