Death Note Connected to Murder in Belgium? is reporting that notes with the message "Watashi wa Kira desu" ("I am Kira") were found near the scene of a murder in southern Brussels last week. According to the report, "local police have launched a murder investigation and that they consider it unlikely that the notes were left there coincidentally [...] Translated versions of "Death Note" are available in Belgium, where the comic is popular among young people."

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Am I the only one who finds

Am I the only one who finds this extremely creepy?

I mean, people are laughing about it because someone used the words from Death Note, but come on.

There's some crazy murderer out there who thinks he's Kira or something, and he's able to murder without leaving any evidence behind.

Now, I don't believe there's an actual Death Note involved, but I do think that this guy is a serious murderer, and even those who don't live in Belgium should be afraid.

I agree

This is even more frightening by the fact that it was committed because of an anime. Death Note itself was a good show, but it's influence is just scary.
In Korea, they have the "Death Note" thing going on too, not that there were any murders (that I heard of).

I agree.

This is extremely creepy, it's true. It is frightengly easy for whomever is commiting these murders to get a ticket and come to any other country... Whoever is doing this is most likely of an almost Hannibal Lector like profile, brutal in their acts, an obvious disorder in the psychological sense, yet an almost inhuman intellegence courage and cunning to leave no evidence. Of course, in the original report they spelled it wrong. "Watashi wa Kira dess," So this leaves one to wonder just what kind of person is doing this. Interesting... I shudder to think what sort of morbid person laughs.

I agree

I agree...I also suspect that there might be an out break of wanna be kira soon too...Leave it up to some crazy person turn something fantasy into something this horrible...I heard that that is why DN is baned from China (don't know if it is true for sure yet though )

its true

they banned death note from china idk why though...

its true

they banned death note from china idk why though...

They banned DN frmo China because....

There was a rally in school where pages from the "Death Note" (teh fake ones) and post names of their horrible teachers and principals :P


I agree with this being a serious murderer and all, but the fact of people in other countries other than Belgium should not have to worry that much, unless this murderer is very smart which is the most likely because he/she didn't leave any evidence of themselves being there. But we cannot rule out the fact that Death Notes may infact exsist.

Oh yeah right

Death Notes existing? Where are you coming from? That's just idiotic thinking that DNs exist. Death Note itself is an extremely good manga/anime, but Shinigami existing? That's like telling a Catholic that a Banshee will guide their soul to the afterlife -- hard to swallow.

it's almost so eerie that

it's almost so eerie that it's like death note next time I wish for death note to be real I'll keep my mouth shut for someone to be similar to Light yagami in that pycological aspect then if he's as smart as Light maybe smarter then kira will be no longer a joke but a substitute for the name kami or god. Then Light will be a name to honor him I might support him but him doing this is so eerie if someone is doing this then there might be a misa or assistant heck it could go like the series except where the shinigami is concerned. But kira being a girl is like a real life misa out here in the world oy I thought I was a misa I fell in love with light at first sight soon I loved mello who is probily L on here I don't trust anyone with my last name and now I'll give even my teachers an aliyis cause it's wise but should I hide my face?

come on

come on guys i agree that this kira person may not live in belgium but he is a murder but he may look at himself like light looks at himself in the show i support this kira because he is smart not to leave any trace of himself on or close to the body.

i have some questions

Hi. This murder has gotten my attention so i have some questions. if anyone could answer them they would be of some assistance to me. has this happened anywhere else? and where? from what age limit do you think the murderer is? does anyone know if there's any websites that have information about this? if so can you please tell/ send me a link? That is all thank you!

go on

go on
details you are looking for are here.

Kira Desu Ka.

Watashi wa Eru desu. Kira, your actions are nothing more then murder, you are not Justice. Kira, make your next move, if you???re looking for a challenge, then I will be that challenge. Iku zo, Kira!

Cheering you on

Come on, Eru. We all know that you can do it. We are all cheering you on. Even to the people who say that they support Kira, you don't mean that. People who enjoy killing are nothing more than animals.

Watashi wa Yamashita desu.

And I support Eru.

Bad move.

Saying "I am L" isn't a very good move. Whoever this 'Kira' person is, they wouldn't have even tried this kind of thing unless they had good computer skills. You know, such as hacking into a site, like this one for example, and finding the IPs of the people trying to find him. I'm not cheering 'Kira' on, but come on. This 'Kira' might not even live in Belgium. But, I'm not saying this as a fact, 'Kira' probably cannot read english. I haven't completely proved this yet, and I will not tell the certain public how I got this suspicion, for 'Kira' might be able to read english, I will not go out that far. Doing that is just pure stupidity. Also, saying 'I will be your next challenge!' is gonna make him go mainly for your IP, ya know.

that's true

everything you just said is probably true. people need to realize that when dealing with things such as these, even though it will never have anything to do with us, they may want to use fake E-mail adresses or ones that are real but the account itself is under a fake name... hell, i types this on a school computer so the IP can't be traced back to me anyways!

anyone wanting to discuss ideas and theories on the Belgian "mangamoord" (manga murder) case, E-mail me at;



To think that this kira spelled watashi wa kira desu wrong on accident is wrong. If this person is truly obsessed with the show he would know try and make the most accurate replication of the show he possibly could. I do agree with truth in the aspect that he probably knows a great deal about technology. If we consider this true then he would have access to a online translator and use that to find the accurate spellings of these words. So by these deductions he spelled it wrong on purpose. What meaning this has to this case i cannot say at this time. As for kira not living in belgium. This is also most likely true. As he has an unhealthy obsession with the show he would know that the original kira was suspected of being in japan only because that is where the first murder took place. Therefore he would try to kill someone outside of the country he is from. also by this train of thought you can deduce that he also has either a good deal of money or a way to regularly fly such as a flight attendent or a pilot. Also the person who sent the immature post claiming to be L should know that stupid people pretending to be smart are truly annoying to those of us who are.


I'm agree to your challange mister "L" and i would love to see what you could do. Thank you very much good sir


Ii agree with L, but i have my own message for "Kira" and that message is as follows.

Kira, I, Near know the reason for leaving two notes and have a keen insight into your plans and if anyone is "inspired" by you then I will takethem down and the I'm coming after you because I, unlike you, will win.

lol seriously you guys go to

lol seriously you guys go to discussing this. I mean I don't mind reading it because its just to funny.
i think its just stupid its obvious that its just some wacko saying hes kira i mean my best friend runs around saying that(kinda annoying)and hes 17. Its just some obsessed person with the show I mean the person he/she killed who was this person and why was his death so important?. Not only that but we've had plenty crazed lunatics that had a bit more sense in how to get away or stay hidden for a while. and as for the death note you killed once and in a very lunatic way why not do it again? I mean all the power in the world? lol. its just all very stupid.

To the person above me, this

To the person above me, this is a serious matter and you might want to not provoke him, furthermore I managed to find this just by searching about the murder(s) for roughly four minutes. IF someone knew damn well what they were doing, they probably want some sort of attention, they may very well be looking at this right now and scanning through comments for any sort of indication that we are feeding their delusion.

Leave them alone.

It's not a serious manner.
It's something that has a 43 percent chance of happening again soon.
If it does happen soon, it's going to be in a year, and it's going to be the remaining body parts.

I think that the person sacrificed themselves.
Who would die in the middle of the day without someone knowing?
Who would die in the middle of the night without someone waking up from their screams?

Maybe they're fake.

Who knows...
(...and I know that person.
That person actually has contacted the police. They didn't actually quite agree to joining the case just yet, but... hey? He's given them a lot of theories to look over - and asked that these best not be released to the media.)

Again, leave the person alone.
He could actually solve this case.

What you hear

Yes, you make a good point, but, take this into your conclusion. If a tree falls down, but no one's around, does it make a noise? In this case, it would be like this: If someone is killed, but no one is around, do they make a sound? And, on what Hurricane Wolf said, they could of attacked by surprise, such as coming out from a tree, or bush, and immediately covering there mouth while killing them. And this is a very serious manner. It's like going up to the actual person 'Kira' and going 'Hi, I'm L. But my real name is so-and-so.' IPs can track a person right down to the exact time of birth. Do not take this case lightly.

in a way serious

in a way this is a serious matter, ??cos thouse of u that claim to be L, near or anyone else are encouragin the murderer, with his/her illusuion, also this person is not just a dn-maniac, but also in someway crazy(in the lack of a better word), he/she might not fully understand whats going on.

Many peopple die witout some-one noticing, even if it would happen in the middle of a street in some city.

And just one more thing are u guys detectives or something, ??cos if ur not then this type of conversation is a BIT useless

I don't think that would be

I don't think that would be possible. If this person were to have sacrificed themselves, then why was there no evidence? I don't think that anyone would take extreme care into not leaving behind any of there DNA behind while cutting themselves up in pieces. And how does anybody know that this person calling themselves KIRA did the actual killing? This person could have some sort of way to get too preserved bodies. They could work in organ donation places. You never know. Anyways this is very disturbing.


Well i see you are very smart i'm looking though the comments right now. no need to be alarmed

I wonder what kind of people

I wonder what kind of people the victims were...

same here...i wonder if it

same here...i wonder if it was only bad people or is he killing everyone...


well i assume he is doing this based on Death Note...if he really thinks he's Kira i assume he killed bad persons

not necessarily...

not necessarily..., although the murderer is apparently mimicking Kira, they would probably not specificly kill criminals or "bad people" they may just kill easy targets in order to prove that they are a threat (kind of like what Misa did in the death note series when she first was pretending to be Kira)

to the first post

i know, i don't live anywhere near there and i find it scary. why would someone do this. this person is deluded. And i mean Kira wouldn't do this, I know that probably doesn't have anything to do with it but, if this person does think he's Kira he's bound to do something else. And the fact that no evedence was left behind is rather frightening.

10A9484KOJAL OKAJ09, L!

you believe you will determine my identity youre foolish you have underestimated me i surpass you you doubt im the killer i will provide concrete evidence i am a serial killer my kills exceed the limit of course i planted the remains intentionally i am posting this message anonymously PrOxY OnIoN rOuTiNG i have taken various precautions to ensure my anonymity this is not my computer the note was left to cause speculation and to gain the interest of death note fan communities plus anime fans in general it will affect peoples perception of anime i will claim that death note is responsible it inspired me influenced me im challenging the death note fans the local police are incompetent my murders are calculated extensively there are numerous puzzles ITM this is merely a game i hope youre enjoying it i love games im an immature killer i kill to satisfy my desires it is fun and sexually arousing the experience is pleasurable oh yes the evidence two corpses - STNPOP im CCBFA years old it is a shame that im a murderer i have studied forensic science the FSA/sor\ efforts are futile i feel great i resemble a god im able to take a life away god created the life i destroyed it it rots i love mutilating the bodies im experimental and practical im reckless and rash why am i posting this message mainly to increase the difficulty of this game i am an error of society society made me FEEL TODOFIKGJGJJ IMMENSE ANGER MY RAGE IS NOW UNLEASHED UPON HUMANITY construct a bomb schoolchildren naive and innocent generalizing yeah this boy such potential HTAPOHCYSPGNINNUCRELLIKLAIRESDEZINAGRGLLIK

You are not Kira

For -10A9484KOJAL OKAJ09, L!-.

You are not Kira. Kira would never post such a thing on a frequently visited website. The true Kira is a genius. You are merely a psychotic, raving, lunatic. Kira would never kill merely for the joy of killing. Kira would never kill innocents. Kira, in his own way, stands for justice. You are just an imposter. Nothing more.

And you are an idjit.

And you are an idjit.


If you have read and watch most of death note you would know that he starts to say things like " i would love to kill this person." you know stuff like that.... But i do have to agree with you. your not kira and if you think you will get away with thinking you are well let's just say it's best you stop playing.

Learn to use proper fucking

Learn to use proper fucking english... noob.

Punctuation is useful, and doesn't hurt...

Also, using the TOR router, your identity would be much more secure.

But I'm sure you already knew that.

UMM ok i have something to

UMM ok i have something to tell you if ur gonna blame it on the anime no one will believe its bec asue of the anime cuz right now u just SAID u were going to blame it on the anime...which in reality isnt plausible anymore...its ur own fault what u are doing, sorry but it is,and another thing your not godd your far from ever being it! god will judge u and send u to hell...

WTF Kira?

Okay, seriously if you were anything like kira you wouldn't kill innocent people. Kira is a person who kills those who have done bad things. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.


as much of a fan of the series as i am, i must correct you, "Kira" is a fictional character, in fact, "Kira" is the alias of a fictional character. if anyone wanted to say that they were kira, they could. and it would depend on the person if they "kill" bad or good people or no one at all.

Another correction

Kira does not really mean Killer, it means either glittery or shiny in japanese. This case is strange, Torn bodies and Notes....


Ha. You have to be kidding me. If you're the 'Kira' we've been searching for, then this is pathetic. You are quite idiotic. And, if you think you can trick us by just acting stupid, you've got your work cut out for you. 'Kira' would never do such a stupid thing as to post anything on this site, even if not your computer. There are such things as DNA, dumb one. Hair, shoe imprints, blood, fingerprints, etc. 'Kira' will be caught. No one can escape the Truth. I will have you captured, if it takes my life. Oh, and if you kill me, 'Kira', or come after me, you will make your capture easier than cathing a ball. In fact, this search is quite fun. If you are reading this, 'Kira', just try me. you won't get away with this. You are not anything near a god, you are a devil. The ones you kill may be criminals, but that does not give you any right to kill them.

you'll have more then him to deal with.

You see it's not correct to make acusasions about things that may come true . So i guess it's best for you if you stop all of this before one of you get hurt .... * mind you it may happen* i will not give my name out for if i was to it would be to hard for anyone to deal with. i belive you have all the evidence you need to stop "kira" but i for one applud this man for he has the guts to do things i know you all wish to do.

your right

your are correct my good sir. But i will give you this i have everything planned out for that much. You see i for one have left no finger prints on anything of mine i will not tell you anymore then you should know but i will say this I would stop saying that somebody's not kira because it my just turn out they are. Good day everyone if anybody would like to join thouse all ready gone i supose you should stop your case now. because... No one want's to go and die now do they


well, well , well i belive we may have an smart person on this website after all for you see i to have the "power" you say you have. I was in a mental hospital for sevrel year's for doing something and for the fact that im insane. I was under high secrity and was chained up to a wall for most of the years i was in there. Know if you are willing to work togther i may beable to help you out there guy. Kown this though if i find you of no use i will have to "disspose" of you my good sir


if you think you are anyone else can serpass me then i suppose you will be the first to die. Know this much sir if you every try to say your the real kira but for the truth is i know .... well i should not let you people now my secret. now if you would like to cut the act i would greatly love that know tell me this if i were to be the real kira what would you do , would you hide like a little puppy with it's tail between his leg's , would you praise me ' would you give up everything to me , what would you do if i was kira hmmm would you give up your power to me what would you do tell me little puppy so i would let you know you better pick what you would do in a certin amount of time * you msy not know when but i do* now listen to me little puppy i will give me some time to give your respone . i will know it's you if you get certin amount of people. do you understand me and oh i am him. so pick puppy

not kira

I gotta say that u are definetly not kira, but some random maniac or u just have a bad sense of humor to send that message

In relation to the article and in general.

To begin I would like to state that I myself am a close follower of the death note franchise, including the films, comic and animated series.
I would also like to make it clear that I feel sympathy for the victim and their family.
This crime is clearly the work of someone psychologically unstable and genuinely immature individual.
Death note has already caused quite a ruckus in China, now
Belgium .Incidences such as this hurt the series reputation. I hope that the Belgian people/government think this through very carefully and clearly before making any decisions to boycott death note or remove it from the shelves.
A comic cannot be used as a justification or a reason for a persons mental state.
Everytime we place the blame on a videogame or comic we are running away from the problem.
I also request for the murderer to give himself up and go to the police.
If this is the work of a student who found a body and placed the notes there, I don't think that this is a particularly amusing joke.

Idiocy on the Internet.

Well, hopefully the jackass who did this can type better than the fucktard a few posts above. Furthermore, wouldn't the asshole who did it, be either typing en francais, or auf deutsche? The two languages that are spoken in Belgium. The parties responsible for this act, go to hell. I for one am not afraid, there is no reason to fear this shite. If you were to fear every "killer" in the world, you'd be in a safe room at all hours. Riker's Island in NYC has more than 300 convicted murderer's inside it's FENCES... at all times, those bastards are the ones to worry about, especially the fact is, that 90% of the time, a person is a repeat offender. I really hope there is a death penalty in Belgium, because once this bastard is caught he needs to get whats coming to him... if not just extradite him to Texas... they know how to kill convicts... or let the Iraqis hang him... heh, anyone else see Saddam's hanging... bloody excellent job there.


rikers island hmm i think your fact's are messed up kiddie i am a dagerous person and im this close to snaping.

a bit of the subject

I'm not a big fan of death penalty, but not much against it either, but I realy think that this 'Kira' should be sended to a mental hospital instead of being killed

Bloody hell...

You know, the 'Kira' thing might just be 'I am a killer', it might not have anything to do with Death Note. And if it is 'Kira', then WHERE IS THE L? There has to be an L.

Bloody HELL, somebody needs to learn to speak English.

very true

that is true, in another forum, i wrote something similar to the first part of your statement, "Kira" is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Killer" so the theory that the note was to say "I am a killer" is a very plausible theory.

Insanity rises, a true case of Kira vs Eru

I'm laughing evilly at this. I would love to see an actual Kira and Eru match. 'Haha funny. Fuck you!' you all want to say. 'This is a serious matter don't laugh!' Well, I know very much so this is a serious matter, but to see a mystery like this unravel just because of a manga? I would love to see this. Such insane people must be up to this to imitate a manga. I'm sorry for laughing, but this is very interesting. I'm going to keep on this and see when it is solved and who solves it. And, also, how insane the 'kira' is. I hope a person posing as Eru actually figures this out. It will be a spectacular game of 'cat and mouse' to watch.
Enjoy my comment and curse at me now.
And to the person who clams he is Kira on here, 'I think you are completely insane. because of this case many people will claim to be Kira. If you are truly Kira, why did you choose to imitate a manga? Are you truly an 'immature person who hates to lose'? Are you completely insane?'
To Eru or anyone going to claim themselves Eru, 'Think like Eru, act like Eru, but be wiser than Eru. Do not think anyone not suspicious. Always keep everyone under a one percent suspicion. Yes, if you wish, even me. Of course, I am only 15 of October 8 and only found out about this case today October 21. And I've never been out of the US... Although I hope to visit Japan! ^^'
Ok... so I just showed my immature self, but hey just because of this I can't just drag myself down. Like I've typed before, I really want to see what happens in this case and I wish I could help, but I am planning on becoming a Pharmacy Tech. not a cop or anything like that... nor am I smart...
I bow to the person that solves this if it goes on as long as the anime and manga imply -which is a few years-


we have found ryuk, althought i agree this could be realy intresting



One more thing...

Remember that the culprit misspelled desu. dess? Wow. That person above saying he was Kira could be the person committing the murders, but then again he can be faking that he is not good at English. Remember, keep everyone under a cautious eye unless completely 100% sure that he/she/it is not a suspect.

"Watashi wa Kira desu"

Actually, the misspelled letter in "Watashi wa Kira dess" could have possibly be written on purpose. You see, people might laugh at this flaw, but what you don't see, is that this "Kira" might be smarter than you think. A probability that he tried to put the people off focus on the situation, and so let the people lose the attention of who he might be. This guy might be smarter than we thought. Although, I'll figure out a way to locate him. The clues are all there.


That's basically what I said. -_-

Great, Another Career Change

Now I'm thinking about researching Psychopaths and what not. They have a medical program at my school with Psychology... I mean, there are a few cases that come off of manga. I'm kind of interested in how and why people do the stuff they do because of manga. I mean, I read/watch Naruto and sometimes I'll run like them or something. When I was reading Death Note I even began thinking 'Hey, maybe I could to that. I mean without the death note of course.' and what not. How many people actually think like that? I've seen TV shows thinking 'Hey, I wanna do that.' or 'Is that possible?' And now it's happening before my eyes. How strange is that? I know people must think like that, but to act on a thought? That's so odd. No, I'm not a psychopath although some people that are may be better psychologists because they know how it feels.
There's a couple more cents from me on all this matter.

PS- Have you guys read about the 17 year old who killed and dismembered his mom because of MPD Psycho(manga/live-action TV show)?

what we have here.

Well ppl, what we have here is for sure some sick puppy. not only has he/she single ruined death notes good name, but murdered someone in their sick obsession with the manga. So, the way is see it is like this, now its only october (close to november) and based on the this person's actions we may see a snowball effect and other people may start to mimic this persons actions or they may strike again using the same method of madness. never the less we will for sure see more of this either by the same person or some copier. now, this is only my speculation but hopefully that was the last incident like this and we can go on our normal lives. BUT, ppl don't praise this idiot or make light of the fact they use our beloved manga in reference to their evil deeds, that is the real sickness here.


Umm...I do have a question about all of this. I've been reading it for quite some time now...well...only a couple of hours, but I've gotten back a short way. I'm not the fastest reader. Anyways, nobody has really even tried to steer away from the anime...everybody is just sticking to the fact that it is probably a murder in the name of Death Note or something similar to that.

I would like to put my own opinion on this...although it may not be all too important. What if this person is just calling themselves Kira to lead others away from the true purpose? I mean, from what I understand, Kira is just a sort of a verb that means death...or something close to that. So...what if this person is just calling themselves Kira to mean death?

Although the possibility of the killer doing it because of the Death Note anime is never really know. This person could just be throwing us off by making the spelling errors and using the name Kira.

-sighs- And I'm disappointed in everybody that is calling themselves L or Kira or anything even similar to that...for shame! This is a serious really shouldn't be toying around with this! NONE OF THIS IS A GAME PEOPLE, I HOPE THAT YOU REALIZE THIS!!!

pf this is gorgeous.

hm, what can i say, i read all this crap above me,
about this whole case,
whats the big deal, why would u be scared of something that happens somewhere in the world,
its a fact that this world is fucked up!
everybody knows this, and nobody is doing shit to change this.
the guy that started this whole thing, is probebly someone, who has been seeing alot of deathnote stuff, and obviously thinks, he can do the same *rightious* justice as *Kira* does 'in' deathnote,
now also i have seen deathnote, everthing there is,
and tbh i wouldn't mind living in that world, and i KNOW everybody who seen the anime, agrees with me on this:
"if this would be real, and someone like *light* (a very smart young man, with a great vision on society) would get a "deathnote" the world would only get better,
ok he kills people who commited crimes, but who cares, lets those fucks die, its not keeping me awake at night, same goes for bush, hoessein & bin Laden those are all pathatic, and no; nobody is doing shit to stop them,
tbh i think it would be great, i would love to get a deathnote myself, then we would have some fun would we?
and now u all think im crazy, -> u seen to much anime etc,
i don't mind think as u like, be nice and leave me a mssg.
the guy who started this whole thing, missed a very important thing, and that is that kiro didn't even need to cut/slash of an arm, he had the note,
and to the retards that are seriously scared and afraid he might be real; get a life, or commit suicide, same story; won't keep me awake at night, for the rest i hope u all have a nice day, plus if the real dude reads thing, send me a note :)
or leave me a mssg, i think we would get along pretty well, pretty funny actually, 2 parts are found, and everywhere people are getting scared, this is brilliant!

Observations based on Previous

btw, have you all noticed that the content on this page is split between Matsuda's original thoughts of Kira, and L's thoughts?

There are chances that this person is NOT alone. Like in the manga/anime, he may have up to a third/fourth-Kira. If this person were also in a group then they would have more confidence and murders could happen in multiple places at once, confusing officals. On the other hand, if this false-Kira were in a group then the percentage of someone coming forward and confessing out of guilt would rise. Also, it would become obvious in the differences in handwriting.

-Because of the drawbacks it can be said that the percentage of this person in a group is lower than the percentage of this person working by themselves;although, it is still a possibility and should be monitered, seeing as how it IS becoming a problem elsewhere.

Did the false-Kira mis-spell desu (false-Kira wrote 'dess' twice)on purpose? What someone must note is that there were TWO notes left. This could either signify that there is a second false-Kira, or (if the handwriting is the same)that this clue is sent to discreetly signify that this mistake was done on purpose. Why write two notes and mis-spell desu twice? If this person was a Death Note fan, then how is this even possible? You could even look it up on the internet...Mayhap it is like the above people say and this person is trying to think like Light. Smart.

-Because there were two notes the percentage of two false-Kiras rises, as long as the handwriting is NOT the same. It also makes it so that the percentage of this mis-spell done on purpose a little higher than this being just a stupid mistake.

Is the false-Kira following the original's to mimick the manga/anime? That information has yet to be disclosed, seeing as how we would have to wait for the victim's identity to be released to the public.

-Some would say that since the information hasn't yet been released that the percent should be 50-50, but since this person is trying to mimick Kira then we can suspect that the victim was previously found guilty of a criminal charge, or at least went to court for one but was pronounced not-guilty. The percent of the victim being as said above are higher than the percent of the victim being random/completely innocent.

Is there a chance of this false-Kira being caught anytime soon?
Well, that depends on if he/she messes up these 'perfect crimes'. It seems like no evidence was left, which will encourage them to continue after things settle down a little. They're probably enjoying the attention or feeling incredibly guilty. Enjoying the attention and feeling proud of their 'perfect crime' may cause them to mess up the next time. Feeling guilty will either make them stop, or confess.

-Because of all the factors, the percentage is hard to calculate; however, this false-Kira is human too...if the police just keep an eye out and search with dedication and vigor, then when this false-Kira does mess up he/she will be caught.

Is this false-Kira watching the boards? There's even a chance that he/she MADE this or other boards; however, the percentage isn't that high, seeing as how they'll be busy and could just visit the many boards already in existance to stroke their ego.

-The percentage that this person is watching the boards is higher than if they were not. They will probably be seeking encouragement to continue. The percentage that they made a site is lower than if they didn't make one.

More observations

The ages that are most possible to commit this crime (which is exactly what it is. A crime.)based on Death Note are more likely to be between 15-40.

-Because a person reaching 50 would be reaching a mid-life crisis they would probably be doing other things with their lives (ie. making a family, trying for retirement, etc). Although, this could also be ground in trying to make difference in the world. Like Kira. So the percentage of 15-40 is prabably higher, though not a solid 100%. Other ages should be monitered as well.

It is more likely than not that this person doesn't live with their family. If they had then there would be a greater chance that they would be caught by their family (or at least they would be noticed to be gone at a certain time). Preparing the 'perfect murder' would be difficult with a family watching you.

- Because a family would increase the diffulculty, the ages 15-17s percentage lowers slightly. There is a higher percentage that this person is living alone, though it is not a solid 100%. Others should be watched as well.

Is this person Male or Female? Not to be biased, but the percentage of crimes commited by Males are higher than the percentage by Females. The crime was also gastly, blood and body parts spread around, which most Females abhore.

-The percentage of this false-Kira being a Male are higher, but only slightly. This false-Kira, if a Female, might be using the idea to avoid suspicion. Both genders should be watched.

Hmm...what you say does make

Hmm...what you say does make plenty of sense.

I do have a little thing to add to what you said about the different handwriting though. It is possible for somebody to write two different ways. There is the nice and neat handwriting where they're trying ever so hard to make it perfect, the moderately good handwriting where they're sort of in a rush but they still want it to be read by others, then there is the I don't care handwriting where they are just rushing it and they're trying to quickly get the message out.

What I'm trying to say is that even if the handwriting on the two notes is different, it may still be the exact same person, you could never rule that out of your efforts.

Also, as many others have said, it was more then likely spelt wrong on purpose. There is a higher percentage of that being what happened then them actually getting it wrong. Then again...there is a lower percentage that they had watched the Death Note series, or any other one for that matter, and simply spelt it from the way that they heard it. Since the u in desu is silent, they would have just thought that if they added another s at the end of it then it would be correct. I know that I used to do that, before I was taught otherwise that is.

Then again, one would assume that because Kira has the intelligence to have left little to no evidence on the body parts, he or she would have known the correct way to spell desu, am I right? Well then, we can only assume that there is a 90% chance that this person spelt it wrong on purpose, though I'm not too sure about my calculation.

I am very interested in this case, though I'm not trying to figure out who has done it...I'm not a cop, so I figure that don't have that right. However, there are lots of people, even just on this small place, that continuously make mistakes about his or her reasons for doing this, the reason they spelt it dess instead of desu, and the reason why their name is Kira. You can't rule out anything in a case such as this one...and if you do, then you'll never find the person that did it.

hm about the age, of the guy

hm about the age, of the guy who commited this crime(s),
i don't think he's below 20,
to murder someone and get away with it, this way, which is removing and arm, making the notes, and delivering/dumping the bodypart somewhere, without leaving traces, is harder than it looks. to do this, u need to know what u are doing, and a kid whos'15/17 years old, won't succeed in this,
so i think, he's atleast over 20, doing a medical study?
atleast something that learns him how to remove body part, in such a way no traces that would bring us back to him,..

very good

Your observations are very astute. The reason that 15-17 is there at all is because they would be more susceptible to the ideas presented in the Death Note series.
The percentages for 15-17 are low, but should still be watched. I had it included till 40 as well, so think of it as an average range.
The 'living with a family' factor also lowers the 15-17 age range, but remember that I had included it in a larger range.
You are right though.

The possibilities of this false-Kira being within the 15-17 range (as opposed to 15-40) are very low.

well there are actually

well there are actually really smart persons at that age..althought i admit i also think the percentage is very low,but you never know it could be a teenager


Thank you, N. It???s wonderful that we can throw ideas around and debate about them. Please don???t be offended if it seems like I???m shooting your ideas down; I???m just debating. If we both throw good ideas back and forth, and give good reasons and grounds behind them, then perhaps we can create a clearer picture of the false-Kira.

Once more- As stated by N, the false-Kira has a very large possibility to be no younger than 20. Also stated by N, the person may be training in the medical field but that all depends on how clean the cuts were.

Anybody with a good arm, a butcher-sized knife, and a reason could cut a victim into little pieces.

As taken from, there are approximately 43 airports in Belgium. The percentage of the false-Kira flying in/out is lower than if they hadn???t. This suggests that the false-Kira is not too far from the sight of the first murder. This is also supported by the fact that when the dead body was found it was only about 6 hrs old (not the age of the victim, but how long they suspect the body had been dead). However, this also depends on how well planned this actually was, seeing as the false-Kira could have planned this well in advance.

-The percentage of this person being close to the site of the murder depends on the mode of transportation and how well-ahead the killer???s plans were; however, the percentage of this killer being out-of-state are lower than the killer being a resident.

Also, to support the age theory, (also taken from the age structure of Belgium???s citizens has a 66.1% for people between 15-64.

-The percentage of the killer being (15-) 20-40 yrs old has risen. How much? That???s hard to say, but it is significant that the suspected ages are within the range that makes up more than half of Belgium???s population.

The times that the police are requesting for suspicious behavior (around 12:30 to 5:00, if I remember correctly- you can check the hardly affect the percentages of who this killer is. If this person was in school then skipping is hardly unheard of (in some USA colleges, they don???t even care if you attend or not-it???s your money). Regardless, the times must be noted, for future reference if for nothing else.

So, what else do you have, N? I???d love to bounce ideas back and forth; it seems like you might end up the only person to do so.

I wonder if anyone else will post anytime soon???well, regardless, I look forward to your next post N! You made me consider something I hadn???t even thought of myself! It???s nice to meet someone who can make me think!

there has to be two people

there has to be two people because for 1 person to do this will be hard first they would kill them using whatever then they would have to cut up the bodies or bodie plus then frezz them then take them out and dump them some must have noticed by then but if two people did this one would have to know were they were then the other person would have to kill the person and drag it to a frezzer this would take two people or more then to cut them up u would have to be right next to the frezzer to prevent blood going everywhere.

last reply;

No problem at all, finally somebody reads this page,
well enough.

About the suspect/murderer, its just what u want to call it,
i've been thinking, expecially about where this person might come from, i was thinking about what use it would have for this person, to do this in belgium, instead of 'anywhere else' in this world; if he really thinks he's kira, he would have definatly have started in Japan, i think that is more likely his input, since he can't directly copy the way of the 'attacks' in deathnote.
so he would like it to be as best resembling deathnote, or atleast as best as he can.
now he did start in belgium, so that makes me suggest, that he's probebly living there.
i think if they want to solve this case, and im pretty sure they want to, having a 'serial killer/psychopate' running around, they should deffinatly look all the possebilities, where people might learn parts of the proses, and where back to medical studies, or something along the way.

I dont'know any thing about the parts themself, i wasn't able to find it like 1/2/3.
it could be this was something he wanted to do once, (the 2 notes that is), in this case he might even have visited a cemetary, and stole parts he needed, or wanted to use for this "plan".

To fall back on the person and the location of this person, i still think he's in belgium probebly in a big city; Antwerpen or Brussel, its not likely he would get caught in a million people city, .. so he would be most safe there.
also he started this "case", and he wants to be like kira, and they probebly share the same idea/vision, which makes me think, that he is also a bad loser, the notes: i am Kira, point to deathnote, and to light's idea of a good/peacefull world, so he must think the same way or be just really crazy, well a person that isn't 100% wouldn't go all the way in leaving no traces, or atleast most wouldn't.
don't know if what i think is right tho, it could be i or maybe even we are completely wrong, but still i feel we are making a profile that might be pretty close to the actual "person".

ps: ill be sure to check this page ever day a few times,
and it would be great if u have anything usefull or even related, to share it with me.

the comment posted by the so

the comment posted by the so called kira this couldnt be kira because the real kira wouldnt tell us what he or she did and why let us know that he or she knows english

something else;)

Just so u know, its not N because of deathnote, its a shortcut of Naaz = Nazca, pure lazyness, this is good actually, it gives me something to do.

Also, i've been looking for some more articles about the 'murders',
the body parts that were found were:
- 2 upper legs (don't know correct word(s) for them)
- and a torso.
the notes, were more like papers, they were A4 format, (which i didn't expect, i thought that if he actually went on with it, he would have done it with care, taking nice small format, and probebly not normal A4),

Also i have listened to a news report, (if u understand dutch i can pass u the link), they say the that the police thinks, or better said hope its a student joke, and that they stole the body parts, (this brings us back at 18/25 years).

new stuff i found

Quote from;

"So for my opinion, I think that Death Note DIDN"T tell, or force, or influence the killer to do what she did. I say she for the note left with the body did infact say: Watashi Wa Kira Dess, which with the correct spelling of 'Desu' would be a Girl saying she was Kira."

If this is true, which im not sure of, because i can't write or understand japanese, this person is;

- Really stupid and actually telling people who or what they are, male/female.
- smart enough to change info, and actually thinking about it, making a plan etc. and changing that on purpose, which seems the most likely one.
- or a third; which is, these murders got absolutely nothing to do with deathnote, well something, but the kill hasn't, the suspect, was smart enough to make 2 notes, referring to deathnote, maybe because he was sure about the fact they would find out it was a link to deathnote. and just using it to make everybody focus on manga, and the effect it can/could have. plus the fact, people are suspecting a teen or student, which is actually more like the opposite of whats happening in the manga and the anime.
in this case, we got no clue about how old he/she is, where he/she is atm. which is basicly nothing^^
but still. how can we be sure, the only thing we hear/read is what is released to the pers/papers.

Sorry, last post

I think N has a really good point. I can't really understand Dutch or anything, but I think you've really contributed with this new information.

However; I seriously doubt this person stole the body parts. From what I read the body was only dead for 6 hrs or so. Unless this person worked at a hospital then we can suspect that they had something to do with the murder, even if the only part they played was taking the body parts from a murder scene they witnessed or came across. Working at a hospital is also very doubtful, seeing as how other personell would have noticed.

N also has a very good point that I had considered. This person might only be using the Death Note idea to throw people off. Or, like Light, they love playing with the police -which they are doing succesively, as well as most of the Death Note fan group-.

What I had not known, and what N had provided, is that Dess might signify that this person is, in fact, a female. There might be two of them, seeing as how it was done in font and there were two notes, or this might just be another way to throw off the police.

There are too many possibilities to come to a final conclusion at the time.

Also, I would like to thank N again for the information they provided.

I would like to inform the people thinking that this is a game that the only thing this is, is murder. A crime. A sick violation of the law.

I would hope that whatever observations we have made have also been made by the police or had been provided to them.

I hope that this false-Kira is found, justified by the court of law, and put behind bars with no bail.

And, sadly, I must inform that I will not be able to debate with N as I had been so excited to do. This will probably be my last post. I hope I have contributed, though my speculations don't match N's real-news reports. An event has occured that has me posting this message, but I'm sorry I won't be able to post anymore.

Alright, enough with the sappy stuff. N, you take the stage! :)


Well since that was probebly your last post, im wondering why?.. i think it was pretty fun to discuss, or even think about it together. well too bad.

Maybe somebody else finds this page, and feels like talking about it<3

The lower abdomen and two

The lower abdomen and two thighs of an unknown Caucasian male were discovered by walkers in the park Friday at 5:30 p.m. local time, and police sources for the newspaper said that the body parts were left no more than six hours before the discovery. There was no clothing, personal effects, or identification besides the two paper sheets. The two paper sheets reportedly had the same message, but were written in two different colors with no apparent signs of aging. Duden Park is located on east side of the Senne River Valley.

Belgian police are requesting that anyone who saw suspicious behavior on Friday between 12:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. near or at the park to call the Belgian phone number 02/559.80.00.

Update: According to the newspaper, the lower abdomen comes from an unknown Caucasian male, but it is unknown whether the two thighs belong to the same individual.

This is from:

Also i found this
from this site

Volgens parketwoordvoerder Colpin waren de menselijke resten nog tamelijk vers maar ze konden ook een tijdlang in de diepvriezer zijn bewaard. De ledematen waren scherp afgesneden en de geslachtsdelen onthaard. Is er een psychopaat aan het werk of wil de dader de speurders op het verkeerde been zetten?

Which is in English; according to the leader Colpin, the parts that were discovered were pretty 'fresh', but they could have been taken out of a freezer, so they are not sure. the parts were cut very precise, and clean (so its not an amature). its a psychopate or a sick joke; nobody knows yet.

Imperfect, i still really hope u change your mind, and come back here with me, and discuss about this or anything else u woudl like to discus, im open for everything!


I would really like to N. It's been great, but sadly cut short.
After today I will no longer be able to post. I can't really post 'why', but it's a good reason.

About the whole freezer thing. I doubt they did unless they really are that smart. Shouldn't there be signs if it was? I'm not sure. Was there blood splattered around the scene? If yes then the percent of freeze goes down. If no then the percent goes up.

I'm glad you enjoyed my company N, I enjoyed sharing thoughts as well. :)

Just trust me, it's a good reason.


damn u ..
hm too bad then, still i would like to know a reason, if somebody sais its a good reason, its probebly not bad to say what it is, or it must be really embarissing;)
anyway i respect it, still.. its sad.

re: today is the last

It has to do with my mother, whom I respect very much. That's a good enough reason as any, right?

Also, I had an error in my resources above. I didn't use, it was (there IS a difference)

Well, N, we can still debate a bit, before the day is done. Btw, I'm honored that you seem to enjoy my company so much. :)


Im afraid that im to late now:(
btw that is a very good reason,
glad u gave me a hint, i know enough.


Hey, it was great, thanx 4 listening

I don't think that I've ever shared my ideas so openly. Hehe, I used to think that I might have been a thief or something in my past life because when I heard an announcement that a bank had upped their security, I wasn't the one feeling safe, I was the one thinking of all the ways I could get past said protections and be the last one laughing. That either makes me a past thief, or a critic, lol.

It's been fun putting my head to this, and even funner to putting it together with N.

Hey, N- you're great. I really thought we had fun with the short time we chatted, no?

I have the idea that chatting with you about even the mundane would be great entertainment.

I think I'd love to talk to you more, but seeing as how giving one's e-mail to someone you don't know is so dangerous now-a-days...I'm not saying its you, but if I posted it here then someone else would surely get it ~shiver~.

I think I might pop in from time to time, just to read what you guys have come up with- I think it's gotten better then the mess posted up a bit from our conversation. We turned it from random opinions to actually trying to put a person behind the killer.

Post Note- I sincerelly hope that you'll get a good partner to speak with N, seeing as how I'll not be able to post anymore. I hope that you won't give up just 'cause I'm not here.

I was the sceptic, and you were the information gatherer- we made quite the team! Now you just need another sceptic, lol.

I hope to read a few more good posts of yours N.

Again- you're great. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

So, now you're really taking the stage, N! Show them how good you really are- and all that I saw in you in the short time we spoke! :)

It was nice being here and having someone great (N) and possibly even more people reading my ramblings and observations! Lol.

Okay, now that I've probably said the same thing x-times already...

(Miss talking to you N, but I might get the chance to read time-to-time!)



Hmz im sorry, but without someone to discus it with, there is no use in posting here, ill keep going on with trying to find out, what where and even more questions, about this murder, but i won't do it in public.


Many people laugh, some shrug it off, others go so far as to say they can solve it, or are doing it, or are saying you know who is. Well, in truth the likeliness of anyone here solving the case is slim to absolutly nothing.

Look at the facts:

This is a highly intellegent person, spelling things wrong to lead us to beleive oppisite, because a cute Death Note comic pointed out an intellegent person should think, "Who needs reputation when you are God?" The killer is aware that it will be pointed out, and they will be veiwed as stupid, so a really quite bright person can walk freely.

Obviously this person is calm in a danger that would make even the bravest man cower and have his heart beat if the crime was so carefully done there was no evidence left.

The person has a slight disorder, yet one that does not render him or her unable to think in a cunning and quick manner. "Watashi wa Kira desu" is a name they have given themselves, in correspondance to Death Note where they have taken their crimes from as either a hardcore fan, or a cunning killer hidden in the shadows.

It is very possible the person never even read Death Note, yet instead heard from someone else and is doing as instructed or as interpreted.

There's really no evidence beyond the bodies, and because of this and their obviously calm unaffected persona they may blend in with any crowd and easily travel to another place.

Also, it may be more than one person.

There are so many more facts, but I choose not to draw upon them. Many of you have realized these, and I applaud you. Frankly thiugh, we are just posting comments, and not much of this is going to help.

However, there isn't a good chance this will stop anytime soon. There is even less likely of a chance they will get a good lead, only rumors, and hope of a mistake, sloppiness, and a downfall.


Well, i doubt, indead him making an mistake, and getting caught,
but, its possible this was it,
if im not mistaken, this whole thing started in september(?), and since then nothing happened, exept people, here on the internet, and along the world, people are speculating, but it can be some something that happens once, maybe even he saw the light (lol), and came to his/her senses.
not sure tho, just a guess,


Ofcourse, what i did not thought about it.
it could be he/she is planning something, in advance maybe or just something else, and has no time atm.
or maybe other 'bodyparts' just haven't been found yet,.
maybe he/she is doing something totally different, maybe something on a larger scale, i think we can all agree this someone is not stupid.


ok for people to copy death note is really stupid and anime games and all that dont create serial killers, its the people themselves who were unhinged from a long time ago and finally thought to start killing, they prob had some issues when they were younger and somehow as they have gotten older they came out and made them snap or something...really is stupidity!

death note

ok for the record ive seen death note and its an awesome at the edge of your seat anime, but not once did i want to kill someone now come through my mind!!! so how can death note effect our actions? People are just stupid!!! cant belive they would do that sort of thing...ughh Death Note is the best and this anime did not create a killer he created himself and just happened to watch death note and got the idea of calling himself kira which BTW IS STUPID Y WOULD U WANT TO COPY AN ANIME LIKE THAT?



ok this line of words isnt nonsense theres words spelled backwards in there like pshycopath cunning killer liars...thats what it say and that very childish anyone can figure that out if u look closely enough...childs play

3 posts above,

If u post please post something usefull, would ya?
read whats above and answer that, dont click the link read the (3 sentence long article) and then post what u think about it!


your allowed to post wutever you want and if you dont like it go somewhere else or dont read it! and for your information i read all the posts before i posted so mind your own damn buisness and instead of complainging why dont you write something useful!!!!

Okay...I will just say now that Death Note is FICTION! Kira (Light Yagami) and L DONT actually exist. In the same way Harry Potter doesnt actually exist. Its an ANIME! A TV SHOW! NOT REAL LIFE!
And although 'Kira' as everyone knows translates to 'Killer' if someone is actually pretending to be Kira then I guess it translates to stupid asshole.
Chances are, the person commited suicide. Which could be easily proved if they searched his/her home. If there are Death Note mangas, animes etc. lying around, then it could easily be seen as a deranged suicide.
If someone who thinks theyre Kira really is out there, then I doubt they could really commit any more murders. Plus, Kira started off wanting a righteous world and from what I know theres nothing of the dead party having a criminal record.
And people who think this whole thing is funny, I guess it sort of is, but no matter how you look at it, a crimes a crime and murder is murder and its not really a 'funny' subject.
Finally, for the idiots who posted above saying they were/are Kira or L. You really are stupid. Murder isnt a game.

By the way, IM 13!


yea but the body found was cut up and at the scene of the crime the left a paper that stated kira dess, but spelled it wrong supposed to be desu..and this is a real murder case and im sure people know that its really not because of the anime death note and its not reality


I find this quite intresting....would anyone mind finding proof of the murder, after all this is the internet. Things happen that dont really happen in the real world. Also i find people going around saying "im kira" and crap like that quite childish. So who ever can please post some proof of this murder. Also for people who are saying they did it, Do you know how easy it is to get traced? I bet even this website has you ip record. Hmmm but chances are nothing will happen. but still, always remember. Something may. We will never know.

... ... ...

Konichi wa LS desu. Well if there is am acual Death Note Book are thay useing it right? this is crazzy. We need a L now to find this monster Kira.


Bokuwa LS. This will be hard to cach but if there useing the "DeathNote" Way then the police should used it too what to the police do to find him.. hmmmmm? well im not as smart as a murder that leaves no trace but i am smart enouph to say look out hide your name and face if you have to, that is all youve bin warned


Kira... as you call your self) is an idot useding a shows name for what he/she is doing. Thingk of the produsers of you favortie show hmm? they might be sood for this happaning hmmm? so then there would be no chrase of that sow that you are so obsest with now will there...

We will sop you

Hello. I am new to this site and from what I've read there is some sick person who is obsessed with death note killing people and blaming it on the death note. "Kira" as you call yourself; how do we know you are not a fake? Like LS said we need and L because in order to solve this case we need to bring the fiction to reality. "Kira" what you are doing is completely insane mind you it is genius to blame your actions on a death note because if you "Kira were to go to court they probably wouldn't sentence you for they would suspect that you were/are under the influance of an anime/manga product. You are also very foolish because you are baceing your actions on a death note anyone who watches/reads death note will know you next move. Again like LS said the police should use the death note method to catch you. How can one believe they are god when and not suffer the consequences from the true god? What your doing is pure madness and it's time to stop this LS and I and everyone against you will stop's not that simple to escape the penalties of murder. That is all I have to say
Think about what you're doing "Kira" Ja Ne


Hello again. I would like to make a request to anyone who has information on this so called case. Any one who has information or who know of sites where LS and I can further our examination please reply to us. I will be sure to post any new information I find.

Ps:I am fully aware that i miss spelled stop


Hello again. My partner on this "case" LS and I have thought and calculated some idea's; they may not be exact or help full but it is worth a shot.
First of all if "Kira" is going by the story line of death note as "Kira"/Light Yagami he/she should:
- be connected to the police
- be very intelligent
- a student in collage
- might begin to kill every hour on the hour
He/She also may:
- Be a part of the police him/her self
- higher percent of more than one Kira
- no hair or may be bald because there were no hair traces on the victims
- May have killed some one they KNEW
- may not want to kill again

The worst thing as some other people have said is to broad cast this for if they do some people (about 20 percent) will want to follow "Kira's" actions and do as he/she does to support him/her. Why is death note so popular? A motive to kill? It has an interesting story line?

There are about 60 "Kira"/Light fans and 40 Lawliet fans. Only 20 percent of the 60 "Kira" fans would kill for him. Remember that I might not be exactly right because I am just throwing at you what LS and I calculated last night.
If any police view this site I would like to hear there idea's along with anyone else. Imperfect and N it would be a bonus if you two started posting again because you have provided me with excellent information. Like I said LS and I stayed up all night on this "case" and we got pretty far and the ones that helped us the most was imperfect and N but I also can't forget the quiet helper B who helped us with our calculations. Like I said we got pretty far but we need help. Please post and help us out

this man;

Is probebly only using the notes, on the bodyparts, to throw another lead, (in upper posts i stated, parts of press released information) and the notes that were found, were normal A4 format pages, with sloppy the sentence, if u were gonna do this, wouldn't u use nice paper, maybe with a nice pen, something clean, but this looked more like something he scrabbled in 30 second, and putted them on the bodyparts,
now its most likely he just knew dn and thought it would have been the best way to throw the police, (+others) at a wrong lead, since there are millions of people that know dn < does that make then all a suspect?
no .. even in Belgium alone there are just to many people alone to search specific, (also in upper posts) the age of the "suspect" is dealt with,

It would be most likely this is a male, (just because there are more male murderers, than female),
older than 19, i guess older than 20,
with knowlegde of maybe a medical study?
(also from a news article, it was stated the cuts, made (in the original body, which "ever" was a body), with great precision, now this would definatly to medical student, there just isn't a way to catch him via the internet, maybe if u could take people for talks, and would be in town, and at the actual time & place.
but we are not,
the only thing we can do here, is trying to make a profile which is correct.

Calm down ppl

People calm down. It's just a murder case. I'm sure its the same as any other cases out there. Too be quite frank, the murder is just another Kira wannabe idiot. The police are there trying whatever they can to capture this impostor. Like L once said " Justice will prevail"

That my be but if we let

That my be but if we let even one murder slide then many more will be let slide we have to try our hardest to provide and collect information that wil help with this investigation.


Hm i was going over some things and I found something quite interesting. First of all I read this random letter and it said remember that a good detective looks over clues more than seeing as I'm not exactly a dectective I still decided to do as the letter said and this is what I've come up with.
2007-10-19 05:41 some one who went by the name of "Kira" posted. Yes this is a while back and we already determined he might be a fake. I say he because and i quote "generalizing yeah this boy such potential" indecating that the "Kira" that posted is indeed male. Also he said he was immurture. Would some one really put themselves down like that? Is it just to comfuse us? He also said that he was doing studies in forensic science,which means he has a verry high intelligance level. He said he used the notes to gain interest to the death note fans, and to increase difficutly in this "Game". If he thinks it's a game the levels will only get harder right? From what I know he hasn't strted killing again which means that no one has beatin th first level, which is giving him more time to think of ways to make this "Game" of his more difficult. Is that what he's waiting for? How do we find out what he is thinking? Why did he do this in the first place? Will he continue with more difficult levels? He might just be a fake but how do we know for sure? It seems as if he used text from the actual anime/manga on Death Note but maybe he is just trying to get into "Character", and as we know he looks up to light/kira so wouldn't that want to make him talk just like him. To him this is a we just need to think like him and beat this so called "game" and stop "kira" (i apologise for my multiple uses of qutation marks)
Je Ne
PS: Thank you N for posting and poviding me with interesting information :)
PSS: Once I scan my statistics (graphs) I wil try to post them


I don't know if u read all my posts, but its nice to have a discussion partner again, i started here with imperfect, as u might already knew, but that was alot of fun, though because of personal reasons, he's not here anymore to chat;).

Also i read the "game" part,
i do think he's seeing this as his game, where he's is making the rules, and actually he is, so he's doing good, from his part of view, the other side is the cops, and maybe as a third party, the spectators; everyone who knows about the case, news paper, and ofcourse us here on this site.

But i don't think he sees this in certain levels, its just that he didn't get caught the first time, and sooner or later he/she is getting to that point, and may think about a next 'note' or next move.

which we can't prevail. so +/- we can only make a profile.

Ps; u got msn or maybe irc?.

Hm very intersting. I'ts

Hm very intersting. I'ts nice to have some one to share my ideas with, seeing as I am new to this site. Yes I have read all your posts and it was sad when imperfect couldn't post anymore but I am glad you can/ are still posting;)

I don't have any new ideas right now nor do I have time to thunk them up quickly but as soon as I get some information I will.

Any way I have to go

PS: Yes I do have an msn XD

The Murders

I have read most of the posts here, but not all. It is just way to long to read them all, but I find several things interesting.
The first is that people are trying to rule out or in specific people. With a case such as this you can't do that. In the manga Light was Kira, but he manages to clear it up for a while. Also, anyone can have the sense of justice needed. They could really fit Light to a 'T' on the bounds of really smart highschool student with connections to the police, or it could be some person hoping the police look into that type of person. Though if the killer really does have connections and is really smart, would he/she bank on them looking into a different type of person?
Another thing I read was about the killer having medical training. I think that could be, and we really can't rule it out, but you can find anything on the internet. Not to mention you can make cuts as clean as you wish or not depending on the knife used.
I also have read nothing about this Kira actually having the Death Note. WHile I know it sounds a little insane, in theory it would be quite possible if it actually was supernatural. He could have someone kill someone, and have the killer leave a note, and tell the killer to kill himself all with the Death Note. What is really needed is an account of all recent murders, suicides, and heart attacks on anyone. Then go from there to see if there is a pattern, if there is an increased rate of people with criminal records dying, or whether there is nothing at all and it is just a cover for actual murder. But that is if you assume he has a Death Note, which we need to assume he does, and doesn't at the same time.

Hm What I do not get is why

Hm What I do not get is why sever the bodies and how with out leaving evidance?
Here is what I have thought up about these topics.
severing the bodies
- I believe it was to indecate power. In his mind he believes severing the bodies portayed his so called power. If he was following death note (which LS and I have already touched up on) why sever the bodies? Light Yagami/Kira never did something that intence. He could have wanted to show that he was more evil...better than light (not that what he is doing is a good thing) Remember I am just throwing out ideas since my scedual is tight and this is the only time I have to think and post. So please do not be too hard on me.

Now here are my ideas for how to kill the victums without leaving evidance.
-LS and I have come up with the theory that he froze the victums in order to make a clean cut. We also believe that "Kira" may have strangled the victum so when he went to sever the bodies that there would be no struggle since well...they were already dead. Which leads to the studies on forensic science. Now how would this work with two "Kiras"
I belive that they worked together using these methods.
A)One killed one wrote
B)Both each killed a victum and one wrote
C)One captured the victum and wrote while the other killed and placed.

It would be easyer if there were two "Kiras".....does this make any sence to anyone besides me?

PS N: I'll try my hardest to get/ come up with more helpful information but right now I'm in a bind. N I've read your posts that you posted after I started posting but I have not been able to annilize and pull things from it (like I did with earlier post from you and Impaerfect) but this weekend I inteened to come up with alot more information then I can provide you now.....I apologize if I seem like I'm in ...a rush and not into this "case" I am but......
Well anyway thank you/ Arigato you have an msn?

The Two Kiras

The idea of two kiras does make sense, and if there are it would probably be like that. Though if the Kiras (going with the theory that there are two) severed the bodies to show power, one of the two would need to be power-hungry and attention drived, while the other is shy, doesn't care about who gets the credit, or who has more power.
I think that point is important because the shy one could be the mastermind, and lead his partner to his death. Leaving people thinking that they had solved the case, while he prepares and comes back out in a period of time releasing more 'justice.'
And on freezing the victims to make a clean cut... I am sure that if a body part is frozen something happens to the cells (I am not 100% sure though) which would be found in the autopsy. Not to mention with knives that can cleany cut pineapples in mid-air, I think you could get clean cuts depending on the knife you used.


Hmz, i don't think there are 2, almost nothing indicates this;
also nothing indicates, there were 2 bodies,
the bodyparts that were found, (also stated in upper posts) where 2 upper legs (again i don't know the correct word for it) and a arm if im not mistaken, and in no article thats posted, its stated that the parts were from different bodies.

Plus i don't think he will strike again, its like months now, and not even a single note on a tree (for instance) has been found, im starting to think, this person;
1. stopped, and this was something to do ONCE.
2. killed himself:)

Ofcourse there might be more reasons, these are just the 2 most reaseneble/plauseble & logical ones.

ps SL: (this is one of many, and everyone i don't want in my list is gone fast.
SL u are welcome though.


Thank you very much....Hm what you said about him killing himself or stoped killing...that does seem more logical. I read something interesting that I want to may not lead to the case..but it's still quite interesting.
"The human brain loves games. When you play a game you usually frget about everything else. You enjoy the challange, and you learn from your mistakes."

You learn from your mistakes...maybe thats what happened, but does this mean the case is closed? Because I really had fun working with you.

Anyway thank you and well talk to you soon I guess

case = closed?


"You learn from your mistakes...maybe thats what happened, but does this mean the case is closed?"

Well, actually for us the case was closed from the beginning, mainly because we can't/couldn't investigate at the actual time and place of the crime,
still we can go on debating about this or anything else if u want:).

Sad but true...

It is a shame that case was never really open, and fans of Death Note must have been so excited that their favorite manga had come to life. THough have any more murders been done? I am having truoble finding recent news, or has the case itself just died?


I can't really think of any reason, that dn fans would be exited,.. why would they?
maybe u think all dn fans like people getting killed, or like it aslong it has "something" to do with dn.

Plus the fact, that the only thing in this whole case, that links to deathnote, are 2 A4 format pages, with "i am kira" (in japanese ofcourse), scrabbled on it.

For the rest, nothing is close to deathnote.


It would be great to keep on debating...and N I agree with you on the whole dn fans being excited...but there also is the fact that some dn fans are just like one that murdered. Some belive that it was a good idea...but most do not. Am I confusing you because I know I am confusing myself. Debating about other things would be fun as well...but not on this site since other posters will...lets just say they will get mad. Haha
Well I guess that is it for now

You cant kill someone who

You cant kill someone who doesnt have a name,could you?

of course because if you

of course because if you don't have a name you do not egzit but if you are talking about death note it is not real and if you mean you do not know there name then of course you can kill them because many people are murdered and the murderes don't even know their name

biohazard666 : kore wa bullshit desu

this is bullshit & childish from that fuckin psycho imposter to use an anime show in order to give his hedious murder a global dimension (i.e kira fans support).fuck u & go to jigoku asshole.this is no fun but a tarnish to the fanbase and the series future.
??????????????? ??????


Wasn't that a usefull add to this site/sarcasme (yes i added the / in case u didn't understand)


If the murder was carried out by someone who was influenced by death note it wouldnt be hard to belief that they would act similary to the Kira in the manga. Meaning that the person would be "judging" criminals". It would be interesting to know if the person who was killed had any criminal record. If this physco actually beliefs he is Kira from the manga he would only kill people with a criminal record, but seeing as nothing like a death note actually exists he would have to go and people by hand which is a difficult thing to do. The only other possibility i could think of is that the killer is some crazy manga fan, if that is the case it should be easy to track someone like that down. The person would most likely dress simillary to Kira in the manga also have several deathnote related items like the mangas, anime episodes, and several posters.

It's not that simple

It's not that simple. You might not even be able to refrence the so called "kira" to death note charcter Light Yagami. The eprson I belive will not kill again. If anyone want to figure this out they will have to put themselves into the shoes of the manga and real life. It's not open to us anymore.

Mello's thoughts.

As stated before, the person is probably smarter than we think.
The idea of two kiras is very likely too if the people want to imitate the manga as much as they could. I don't think it could be a student joke considering that the limbs couldn't be easily transported. A torso? You can't get away with that. He could've cut his victim into pieces just like Jack the Ripper did since he studied medicines too.

The age? I assume Kira's in that college so let's say...20-25? He/she couldn't be older. The influence of this manga is extremely high, so it can be that this person actually believed in Light.

The supernatural idea? I don't go with that. It is impossible for him to have a real death note.

I highly doubt he was instructed since nobody normally would do that unless wanting to.

Matt's thoughts

I agree with what Mello says, but it doesn't stop the possibility of several people of different ages working together. A person who is older or is of a higher profession could easily get ahold of a dead body from one place or another, and with help could hide all evidence. This person might've even committed the murder a long time ago, which is what people have said about the body being 'frozen'.

However, a student or young adult who might have helped transport the body could be one who might've thought it a fun joke to leave parts of the body lying around with pages from Death Note just to leave a scene which would cause a stir in the Media.

There is a chance that a few

There is a chance that a few people could've worked together.
It can even be considered that someone who was working there helped although that is a slight chance.
Matt is right with the frozen part though, they could've just hid it somewhere until DN actually got attention in this country.

Stir the media? Well, I highly doubt this. I think we do have a psychopath among us.

It would make sence if a

It would make sence if a medical student helped in this, because of the way the limbs were cut. Even though anyone with a large knife could kill someone, not just anyone could cut someone else apart with such attention to detail. Unless Kira is trying to be a perfectionist of course.

But if it was just a psychopath, why would they put extra effort just to make notes and leave them around where they knew that Death Note was popular? It must've been planned if the killer was really putting so much effort into all of this. Otherwise that suggests that 'Dess' was a simple mis-spelt word which was written on the spot.

lol Wow.

Are people forgetting this is just a story? Get over it and get a life.


It's not just a child story, it's a murder.


At least some people are trying to work out how this could've possibly happened instead of just saying that this is a story. It shows that fans do care about the deaths of these people.

What about their families?

How can you say that? What about the people who've been killed's family? I mean, If someone close to you suddenly disappears, and later on they find some human body parts, what's going through your mind? And we have lives. We are also trying to save other lives, if it takes our life. So don't tell us that we need lives. If you think this is just a story, then why did you post anything on here? Sounds to me like something someone would try to do to help keep Kira from getting caught. So if you have nothing important to this case, then say nothing. Oh, yes, 68%.

lol Wow. (02)

It seems you misunderstood what I meant. I'm talking about whoever committed the crime. Don't they know Death Note is just a series among hundreds of others? It has a unique and awesome concept but that is all. I'm talking about "fans" who take it to the next level and do stupid things.

Admire the story and artwork. Don't try to become it and get a life.

Be more specific next

Be more specific next time.
"People" can be anyone, including ourselfs.


Yes, Captain.

We shouldn't rule out any

We shouldn't rule out any possiblity, anyone could be Kira. Even someone who posted here. If it was that well planned, they could be one of us posting here to try and lead people to suspect others instead of themselves.


M2 is right because we still stay "anonymous" in a way.

There is indeed a chance of someone being here leading us towards the wrong path although doubtable.


I don't know. Someone with the intelligence of recreating a crime referencing to a manga doesn't seem that intelligent. (At least in a sense of "leading people away"). Then again, if they recreated a situation from a manga to this degree, hell, they could be stupid enough to do that.

Kira must have been

Kira must have been intelligent enough if else he wouldn't be able to do it. The person would've been caught already and it seems the police are at a "dead end". This is just as planned as they would say.

I wouldn't call it stupid, I would call it a genius.


I agree with your points M, and that is the problem with the Internet, about people being unknown to each other, for all we know, people can lie about where they live on here.
I don't think it would be anyone on here, though a person who knew putting DN references in might be looking up these posts just to laugh at the people who are trying to figure out this case.

Ok I haven't been updating;

Ok I haven't been updating; but now I've just read through all of your comments. Now this "Kira" impostor hasn't killed since the first murder and I am pretty sure he will not kill again. Never the less he/she could be waiting (which I highly dought) but lets all keep an open mind. Now most of the topics you are dicusing we already dicused but it is good that you're looking into it. Now there are a lot of new posters and there is one thing i would like to say.
If anyone comes on to post some thing like "get a life" don't we are actually doing something here. It's worthless of some one to come on only to say 'it's just a story' or 'it's not a big deal' because to some of us it is.
That is all i have to say
Ja ne

Let me be honest with you, I

Let me be honest with you, I am not a forensic specialst nor a P.I., I am an amateur investigator, but one thing I do know is why this crime is unsolved. Whoever is commiting this murder or murders believes himself (assuming it's a male) to be Kira, and no one not even the cops can find the killer. I am suggesting that you coaxe "Kira" out of hiding. Let him come to you guys and there is only one way: We need someone, who is an expert on unsolved murders, someone will be willing to not give up until he catches this person. We need someone to be an "L" to this guy's "Kira"

True that. x-x; Making an

True that. x-x; Making an amateur like this 'Kira' come out would be easier. But unlike what most of you are saying, this new murderer could probably be very intelligent. He could be killing others, but not leave blunt traces like he did with the poor victim in Belgium. With that being said, he could have killed others before that male. So, he may not be as dumb as you all proclaim. And to add this, he may not fall for a coaxe. :/

In other words in order for

In other words in order for this psycho's fantasy to be complete, he kills the "L" in his life or "L" kills "kira"

My guess is That "Kira"

My guess is That "Kira" thought he saw injustice in his victims. Whether it was real or not to us is understandable, but to him: whoever he killed is evil. I think this guy wrote the name of his victim "death Note" Style, blacked out and when he came to, the victim he wrote down died and he thinks it was the note, when in reality, he found his victim, and killed him the way he wrote it down; went home, cleaned himself up, and acted like he woke up from a deep sleep.


You guys do know this is a just a Cartoon. If there was a Realll Kira then Wouldnt Korea Do something. Last time i check they're just SOLVING Real Cases >.>

This "Cartoon" Is being

This "Cartoon" Is being blamed for a real life murder. not that you care since it's in another country. But this guy whoever he is, claims to be kira. If these people simply doing nothing about it. they're no different than Columbine, Montreal and virginia Tech. Instead of actually looking into it they use something popular as a scapegoat. Using my skills As both an investigator, and a fan of death note. I plan on looking into this case. Even if my life depends on it.

Okay, I have narrowed down

Okay, I have narrowed down the facts:
*The murder took place 3 months and 69 days ago, so like Kira, he hasn't been killing for very long.
*For all we know this was his first and/or only victim, otherwise he might of killed some random person to see if he's willing to do it.
*The Body was found cut up on the higest point of brussels, so unless he has a vehicle, his home wouldn't be far from that place.
*Since the body was a day old, it didn't take him long to cut up the corpse.
*It would have to be done by one person. No one would want to assist in somthing as disgusting as this.
*Since the first and/or only murder took place there, it's quite possible that the killer is located somewhere in Brussels.
*If this was the first murder, it is most likely that he will kill again.


Guys The Murdering has nothing to do with Kira. Its proberly just people killing other people then Claiming that they are Kira. Geez if Kira Really Exists Then why wont he just kill all the Criminals? Why Wait? If he just kills them all at once (which might take a while but w/e) then he can just take a long vacation until more crimes are commited. Ez as that and btw Some people kill just because there stupid. You kill someone you commit a crime. So whoever "kira" is, he's just a criminal himself. =P

pay attention

You all nee to pay attention. He/she hasn't killed since he first did, meaning he will mostlikely not kill again. After all this time i beleive that he has givin up and is thinking diffrently about his actions. This "Kira" might not even be what we proclaim him to be. He may just be some dumb guy that was doing it to create attention. Death note does not egzist and I bet alot of death note fans would want it to but it doesn't so now we have to start thinking like a real person would. Why wouldn't he kill again? Why hasn't he? What makes me mad is that people are hung over one topic when they really should be exploring the mind not the name or the killer. You have to see, open up your eyes that this whole thing might be over.
Gomen for sounding rude but this is my opinion.
Ja Ne

He probably didn't kill

He probably didn't kill again, beacause, he's cautious, plus he believes there is too much heat from his first. all killers both unknown and known have had that problem. But I assure you, if this psycho really thinks that he is "kira", it's more likely he will kill again. Every frst killing is always sloppy, like a mistake in writting, but as you continue on it perfects itself.

You know I think this Psycho

You know I think this Psycho wants us to talk about it. Most killers monitor any source of commuinication, Tv Internet etc. to see if he is mentioned any place. Only the very smart or the very Stupid of criminals, like to brag about their work.


Honestly, I believe the reason he has not killed or even attempted another murder is simple. There were two people, and they have gotten a bit more heat then expected.

Two anime fanatics read or viewed Death Note. They simply fell in love with the idea, as many of us have. The truth is, as dorky and geeky as most of us are, we still maintain a higher I.Q. average then the norm.
So these two people, come up with the idea to mimic Kira, but need to work together to even get a third of the brain power to come up with such a plot.
One's job is to find the victim, scout them for a few days, their daily events, their personality, hobbies, actions ect.
This person keeps a memory log of all said victims actions,(To keep an tangable evidence out of the picture), then gives all the information to the second person.
This is the person who commits the murder. Since this person has no connection to the vicitim he is least likly to become a suspect, while the first person, even if they were under suspision, it falls simply because of the lack of evidence such has a murder weapon, being seen around or near the scene of the crime, or even a simply a reason to commit the murder, except for the silly note they left.
They both get away free of charge...

Brilliant deduction. Hey I

Brilliant deduction. Hey I plan on investigating this murder and I could use a hand, care to join? If not, that's okay it's your decision.


Lol if you guys want to stop him from murdering people maybe u should stop talking about him... The more you guys talk the more you encourage him.
So... Either Stop talking about him. Or this continous Killing Spree is gonna keep happening. Face it...Its True.


If who ever's killing people out there is reading what everybodys writing here then yeah we might be encouraging them. But then again who cares? Its not like we can stop people from getting killed by a psycho.
I give REP+ to who ever "kira" is because he/they sure are making progress getting all of this worldwide.


I got nothing else to say.

You never know he can be watching.

The Killing took place

The Killing took place exactly where the body was found. Dudenpark has a lot of forestry so it eould be possible for the killer to attack his victim with out the victim suspecting a thing.

It was a white male,

It was a white male, somwhere betwen 20 - 30 years old, Blond hair, blue eyes, weighs 150 - 200 lbs, Possibly armed with an Axe or any manual tool designed for medical amputation, He knew that at least the hands (Fingerprints) and head were of important means of identification. That is why they were taken away from the scene. He Lives in either The Subdivision of Ukkel, Vorst and Sint-Gillis, Because they're closer to Duden Park. He Wrote the notes, lured, killed and ditched the body at the same spot. That's what happened.

i found something out.

The killer that killed the white male did'nt even use any armed weapons. The guy just died from a Concussion.

Listen imposter, unlike you

Listen imposter, unlike you I take this very seriously. So if you think you're being funny about this, fuck off. and by the way don't ever use my alias again.

Whoever posted the comment

Whoever posted the comment on Thu, 2007-12-06 17:35, isn't me, He is someone who doesn't take murder seriously and joke about it. However, I, Hurricane wolf do exist. Whoever the killer is, if you can read this, then listen carefully, there are some people like myself, who will not rest until they bring you to jail. Like L would say, I would very much like to know why you commit this crime, but I'll wait till I catch you.
(Anyone else reading this, this is a message to the person or people who are responsible for the Manga Murder)

Om het even wie verstuurde het commentaar op Thu, 2007-12-06 17:35, is niet mij, is Hij iemand die moord serieus en grap daarvan niet neemt. Nochtans, ik, bestaat de Orkaan wolf. Om het even wie is de moordenaar, indien u dit kan lezen, luister dan voorzichtig, er zijn sommige mensen zoals mezelf, die niet rusten zullen tot zij u brengen gevangen te nemen. Zoals L zou zeggen, zal ik heel veel zoals te weten waarom u aan deze misdaad, maar ik toevertrouw zal tot ik vang u wachten. (Iemand lezend anders dit, dit is een bericht naar de persoon of mensen die verantwoordelijk voor de Manga Moord zijn)

Suspicions, decisions...

I have got quite alot of suspects from this site alone... The suspects are, in general...All of you. You are all very intelligent, I must say, but, that's one of the details in the Kira we're looking for. I hope not to offend the ones who are not Kira, and are putting their all into this.

You can sure bet that I'm

You can sure bet that I'm not Kira. I have an alias of my own. I just want to give the family of whoever was murdered the hope, faith and peace they deserve. If anyone else wants to give me a hand, weither you say yes or no doesn't, matter, but with a case like this, I am going to need all the help I can get.

Truthfully, your information

Truthfully, your information helped me get farther in my investigation. Someone at my age cannot go to the police with anything, no matter the importance. You are one of the few that have a less-than-half chance of being Kira, because Kira would never give good information like yours to the public. I can also assure you that I am not Kira. In fact, I wanted to work with you and some other of the fellow Kira investigators. I would love to be able to work with one of your intelligence.

Thank's truth. Listen

Thank's truth. Listen gather as many people as you possibly can. All the info I posted alone was child's play compared to what we have to do next. we have to find a name. I am gonna write what we have to do in another language: ???????? Je soy Recht sobre Wat il suo he'll ???????????????? le changer for protection.
(hint: chea rowd si sti wno ganugel)
good luck.


Yeah, It's hard to read that, I'm only 11, ya know. speak in like...French or something. ^^'

Sorry, what I said was that

Sorry, what I said was that If I was right about his appearence, he'll probably change it for protection. I used a combination of englsh french spanish dutch and russian.

Gj??re dere kunne Norsk?

Gj??re dere kunne Norsk? Hvis dere gj??re, begynne to use det to tale to hverandre, god?

THe suspect is in vorst

The body was found on the Vorst part of Dudenpark. So it's quite possible "Kira" might be living there. He is living in Vorst. I need anyone who can look up residential adresses of the area. We might be in arms reach of catching him.

I think we can say with 100%

I think we can say with 100% certainty the one who did it, does not live anywhere closely..
he/she is smart, she has knowlegde about how to work with body parts, maybe a hospital worker. a doctor, or just a very crazy person,

Since the only thing pointing to deathnote, where 2 A4 size pages with the sentence scrabbled on it.. that isn't the way light in the anime would have done it.. no way, he would have done it with style, and in the first place not with body parts,
this person is not stupid, he's not anyway close, plus that it happened months ago, and he still isn't caught, or will get caught, the only thing that he could do wrong, is continuing this, and fail one time, leave a trace.. anything hes'done for.

If you read death note,

If you read death note, you'll know that notes left behind some dead bodies is one of Kira's Calling cards. It's quite posible that he forced the victim to write the note before killing him. Which would also explain why the arms are missing. As for the body itself it was dead for a day so it wouldn't have taken long to cover up evidence. Not to mention some dead bodies take at least a day to find. Besides, the first killings are always near home. The very second the heat is off: He will kill again. Killers like that don't stop right away, the just take a breather from it for a while.


This is pissing me off. Terribly. How could someone just decide to kill another human being, then just get away with it?!?!?! This kind of crap should never happen to anyone. I wish there was more I could do, but I don't think the police would listen to a kid like me. So, all I can say now is please, someone, help the world!!!

Random thought

I'm not supporting the idea of 'Kira' owning an actual Death Note, but if there was no evidence other than the two notes....well, of course the body could have been preserved. Still though, no hair? No blood? Not even a footprint? This 'Kira' must have taken extra precautions......and he must be an absolute genius.

What this "Kira" is doing is

What this "Kira" is doing is evil!!!

I agree. Kira will be caught

I agree. Kira will be caught and put to justice, though. Those like Sara, calling him a "genius", are very far off. He is an insane murderer. I, and the world, will not let this pass. I don't know about this rest of you, but I'm not giving up. No matter how dangerous, frustrating or straining, until Belgium, no, the world can sleep without having to worry about Kira, I refuse to give up.

Entirely Different Idea and Point of View

Dear Candidate-Investigators and/or Curious Observers,

I have a simple thought to share with all of you.

Why are trying to extract any conclusions from the information that is available on the Internet? Have you realized that the information may be unreliable, modified, and/or limited?

You will not be able to catch the killer, even if two cases are considered. They are the following:

If the murderer's intelligence is even close to Kira's, then even the police/investigation organizations will have trouble catching him/her although they have all the information available. If this is the case and the information released is insidious or you are not familiar with all of it, then you do not have a chance of finding the criminal.

On the other hand, if the murderer is far inferior to Light, then the police will soon catch him/her, which means that your attempts are useless. Unless you alone enjoy investigating as much as you can; if that is the case, then you should not stop, as it brings you a fraction of satisfaction.

Let me share another facet of my point of view. If this murderer is similar to Light, then s/he has reasons for that murder beyond seeking glory and expressing his/her mania. If this is correct and the victim is a criminal, this means that their being murdered is justified. What is your reason for pursuing a person enforcing the principle "eye for an eye"? Is your justice different? If yes, why is that? I have a feeling that your explanation will use faulty logic.

Well, this is a summary of what I have to say. I do not ask you to agree with me but only to observe your opinion from a new point of view, positioned on a slightly tilted axis.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.



This murder is not

This murder is not justified, no matter who the victim is. Would you rather us let this 'Kira' run wild on a killing rampage, or do you want us to catch him and make sure no one else is hurt? If you think that 'Kira' was being just by killing this person, even if it was a criminal, then you are very, very, very, very wrong.

Oh, and, by the way.....

Everyone who is saying, "We need an L!" Well.....I'm your man. Or, in this case, I'm your girl.

I might be able to conclude

I might be able to conclude 80% of the crime by facts, But I am only one man, i could use some help in catching Kira. If you want to help me, I'd appreciate it.


To Rei: As I predicted, you are using faulty logic. You are just saying that I am "very, very, very, very wrong," but you lack logical arguments. I am going to answer the question, "Would you rather us let this 'Kira' run wild on a killing rampage, or do you want us to catch him and make sure no one else is hurt?" If it was Kira that we are talking about, then he would not go wild. As I do not believe this to be possible, I hope that the police/investigating organizations will do their work and catch that murderer because I pity the criminal for using Kira's name in case that they are just an insane, fan far inferior to Light.

To Hurricane Wolf: How exactly do you plan on concluding the case with your "facts," and how did you calculate those 80%? From the messages you had posted earlier, it seemed that you are an intelligent person, but aren't you exaggerating your situation here? Of course, your choice of words is your own business; I am just asking a question.

The 80% percent was what my

The 80% percent was what my theory on this guy is, how he did it, why he did it, when he did it, what he did it with where he did it and where I think he is. The 20% I need is a name a face an adress and enough evidence to convict this psycho before he does more damage and who the victim is.

fuck him

screw this guy who calls himself kira he is only human and the supernatural aint real also if you do wanna fuck with someone fuck with me if you can bitch. Also he killed the guy the night before all you need is a seringe filled with tide or any other chemical duh.

Contrary to popular belief,

Contrary to popular belief, the supernatural is real. in this case there is nothing supernatural about a psychopath who kills people.

oh yeah

has anyone noticed that no one else has been killed recently and if they have tell me.


all you is just trippin because 1 kira in the novel aint that smart when you think of it all he did was comin sense also it is fake that was anime numbnuts keep your heads in the real world and only reason i have been commenting is because i came across this on wikipedia and thought it was weird so i came here

This is not a novel, what

This is not a novel, what this guy is doing is living out the fantasy that he is kira, the reason there wasn't anymore killings is that there is too much heat on the area he chose, in this case dudenpark. He planned on doing future hunts before the cops investigated that area, now he is either waiting till the heat is off or finding a new area to lure his next kill.


why would he do that if he called himself kira.

This person is more scared

This person is more scared than he is triumphant. His fear makes him either cautious or parinoid. if he continued too soon the cops would get him. As i speak he is trying to find a way tom get the cops off his back.

your all dumb

quit focusing on this it was just some pschotic mofo with nothin better to do probally and saw an anime and just used it (a lot of people erlier in the posts thought this shit was real ha ) honestly i find this funny and if the guy he killed was a bad person then i dont care what he does so if you do it for good reasons keep on doin it it might just save the humans planet cause the lot of you really have fucked it up.

You think murder is funny?

You think murder is funny? That is some sadistic fucked up thing to say. It doesn't matter what the victim did. Murder is murder. What if that victim had a life? What would you think the victim's family say if they hear you say somthing like that. they'd spit in your face and humilate you in public just to ease their own pain. Why don't you think about that next time you open your big mouth.


dude i dont give a damn yeah he may of had a life but something wrong is wrong i dont see people getting pissed when someone gets the chair, and we dont call that murder. and anyways i already wouldnt give a damn, and let them spit in my face.

hes messed up

that jamala guy is pretty messed up it sounds like he would be the type to go out and kil others. dude you are pretty warped if you ask me.

So, JaMaLa, you think murder

So, JaMaLa, you think murder is funny? Would it be funny if you, or one of your family members were the victim? And you also tell us to "stop focusing on this"? I focus on the world's well-being!!! THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. If killers like this 'Kira' are out there, then I will do whatever I can to catch them until there is one less murderer in the world. If you don't care about human lives, if you're THAT self-centered, then just stay out of this. It's that simple. And by the way, this shit IS real. A real life was lost. A real body was found. A real murderer is still at large.


I thought I was the only one who was dedicated to finding this guy. Where did you come from? How'd you find out about this case? What did you find out so far?
I ask too many questions, but It's out of curiosity.

Two Interesting Things

First, Rei, I got interested when you said that you care for the world's well-being. How exactly do you think you care about it, and what do you think you are doing?! Why are you just talking big about one murderer, when there are much more massive disasters going on?! Haven't you heard about innumerous people's dying from diseases in Africa or about children living terrible lives in some far-away orphanages? Why don't you try to do something about that part of the world's well-being, if you care about the whole world? Or are these events too distant for you, so you don't have to even consider them? Yeah, you're right, it's better to just talk and say how you are trying to catch a horrible murderer.

Another thing, Hurricane Wolf, I liked when you said that the supernatural is real. I am not necessarily arguing, but on what basis do you believe that? I am just curious, and I would really like to know for my own information and judgment.

And, by the way, danecook, it's just funny and not serious to claim that JaMaLa is someone who would commit murder. You just read several posts by him/her, and you already have such a severe accusation. It's childish.


To answer the question you

To answer the question you asked Rei, It takes at least one murder to spark a major disaster. for example, when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, that sparked WWI. As for my question, I don't just believe in the supernatural, I seen it, along with things, you've only seen in nightmares. I was just saying that there was nothing supernatural about this case.

I think you changed the

I think you changed the topic of my first comment, but it doesn't matter; there is nothing new to say anyway. And about the supernatural... I agree that there is nothing supernatural about the case; I don't think that 'the murderer used a type of Death Note' or anything like that. I am not going to argue about the supernatural in general because this is not the topic here and you were not specific in your comment, so I will just leave it there.


my bad

like i said my bad just wanted to mess with some people so sorry i pissed you guys off i do want to see this dude get caught and screw you danecook.

Look Are we gonna solve this

Look Are we gonna solve this case or are we gonna argue? Frankly I prefer to solve it.


well solve it but honestly i cant see how.

Regardless of what I know I

Regardless of what I know I can't do this alone. I may have figured some out but I need someone who knows Vorst better than I do. I need the name and adress of the psycho who did this. and I need evidence of the crime. other than that, this case is solved.


well do be honest i dont see how this could be solved and the reasons are that one we do not live in the area or know the method of how he kills simply put is it a serial killer or someone who has a certain amount intellegence and just decided to kill cause he thought he could no one has caught him to be known there is no dna or anything of the sort 2 is it a man or a woman no one can say from what i know and if so the main question is why he/she killed so in the end unless we can fly to belgium understand the killers methods find a case similar to this one i get some leads then i am sorry to say this will be difficult in its own way.

oh yeah

all of you i am going to be honest we are just a group of people this is not going to be solved by us and rei if you do focus on the world then focus on it better then leaving comments contribute better and if you do tell me and what i met by ha which you thought i thought murder was funny i met that people thought there was an actual kira and L and all that shit i met about this not being real was it was just an anime (not the case) they thought earlier that there was an actual note book, which is not real and just curious to my question earlier what is your position on someone going to the chair.

Frankly I don't give a fuck

Frankly I don't give a fuck what happens to the killer as long as he is caught. After that it's in god's or whoever you believe in's hands.

All I know now s that eitehr

All I know now s that eitehr the suspect is in vorst or he moved away to another part of brussels to avoid suspicion.

Anybody else got an Idea?

Anybody else got an Idea? 'cause I'm out

Ok i had enough

People where are you going with this?! You are not getting anywhere! Lots of us had already tried to solve the case but we got no where what makes you think you are going to solve this? What if the person comitted suicide? Now if any of you'se have actual USEFUL information feel free to give it but randomly saying things we already know tends to piss some people off including myself!

Please be useful
Ps: I am not in a very good mood just to let you all know


would all you wanna be "L's" and people who are confusing to be Kira.GET A MOTHERFUCKING LIFE!listen if your going to go around saying kira your going to end up in jail for pretending to be him. And believe me i'm not saying that cause i don't like Kira(in fact i supported him in the anime) the fact of the matter is that you are not Kira.You could never be good or smart enough to be him.Kira was smart and stayed under the radar.He didn't leave notes saying he was kira(people choose to give him that name) and drawing more attention to himself. If you really want to become the Kira Of the real world.Stay hidden as long as you can and let the people give you your name,and trully follow how the anime kira was!!! Stop trashing his name and the animators name!


you people are giving the wanna be kira too much credit! it is prob some outcast teenage boy that is intimidating DN.He is prob at home eating dinner with his mommy!

Hey!!! Calm the fuck down,

Hey!!! Calm the fuck down, Unlike most of these people I am Actually trying to stop this psycho, i have told everyone what I think happened in an investigatior's point of view. the fact that he had commited this murder 3 months ago is all the more reason to stop him. I am not doing this for fame or glory or boredom. Otherwise I'd use my real name instead of this alias. I am doing this because I have been condemed to feel the pain and suffering that innocent people go through. until this killer along with every evil thing in the world is gone, i will continue to suffer whenever the innocent suffers. and not a god damn thing can stop that.

hmmm...sounds like another

hmmm...sounds like another "L"

oh wait i mean WANNA be "L"

oh wait i mean WANNA be "L"

wow this supposedly kira is

wow this supposedly kira is not a kira he didnt kill people for justice he killed them to get attention which mostly seems like it i mean look at us we are all here talking about this thing and my whole school is talking about this and one kid at my school actually was inspired by this but this kira is not a kira because kira kills criminals and who knows if it was a criminal he killed then thats great not to be insane or anything . but if its just a random person then it seems to me the hes a coward and shouldnt be calling himself that because he isnt making any justice at all hes just causing us to be afraid of him and mostly getting himself in to deep deep trouble

you speck the truth!i'm glad

you speck the truth!i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking that!

If I'm an L wannabe what

If I'm an L wannabe what does that make you, near or mello wannabe? Or maybe you think your juror # 3 from 12 angry man. Or you could be the man resposible for the murder itself. I may or may not ever know, but I do know is that you don't understand and will never understand. I have seen suffering all my life and good things rarely happen where I live. I have to work my fingers to the bone to survive in this godforsaken world. I have also dedicated myself to helping people who can't help themselves. All my life I have believed that there was one major thing that I have to do to make a difference in this life and the next. That is why I am trying my hardest to solve this case. This was the thing I have been waiting for since I was born. I will never give up.

No.I don't wanna be mello or

No.I don't wanna be mello or near.I have no intentions of acting like any fictional character.I am who I am.And the reason why i am calling you a wanna be L is cause your trying way to hard to portray his charter...though that is wrong of me to assume you are just portraying him.But I have no intentions to start a fight with you anyway.So i am sorry.

Apology accepted.

Apology accepted.

wow there are a lot of

wow there are a lot of fights going on 0_o

So who wants to work together to get this case solved???

I sure as hell want to.

I sure as hell want to. that last fight was unexpected.

lol i know .i was like

lol i know .i was like what's his problem XD lol so do you have any new leads? I haven't been able to gather much new data at all lately. =/

hmmm....on second thought i

hmmm....on second thought i don't think it's really smart to be saying anything about a new lead on here...since there are people claiming to be Kira...Do you know any other way i could contact you? I could give you my e-mail address for vise verse.(since i really doubt someone like you would be kira ,i mean that in a good way too XD lol)

o_0 aren't you afraid i

o_0 aren't you afraid i might be kira or be in contact with kira?


dude you all have to much time on your hands do something else and huricane wolf what the hell you are trying to hard to be some hero in which case you are probally some kid who thinks he save the world you cant and for everyone else get a god damn life instead of postin this shit why would you waste all your god damn time to write up this retarded ass shit it happened 3 months ago it wont happen ever again i swear to god find something fucking better to do i wont be back here at this site so leave a message if your pissed enough but im out aint wastin my time with this dumb stuff.

Don't underestimate kids

Don't underestimate kids they are smarter than you think. Who knows maybe it was a kid or someone who thinks he or she is a kid. Besides I have all the time in the world and a new lead on how to find this guy.

thank you! i'm not the only

thank you! i'm not the only one who thinks the need to get a fucking life.Grow up and find something more important to do with your time.The police will not listen to any child or teenager. Unless they find their own lead or an adult says they have a lead tis will stay unsolved.(at least if he doesn't kill again)

Care to explain

Would you care to explain what your new lead is?

Care to explain

Would you care to explain what your new lead is?

I'd tell you, but if this

I'd tell you, but if this perosn is monitoring sites like these, he'll probably destroy the evidence that supports my lead.

How about this

Why don't you email your lead to me at I want to do all I can to help.


In case your wondering, this email is only an alias, so theres nothing to worry about.

I wouldn't blame you for

I wouldn't blame you for using an alias, why d you think I became Hurricane Wolf? but anonymous has been used too much. Why not try something knew.

Fine then

Fine then, I guess for now I'll just go by "M".

Fine with me.

Fine with me.


I just noticed, the note said "Watashi wa Kira desu" right? Well, since "watashi" is only used by men("atashi" is used by women) then the murdere has to be male...right? I know, someone has probably already noticed this, but still....

You never know

You never know, he might not know the differnce between the two.

True....and he/she is most

True....and he/she is most likely just copying what he/she saw from the manga or heard in the anime.....

Exactly, but

Exactly, but it was a good theory

OK I'm in an even worse mood

OK I'm in an even worse mood then I was before so you had better damn well watch it! You are going over everything everyone else has went over i suggest you read what other ppl have posted! Be intelligant! I respect thoes who are trying to solve it if you can be USEFUL! Now please don't piss me off anymore....and watch what you say back to me if you do
Thank you

I don't know who or what is

I don't know who or what is making you mad, or why he/she/it is making you mad, but that doesn't mean you have the right take your anger on everyone else.


I have as much right as I want to be mad and if you were to pay attention to what I have already said then you would know. I am sorry for this but you have to be quick and smart. Now it is not everyone whom I am getting mad at it is the ones who are not smart with this. I am not myself saying I am smart but I do look over things and this case if pretty much over for you unless you can pull out some magic information then theres nothing else. The murder may be caught, killed their self, has stopped. Now I am still a little angry -and it may not be with any of you- but like I said warned what you say to me....I am a little cooled off good bye/JA NE and sorry again.

Crack this's not too hard

rewsna eht ot yek eht si eciov eht
uoy fi modeerf ot rood eht dna
uoy luotnetop yek sti dnatsrednu
erutuf eht ni uoy rof eil yam tahw dnatsrednu
tnem si ti lla live si
gnihtemos ereht si ro ed ot
tuo htiw timoc ew snis dam eht ot erom
dna snamuh su esruc noitome yna
ruo nmad syaw suonoisiop kcis ruo
cinomed ruo esruc straeh dloc
hsiloof neht erom gnihton ruo ew syaw
gnitsucsid era ew snimed

its did you have fun

its did you have fun cracking this easy code took me thee min if you posted it further i didnt look my iq is 185

letters to find and a note for you

494 251521 81225 62114 31813119147 208919 511925 31545?
if u did so happen to crack it how did u do it? what made u realize how to crack it and what do u think of it?


A murder case because of Death Note? How fun.

What the fuck do you mean by

What the fuck do you mean by fun?!

I mean...

It sounds like I'm going to enjoy watching this unfold. I can't wait to see how many more people die before KIRA does something stupid and gets caught. Oh, how fun.


What the hell is wrong with you? You want to see how many people are going to die? That to me is sick. Just by saying that you are just as bad as the one who murdered thoes people and you are probably not going to have any fun because "kira" hasn't killed anyone since the first two and i highly dought he will kill again. Now was my code to hard that no one figured it out :S Well that just explains things a little more

Dear SL/JA NE...

494 251521 81225 62114 31813119147 208919 511925 31545?

Your riddle was simple and unoriginal. Each number represented a letter in the English alphabet:

1=A 2=B 3=C etc...

However, it became tricky when I discovered that you made no attempt to "disconnect" numbers that could possibly represent more than one letter. For instance,

11 could represent AA (two "A's")...
or it could represent K (the 11th letter of the alphabet)

This caused me to get multiple answers for the code "31813119147". Don't think much of yourself, though. It took probably five minutes (if even that) to decode. Oh, and I wouldn't normally waste my time doing something so juvenile, but I felt compelled to knock you off of your self-righteous "was my code to hard that no one figured it out?" pedestal.

And don't try to get me to solve more of your puzzles???I have far better things to waste my time and intelligence on. But please do not call me "sick", I said I cannot wait until KIRA does something stupid and gets caught. How is that sick? But then again, you're obviously close-minded and cannot see that evil and good are not absolutes and very from person to person. One man's freedom-fighter is another man's terrorist.

I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one. Ado.

i am %s

*chuckles* Hm me closed

*chuckles* Hm me closed minded? Well that is ones opinion. I did intended for the number code to be easy because i wanted people to focus on the letter code which again is not difficult if you can read between the lines ;)*shruges* and the only reason why i wrote is it too hard was because no one was even attempting. It was just a way of expressing humanity in my eyes.Oh and I am sorry if i offended you when i called you sick...i did not mean to snap like that but you caught me off guard when you said "I can't wait to see how many more people die" I didnt look into it and for that i am sorry i wrote before it thought. Hm but i do believe that "kira" will not kill again. It has been too long but if he does i will not be alarmed. Hm i do not think highly of myself so you can cross that out of your mind now. I am not one to think highly of myself rather than other people. With my codes I merely wanted to see if anyone was intelligant. I did not have my doughts what so ever that some one wasnt but just wanted to make sure. Hm I can not help to feel that I am begining to be hated, oh well I do not mind. I did snap a little too much didnt i?Hm and for that i am sorry but some things make so so angry when people do not see things but i guess that is a little closed minded but everyone is closed minded some times that may be stereotypical but you all have stereotyped me have you not? Hm what do you mean by "i hope one day you can join us"? Hmmmm, well i have apologized and explained myself and there is nothing more for me to say. Oh and by the way Ja Ne is japanese for see ya later ;)
I hope that you accept my apology and forgive my rudeness

Hello SL

Hi! Ok i'm so new here and i havent read all this crap that ppl r saying but hey who wantes to read useless crap any way right? Ok dont take this in a bad way but humans are discusting! I'm sorry but you are! They way you murder ppl for no reason...not saying U murder people but hey! Oh SL i really dont think u should have opologized to that dude person human guy none of here go and my non of us here we mean at our club well our whole clan is here and we read most off this stuff and we think you're right to snap at ppl like that i mean golly how stupid can one person be OMG! You should so join our clan we'll make u one of us! screw human! and for anyone who thinks diffrent well pooh for you. So what do you say SL will you join us we're called blood red moon XD like in my name! my nice name for the clan is wolf. People think we're human but we're not ha do we have them fooled XD Hey ur intellagence is unique unlick other ppl! Screw humans become one of us and i know what ur thinking 'what are you exactly' well i can say one thing were not human! K and btw ur letter code i cracked it i just doint wanna write it down #1 too long #2 i want other ppl to know just how smart u are with reading between the lines thingy i like how u think...wait WE like how u think! And you person human thingy %s WE think YOU shoudl be a little more opened minded that code really hepls the case if only you could see it i know alot more now! after all the little i read -_-' Well bye bye then we are the um...SL suporters! :P OR BRM

Dear Bloody Red Moonshine Wolfmonkey or BRMW:

Well, by your crisp dialect and your utmost care for the proper spellings of the English language, I think it's safe to assume that you are some sort of professor. Probably at a well-known university... Yale, perhaps? Obviously you're not just some middle-schooler with a computer that writes "U" instead of "you".

And you've stated that you're not a human. That's odd considering apes are the only other animal with the necessary features -- such as opposable thumbs -- greatly needed to operate a keyboard. So you're a monkey, then? Nice to know. Hey, at least that explains why you would name your tribe something as silly as "Blood Red Moon". Needless to say, you obviously haven't evolved the ability to generate non-clich?? headlines. Maybe someday you'll catch up with us humans.

Also, I've stumbled upon something that strikes me as odd in your comment. You say that you solved SL's code, but that you didn't write it down because it was "too long". If that was really the case, why did you respond with a huge, sixteen-sentence paragraph? Funny how that wasn't "too long" to write, but a simple "Did you have fun cracking this easy code?" was...

Why would you write "We think you're right to snap at ppl like [%s] i mean golly how stupid can one person be OMG". Hey, you can label me stupid if you want. But I would also like to point out that you wrote: "after all the little i read" and "we read most off this stuff" in the same paragraph. Who's stupid, now? Haha. Peace.


I am %s


Quote: Ok i'm so new here and i havent read all this crap that ppl r saying but hey who wantes to read useless crap any way right?

No its not useless, why even reply if what u are gonna say is already said like 11 times, next time read before u post more of that useless crap (and yes that was useless).


OMG how dumb r u? I'm not a monkey! Geeze all u humans think alike gawd! I'm a Psy Vampire, Geeze! U ppl dont know anything do u. But i dont need to read it all to know how dumb u are and our clan isnt stupid it legandary! to ppl who are intelligant any way. Hey SL i still need ur ok with becoming an psy vampire its fun belive me. We dont take away ur blood r anything but we take away energy :P real fun. and for U! percent s guy human thingy what ever just cuz im lazy doesnt mean u can be mean i have a right to be mean cuz im bad like that so there some ppl r ready to drain ur energy! Gawd u human know nothin....AND ITS NOT BLOODY RED MOONSHINE WOLF MONKEY! its blood red moon wolf; wolf for me bc i am a full moon psy vampire so its more like a psy were wolf so there! and were stronger than you so dont make us angry! Now SL come and join the slighlt dark side and get a free buckt of sand today! jk just join us please if u say yes then i'll send u the link to know how to drain some ones enery and everything u need.....and as for u %s guy human thingy w/e dont say anything to make SL not join us r i'll be mad!

If you really are a PsyVamp,

If you really are a PsyVamp, Prove it, I got all the Time in the world to wait..........BTW, if you are one you should know that I have a lot of info on destroying you and your clan.

You could never be a vampire

You could never be a vampire

your comment,

So brmw,

u say im dumb, for what i wrote, (maybe i am, u'll never know, but tbh with u, im just happy u can read) your iq must be so high, u make up your own language, where stuff like:


actually makes sense, 1 advice to u, get some english lessons, or learn how to type properly, if u can can't do either one of them, throw your pc out of the window, and a last one, go to some off topic forum, im sure they will like your spam.


I wasnt talkin to u! i was talkin to tht %s guy! and pooh 4 u, u human r crazy so w/e the only person who i wanna talk to is SL so meh! so wth r u talkin to me for meh

I hope...

I hope KIRA kills you next...
Man, you're annoying!


god damnit didnt i tell everyone about a month back to get the hell off hear i mean jesus christ you all just sit around like hippies and get nothing done also all anyone does now is just bitch about stuff you know you all are just the stereotypical oddities of the human world what i mean is this you all sit around and type about nothing like me right now and BRMW you are the oddest for one it is easy to see you have got a multiple personality problem and you think you are not a human everyone is a fucking human who can write and talk you think that you are probally a vampire or some shit also i wouldnt be suprised if you were a rapist well to everyone have a good day.


congratulations u are probebly the first to read and actually care about what happened, replying here in a month=]

Look these codes or that

Look these codes or that shit about Psychic Vampires has nothing to do with this case. Unless you plan on helping out or send your opinion, don't bother writting here again.


Damnit u humans! u dont know how this can help becasue u know nothing!!!! but w/e

You and your retarded little

You and your retarded little clan aren't doing anything to help with this case, so why don't you just get the hell out of hear so we can get back to work, you damn psycho.


Omg, its getting better and better,
look i dont know anything about your ideas the vampire crap, all i know, is that everything u wrote here, had nothing close to do with what this page is actually about, are u so bored, u just keep spamming your crap here?
would be the most logical reason for what u are doing, maybe u are not 100% up there, either way u are pissing everyone here, and its very annoying, so just look in the mirror and think of yourself, why are u doing this? don't u have a life or something? go do something usefull

Fine ill stop postin but

Fine ill stop postin but u'll be sorry when more ppl die and u humans cant stop it

If you are not human prove

If you are not human prove it.

Seriously, if you're not

Seriously, if you're not human prove it what makes you so different?


I do not believe that more people will die, But if they do I will not know what to expect. The murderer has not killed since that one time so I do not believe he will kill again, there is a small chance "kira" will kill but it has been too long. What needs to be done to understand why this person has killed and if this person will kill again is to understand what they are thinking. Be in there shoes for a moment. If you were "kira" why did you kill in the first place, are you going to kill again?, questions like that is the reason we need to put our selves in "kira's" shoes. In order to understand we need to be. BRMW I do not intirely understand why not being human as you say would help us but you have not provided any ....'usable' information I am sorry but you are not helping. Anyway I will try to be more useful myself. I apologize for my inconvineance.

HAHA. This is so fun to

HAHA. This is so fun to watch. There are two reasons why no one but people in Belgium should care about this murder: One, it did not and will not effect any of you. Two, it's none of your concern. I'll say it again: HAHA.

It's my concern now on

It's my concern now on account that I am actually doing something about it and by doing that I am putting my own life in danger. Reasons why are not gonna be mentioned unless you're helping me solve this case.

The disappointing thing is I

The disappointing thing is I DID have informtion that would have been helpful to your investigation. I do want to apologize for my first post. I now realize it should be everyone's concern. I also want to apologize for being unable to share my information with you. You see, it had been in a file on my computer, and someone hacked into it and my whole system crashed.

Actually, from what I have

Actually, from what I have gathered, this guy (or girl) is pretty intelligent. He was obviously driven by the same thing the fantasy Kira ultimately was: power. And naturally, he got it. Had he simply murdered the man and nothing else, no one wold have even heard about it. Instead this "Kira" has hit the news and has discussions about him all over the internet. Has anyone taken the time to research the victim? Maybe the victim was a killer himself. Maybe "Kira" is using the same target as ratio, people who should be "eliminated". In that case, This whole ordeal would be much more reasonable. And perhaps this "Kira" is going to kill again - seeing as how no one we know of has a death note it would take much longer to kill. Maybe he has people doing it for him, or maybe there are multiple "Kiras" all over the world planning to act to confuse everyone.
Maybe "Kira" truly is going to become justice, or maybe he is just deranged, or maybe he is a stupid prankster.
What I really wish the police or some other sort of investigation team over there would do is take DNA samples from the body parts. If they were all from different people, then it's obviously a prank. If they could identify the body I'm betting that there's a 50% chance that he had been accused of a crime himself.
anyhow, I see some people have interesting theories here, and I would like to talk to some of you, all of this has really caught my attention. if you would be so kind as to email

If you want to help solve

If you want to help solve this case, let me know, my eemail address is in one of the messages above.

Your email doesn't work

Your email doesn't work


Obviously, the police already did that, and no way they will ever post information like that on the inet, or even give it to someone without authorization. besides, it shouldn't be to hard finding a body without legs, and a arm (if its from the same body that is) but no they didn't find anything yet, and im 99% sure, that the limbs that were found, were not from a criminal, if that was his original idea behind this whole thing, then we would have seen alot more of these murders & messages, besides, its now almost 6 months that this happened, nothing happened for the rest, i think it was a one time thing, and that his / her shitted his / her pants.
so guess what, party's over ^^

N, i suppose you have a

N, i suppose you have a point but I wasn't suggesting that they post it on the internet, either.
But did you ever think that maybe it was a warning? I have heard of several cases like that, And this seems like it could defiantly be one. Just an idea. Of course, I'm still keen on the prank theory, but it wouldn't surprise me too much if this turned out to be like that.


Maybe "Kira" is using the same target as ratio, people who should be "eliminated". In that case, This whole ordeal would be much more reasonable.
That was actually one of the first things I thought of. So maybe it's not so terrible if we let this kira kill a few bad people (we'll possibly get an OJ Simpson at some point) before he gets caught himself.

And perhaps this "Kira" is going to kill again - seeing as how no one we know of has a death note it would take much longer to kill.
Death Notes don't exist - lets be reasonable with this.

Maybe he has people doing it for him
I would say that's probably a very low - perhaps 2% - possibility. However, I think that any theory should not be overlooked, so you do make a good point.

maybe there are multiple "Kiras" all over the world planning to act to confuse everyone.
I was waiting for somebody to say just that. I doubt they are "planning" togeather, but perhaps the media attention this case has received will provoke more people to play kira? Killing somebody isn't that hard, and leaving a note that says "I am Kira" isn't, either. So, in that respect, I fear as if this one murder may cause an entire "kira" movement - I'd say 10% chance.

I'm betting that there's a 50% chance that he had been accused of a crime himself.
You probably mean "convicted" of a crime. Everybody has been "accused" of doing something illegal. But I'd say you're probably write.


Look a couple of people that agreed to help me investigate this case have not answered my emails, whether they have been caught, killed, lost intrest, or simply feared their lives is unknown. What I do know is that I will not give up until this psychopath is caught even if it costs me my life. nobody has to help me if they don't want to, but if you do I will appreciate it. Only by working together we can catch this psycho before he can either kill again, or another Kira worshipping copycat in another country repeats the same crime. What this guy is doing is evil and it's likely the cops will lose interest too. But if there are still people who have enough heart to bring this killer to justice, let me know. I'm just an email away.

"And perhaps this "Kira" is

"And perhaps this "Kira" is going to kill again - seeing as how no one we know of has a death note it would take much longer to kill.
Death Notes don't exist - lets be reasonable with this."

-Obviously, that's what i said, note the "no one has a death note" part.

I was waiting for somebody to say just that. I doubt they are "planning" together, but perhaps the media attention this case has received will provoke more people to play kira? Killing somebody isn't that hard, and leaving a note that says "I am Kira" isn't, either. So, in that respect, I fear as if this one murder may cause an entire "kira" movement - I'd say 10% chance.
-Hai, I agree. Also, I realized that a lot of killings could be connected to this and we wouldn't know. I mean, there are tons of murders ever day in this fucked up world, And we can't exactly know the motivation behind every murderer... So any deaths connected to this could just be passed off as just another murder. Which, I suppose, does make it just another murder... So in a sense there is really no point in making this whole thing into a huge case...

I got a lot of info that

I got a lot of info that might be able to catch this killer, but I cannot share it in public.

that is just like you

that is just like you Hurricane, here you are holding valuble evidence and you won't shar it with the rest of the world? GODDANMIT!!! Why don't you just tell us already.

I don't know who you are

I don't know who you are but, I can't tell any one what I know in public, otherwise this guy will destroy the evidence that supports my theory.

For all we know you're

For all we know you're probably another L wannabe who wants attention. Or maybe you are the killer.

Hey leave the guy alone, he

Hey leave the guy alone, he worked hard enough to get this far and then you come along and then you come along treating hime like shit? WTF man?

Why are you helping him out,

Why are you helping him out, he's just sending us on a wild goose chase. Throwing us off so he could cover up another killing.

Why are you so determined to

Why are you so determined to see this guy burned, Maybe you're the killer trying to turn everyone against him, because you're afraid that you'll be caught.

I am just seeing it how it

I am just seeing it how it is, no one gave a shit about this murder, now this guy shows up and gives us details that were not presented by the cops or press, and now he is holding back? I say that he might as well have killed the person himself.

Well what about you?

Well what about you?

What about me?

What about me?

You show up out of the blue,

You show up out of the blue, talking shit about me like you know me and now you think I killed this guy? You are one paranoid bastard.

HW has a point, who the hell

HW has a point, who the hell ar you.

Why should I answer to you?

Why should I answer to you? for all I know you could be an accomplice.

All right that's it!!! I

All right that's it!!! I can't take it anymore. Hurricane, you got my support.

Ditto. Hurricane, I'll do

Ditto. Hurricane, I'll do whatever I can to help you solve this case. I understand the danger and all the pain that may come with it.

My email address is on there

My email address is on there if you want to join.

i saw a comment that said

i saw a comment that said that a lot of murders could be linked to the case and we may not know it...i think there's a really small chance of that...beause i think this "Kira" wants to gain attention,tha's why he left the notes with the body parts,so if he commited another murder he would definately want everyone to know he's back

I Support Hurrican Wolf

i also support those persons who don't give out valueable info in public...i mean although it's not very probable this "kira" could be reading this so you wouldn't want to give him info regarding his case...

I could use all the support

I could use all the support I can get.

I can't believe how gullible

I can't believe how gullible you people are, you don't know this guy, and you want to help him? Well I don't care if he is right, I am dedicating my life to destrying his reputation. From this day forward I shall be known as the Wolf hunter.