Belgian Police Stumped by Death Note Manga Murder

ANN is reporting that the Belgian police has reached an dead end in the investigation of the recent "Death Note" murder:

The Belgian press have nicknamed the case "Mangamoord" ("Manga Murder" in Dutch), although the police officials emphasize that they cannot rule conclusively that the case was indeed murder. They also note that they have found no further connection between the manga and the case, despite the two notes. The circumstances of the real-life case were not similar to those of any fictional portrayal of death in the manga series.

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Kira case

just were is this case going? and were they trying to murder this person and why? But I am just wondering what the are doing because they are giving otaku's a bad name.


I'm not supporting the idea of 'Kira' owning an actual Death Note, but if there was no evidence other than the two notes....well, of course the body could have been preserved. Still though, no hair? No blood? Not even a footprint? This 'Kira' must have taken extra precautions......and he must be an absolute genius.

This MURDRERER is Not Kira

Just because no blood or fingure prints were found does not mean his is a genius. It may be due to extreme caution, or paranoia, the list could go on and on. Ofcourse you cannot rule out that factor anything can be possible, but to go so far as to actually believe you are a character from an anime may mean he has a personnality disorder of some-kind. His mind cannot be stable; he/she may have done this crime because he believes people will sapport him and his cause. Murderers like Kira and Hannible Cannible (Lord of the Flies) do not exist in the real world. If they did the human race would be in the most literal sense screwed, because as much as I hate to say it but I do not believe the police are very efficient. These are a few reasons this person may not be intelligent.

no they do not have to be a

no they do not have to be a ginus, they gust had to do all the planing right. this person must have looked a every varible in doing this. the person must eather be bald or knew how to hold there hair in something to where it would not fall out and be found. of course there is also the posibility that the "i am Kira" is just a cover up. and the desu or "dess" as the person spelled it means they mite not know japanies. and he or she mite be trying to throw of perple looking into the case by writing the note to where it seems a girl wrote it. but still who knows. i will give them credit they pulled this off well.

There are plenty of

There are plenty of criminals, not necessarily geniuses, who can keep the police guessing for months, even years. Shows like CSI and Law and Order in America, and similar shows in other countries, tell criminals exactly what they have to do to keep themselves from getting caught. Things like IDing by dental records, fingeprints, even footprints and the more obvious face and hair...

By shaving his legs, they now don't even know his hair color. That might be paranoid, as body hair and head hair are often different shades, even naturally. I'll give points on that, if it was intentional.

Personally, I like shows like that, that show law enforcement fighting the good fight. But I'm surprised there aren't nearly as many detractors to those kinds of shows as there are for general violence shows. The Mangamoord isn't the first copycat like this by far, though he may be the first for Death Note in particular. I just want to see what he has to say for himself - if he's ever caught.

In Reply to the 'Manga Murder'

I would not presuppose that I am smarter than the police who handled this murder. However, I have several insight into this matter.

I must say that the murderer, whoever he was,

1.) Lives in the area, circa 2 cities from the scene of the crime.

2.) Walked that distance, as indicated by

a.) No smell of gasoline... if the area had never had a car over it, the smell would have been there.

b.) Cars leave heat trails that stay for over 48 hours.

c.) No bike equipment was found in the vicinity that was unaccounted for.

1a) Had a bike been the vehicle MO, there would have been signs.
Dead bodies carted on a bicycle, if not receiving attention, do
drop at least dead skin cells that were NOT found.

1b) Rubber flakes off when you start a bike up, and none was found.
This indicates that more time than police have acknowledged was
used to prep the body for the death, having to manually ship the
body via box, or, more likely, in a bath of sorts, which catches

3.) The body was stored in a controlled atmosphere for longer than 3 days.

a.) While preserving the body, this would have kept conditions ideal for
ensuring minimal loss of skin cells and maximum loss of identifying
features. This, of course, presupposes that
1a) The victim lacked certain features as tattoos and piercings.

b.) Hair has extremely stunted growth, but does not fall out naturally,
when a person dies. Therefore, to have eliminated traces of hair
that would have automatically identified an individual, the murderer
must have shaved all hair, then used tweezers to remove them.

c.) No blood was ever found. For a murderer, the best way to acheive
this is simply to dump the body in a tub, and suck the blood out,
much the way morticians do to dead bodies. This also disguises the
identity of the murdered individual, because blood loss is well known
to give a lighter pigment to people.

4.) The police investigation method was tailored by the murderer to allow her to get off easy.

I'll get to why I say 'her' in a second.

a.) The murderer rid herself of incriminating evidence

1a) There is no hair, an identifying feature

2a) Blood has been removed.

3a) The leg hair has been shaved... which could have identified hair color and thus set up a list of who was murdered and who could be suspects.

b.) Employed tactics limit the suspects

1a) Travelers would logically be selected and detained... the murderess would have known that

2a) Removed blood indicates access to a plumbing store or store with plumbing access. Or personal usage, which can not be verified without a warrant that can't be verified without that information, etc

3a) The murdered person was close to the murderess. The reasons I say this are simple: 1) There is no sign of a bump or force, which would not be removed by the time of discovery and 2.) No individual came forth saying that a relative or friend had been missing for some time, which begs the question of who could know.

4a) Assuming that point 4b3a is accurate, the only way that the murderess could hold an alibi is to state that the friend, relative, or so on left via car. Not plane, which is trackable, but car. This supports the notion that the murderess lives within two cities of the incident, and gives an alibi in that it is acceptable to not hear from another person on a trip for a couple of days without thinking that something wrong has happened.

5a) Death Note references. Fine. Understood. Let's think about this... you've got a murderess who has killed the individual, dropped not one spot of blood, and dropped not one piece of hair, and never let a single skin cell hit the ground. This same person accessed the murder scene in a time that nobody would be around, in a place very few would suspect, using a transportation method for herself and the body in such a way that it's untraceable. Finally, this SAME person has not been caught. Statistics show us that the majority of people who watch anime, particularly Death Note, are male teens.

Come on. It's not a huge leap of faith to believe that this same person didn't have the foresight to throw the police off the trail by leading a clue in the wrong direction, much like something out of Agatha Christie.


The killer is quite cunning, and though the body statistics seem to indicate a medical joke, it's not. Additionally, the killer was intelligent enough to use that as an advantage, and throw suspicion on this whole murder. If I were the Belgian police, I would investigate

- Women
- Those with access to plumbing tools or water line construction.
- Have lived in the area for longer than three years prior to the incident.
- Ages 20 - 35
- Those with freezers
- Mortician receipts
- Rented cars in country
- Incoming flights w/o rented cars
- Two cities radius of city with body

Roxas out.


I'm not supporting the idea of 'Kira' owning an actual Death Note, but if there was no evidence other than the two notes....well, of course the body could have been preserved. Still though, no hair? No blood? Not even a footprint? This 'Kira' must have taken extra precautions......and he must be an absolute genius.

Well, Well...

It would seem we are dealing with a man whose general intelligence could be on par with my own.
Sadly though, it would seem this man is nothing more than a raving lunatic who believes he is "Kira".
No matter, he shall be found and put to death... this is a direct challenge to our pal "Kira" here.

Direct challenge

Your directly challenging him. Well M email me at watari) and help me resovle this case, email quickly as to i can see who is willingly to cooperate.

your challenging him?

well i have gained very much respect from you i am glad to see i am no the only one who thinks they need to use there skills to help. Well i belive we should team up if you would like to i am willing to work with anyone that has the gut to say that so if you do want to work email me at

I will give you my name later it's best you don't know now

if you realy want to find me

if you realy want to find me im in st. joesph missouri

You're not that smart. Stop

You're not that smart. Stop pretending you're something you're not.

I As Well...

Ah yes, yes. It would seem my dear, dear friend and colleage 'M' has left without my knowing and took it apon himself to take on this 'Kira' character. I find this most baffleing and troubling as well. But, this also surves as a fine test of sorts. 'Kira'...wits, luck, and plans will not hide you forever and I WILL expose you!

After kira

Well F, i am also after this "kira". If you are willingly to cooperate then email me at watari's email( and i will help you, and vice versa bring this case to an end.

this is for anybody willing to help

I belive i should tell my name my name's Akuma aka K.
Anybody willing to stop this mad man i would love to work with anybody who belives they have the skill to take "kira" down i'm will to work with anybody to stop this man from killing any more people for the sake of showing his power to the world

PS i have posted as "It's best you don't know"

... ?

ummm akuma, is it?
we all know the real K is female.
its a well known fact to the whammy house members
so... why is your email adress darkmastercheif?
sounds kinda male to me
and im the REAL K
so just take a new alias next time you attempt to solve a case beyond you

it would seem

That we have the entire alphabet working this case. Very well. If anyone wishes to recieve my help, respond here and I shall contact you. If not, then I shall do it on my own. This is a direct challenge to Kira. You will be caught. I promise you this. Your first mistake was using the name "Kira". That brought you too much attention, which, I fear was your intention. This means you are either extremely competent or you are bored. Either way, you will be brought down. I promise.

To kira

Why don't the police just simply take a DNA test of the found body parts found and compare the results with the list of missing persons. I do welcome the challenge of this case. If it is indeed a murder, If "kira" is out there, then I will find him.

after kira

i will help you L, just email me at Watari's email. mentioned in 2 other comments.


DNA tests are impossible without a sample to compare them to, and missing persons rarely have a DNA sample on file; in most cases, the sample is only in relation to previous criminal activity of the calibre that would require a DNA test. Believe me, as a chemistry student on the medical track, I should know.

As for all of you Alpha-battlers, consider this: do any of you live in or have access to Belgium? Do you have access to police records? Do you have access to any type of equipment? Do you have any sort of license to investigate? If this is all some sort of elaborate role-playing game, I apologize, but these comments are getting quite ridiculous.

Re: D-NO

I agree with "Abia Skye". If you don't have access to Belgium, police records, any kind of equipment or a license to investigate, then your battle is as good as lost. And furthermore without police information that are kept from authorities you won't have any advantage.

Now I understand that the "Manga Murder" does sound very interesting, since it's killing was influenced by the manga, and the anime, Death Note, which is one of the most noted anime series of all time, but most of you aren't experienced on the field of investigating. This is no easy work, this you all must understand.

I believe over at least 64% of all the people on this forum are under-aged. If you want to investigate murder-crimes, read books. Fictional as well as fact. Read about serial killers. See what makes them "tick". Read about infamous cases and about assassins. Read how other investigations got infamous criminals behind the bars. For starters; try distinguish yogurt stains from milk stains on your friends t-shirt, for example. Anything is a clue.

This is a profession, you don't rush into professions it takes time to develop necessary skills. You'll have to be able to put yourself in the steps of the serial killer. Plan ahead, memory does take a vital part of an investigation. Memorizing facts and distinguishing things that are planted knowingly and that are not by the killer, have a good explanation and detail and describe everything thoroughly, you'll have to think all the chances at once and exclude all but one. And if you have a lead, suspect or anything else connected, stick to it. But be ready to explain every single fact you have; what, when, how and why? If you're working with a team, you'll have to work together. If teamwork can't be established, the investigation shouldn't be continued unless either of you quit, or started a new investigation on the same thing. Rivalry is a funny upsurge for contestants.

Teamwork that isn't going well doesn't, most of the time, have a good ending. Although some investigations have been solved even though investigators haven't been very fond of each other. Even in cases where investigators suspected each other.

In this case, this person may be a student, possibly over 20, studying at a medical school. He doesn't even have to live in Belgium. He could've been from eastern Germany, Netherlands or France or even Luxembourg. There is about 92% suspicion that he is from Belgium though, I'd reckon. He'd have to cross borders with the corpse, that means too much problem.

If this case is to be solved, police and other investigators have to be much more anal and go through the medical school system and collect files and data in Brussels. If the person is smart he would have kept the corpse for some time, before proceeding. Kept it in a refrigerator. There are about 4 medical school located in Brussels which the police should investigate. If this was a prank or not. The victims limbs were cut, even the head; meaning he could have been wise enough to remove anything that might lead to identification, if this is somehow connected to a medical school test subject. This person, or these, do know how DNA or hair and such are used to identify. Seems like a medical student/s.

This person possibly lives alone, could be an exchange student. This might've been pulled by two or more people also. And the list goes on. There are so many things to ponder. But people with experience should investigate this, not teenagers at home with less or no experience.

yes I agree

this is completley true
but the real investigators out there will need the insight of talented young minds
people who read things like death note, sherlock holmes, case closed, ect
these people have a high reasoning ability, that goes without saying that they have to be inteligewnt before reading the above mentioned novels,

knowing what the police know and giving thier oppinions cant hinder the investigation any more then interviewing locals about thier thoughts
who knows this person could have been abducted from another country such as the states or canada, making one of these Alpha-impersonating teens a huge help to the case
but thats only hypothetically
no one will ever be sure any more than any of the wammys house fakes or any of the investigators down there right now untill new evidence is turned up
because there is not enough to find a victim or even a suspect
untill then I, K, will be waiting for a chance to prove to YOU that I am real, and that there will be a time to recruit these young minds to help us find a killer

that is all


ok fake L, i would just like you to give up and tell us your not really L because if you truely had been following this case the way the rest of us had you would know that there was NO DNA or RNA found on the victim, and even if there was chances are they took the sample and tested it, finding nothing in their databases,
so next time you go impersonating a hero, at least do your homework

I am L

one thing does not tick, it says there are 2 pieces of paper and one says "I am Kira" then what does the second one say? Also a simple mistake in Japenese grammer is says that this person is not Japenese or has no Japenese contact. Now, the possibility of a student prank is unlikely. If this was a sick prank, why would they take the body from a classroom near Sept 28 when the teachers come bak and security is at the highest? If they were to take a body they would take it during the summer where they would hav time to prank friends. Now the body was found and looked "perserved". If you notice Sept is cold in Brussel and and was about 9-13 celicius or 48-56 Farenheit. The body could have had a refrigerator effect. A pshycopath is possible. It could be a pshyco that wanted to get rid of any evidence. One clue is the shorn testicals. Getting a 20-30 yr old body is very hard and would require someone to attract the male into their house. This would require seduction which a woman has, so a woman being the killer is about 62%. There is also a possibility of an alias because is the shorn balls and the severed feet indicate the body might hav been bleeding or had a putrid smell. If it was a 20-30 yr old man that has died he must've been around 120-130lbs or 55-60 kg which would take 2 or more people if the person did not want blood or a stench on him or her and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Also in the wikipedia article it says that the body was found at the tip of the mountain which further helps my theory of an alias. they had to carry a heavy body up a mountain without getting blood or a rotting smell on them so pedestrians will not notice them.


I speak freely and agree with your deduction of the crime commited. Althought this is of high interest espeacially with the topic locally asscoiated with. What I find undefined is the bizarre yet humorus mangas of all. Death Note. Of all fractured motives, why this at the very least? There is an intimacy between motive with killer and manga, a hidden force of acusation for this murder- if to say. But in my own despute I find this awkwardly unbalancing something odd like the group Corpus which is now working on this case with the dutch police, efforts otherwise fruitless.Yet reported ealier between 1996 and 1997 a case of unsolved (5) women murder cases. This is all I have to say on the subject.

I am kira

I am kira and yes the kira who wrote the note is a women

I know what the second note said.

The second note that they found was a duplicate of the first one, just in different color ink. Any who, I agree with you "L".


My take on the case

I myself, am an avid fan of the series, and a Kira supporter definitly. But my take on this death, is simply this. If a person has come in contact with a notebook, It all doesn't really add up. One murder, two notes.. Still I can't lay aside the fact that this is really suspicious. If this new "Kira" indeed does have a notebook, then obviously he doesn't have the grip or knowledge of justice as the orginal Kira, or Yagami Ratio.. My theory would be that this new Kira possibly had possesion of the notebook, tested it's power and now that he realizes it works he is terrified of being caught and is in hiding. I can only be more sure of this theory if more people are brought to justice, then I will believe. If not, it is only a short time before this world becomes anew. Long live Kira! Kira is Justice! and all who oppose Kira, shall be brought to justice as well!!!


This is ridiculous.

I'm a fan of the series too, but let's be rational here. Death Note DOES NOT EXIST. And of course it doesn't add up, there's no such thing as a notebook that can kill people just by writing their name in it. It's not something that anyone can seriously include in theory.

And okay, let's say that for the sake of the arguement, this so-called "Kira" DOES have a notebook, and was "just testing it out", like you said. If he was just testing it, then how would he know that he can control a person's actions before they die? And even if he did, explain to me how he would be able to get this person to freeze themself, shave, cut off his limbs and head, and walk all the way to Dudenpark? That just doesn't make sense, it's preposterous. And if this person was a criminal, as the "real" Kira only kills criminals and those who get in his way, it would be a lot easier to identify the victim because there would be someone missing in jail somewhere in the area who escaped recently. This isn't anything supernatural.


Is this a game? Or are you all honestly trying to figure this out?

The fact that the prank was in September makes the prank more likely than in the summer. In the US, med schools open in June, but the report says that the schools were only just opening. This implies that the schools were either closed over the summer, or were ending then. If they were closed, students would not have access to cadavers at all. If they were opened, students would be worried about their final examinations and residency placements, and such (assuming the Belgian system is similar to the American one). However, I agree that the likelihood of it being a harmless prank is low, improbable even, as nearly a year has passed and no one has come forth. Even if the students were frightened of reprisal, in the most likely scenarios, someone would have told.

As for your suggestion of a preservation effect, 9-13 C isn't nearly cold enough to preserve a human body; that would require freezing or subfreezing temperatures, or walking around in winter would be much more dangerous for humans than it is.

I do, however, agree that the shorn testicles may indicate a psycologically damaged individual. Testicles, while chock-full of DNA, have no more identifying capabilities than the rest of the body. This may suggest that the pseudonym 'Kira' stems from mental instability rather than a more basic copy-cat crime.

I disagree, again, about your interpretation of the nature and execution of the crime. Finding a 20-30 man is not nearly as hard as you seem to think. Seduction is rather unlikely, but in such a situation, there is actually evidence that may point to the victim being a homosexual male. With so little evidence - or, at least, so little evidence available to the international public - it is impossible to divine the particular circumstances of the vic's death.

Finally, I agree with the lower post about the fact that the body had been chopped up and then left on the mountain. There was no mention of blood found on the mountain, which would suggest that the body was not mutilated on-site. The precision of the cuts would suggest that the body was frozen, and therefore easier to cut smoothly, or cut with surgical tools that medical students might have access to. Or both, of course.

There are many holes and leaps of logic in your theories. Then again, there were many such in Death Note, which I assume you are emulating.


Your deductions are rather impressive; you seem well-informed. I first heard about this case last night and found it interesting, so I decided to do some research on it, and here I am.

But first off, let me just say that I completely agree with you on most accounts, especially having to do with the fact that the probability of this being a prank by school kids is very unlikely. With a prank that big, surely someone must have bragged, and it's been about 9 months, yet nothing's turned up. I appreciate you sharing this opinion with me.

Also, I highly doubt that seduction was a factor here, as you said. Many people are saying that the use of "watashi" on the first note means that the attacker is female, but I doubt it. "Watashi" is used with both males and females, just formally. And as far as the two notes go, if anyone has any knowledge of what the second note says, then I would love to hear it.

Now, as far as the intelligence of the's hard to tell. Considering the fact that there was very minimal evidence left on the crimescene that would point to who the actual victim was (no fingerprints, no footprints, no hair, no face, not even blood), we're sort of left to believe that we're dealing with what some would call a "genius". However, the obvious misspelling of "dess" instead of "desu" leads people to believe that this "Kira" isn't very smart. ...But at this point, once again, it's hard to tell whether this was just a distraction to throw off the police or if this was just a public display of stupidity.

And if anyone tries to say that there really is a Death Note, please, don't even reply to this topic. That's ridiculous. Death Note is a FICTION series that was made by a human of this world. So please, anyone who actually believes that a Death Note is really responsible, answer a few questions for me: Why would someone write a manga about something that already exists? That's not very creative. Why would this copycat killer not use heart attacks to kill people? And why would someone who believes he is Kira dirty his own hands by going through the trouble of killing someone, freezing them, chopping them up, and then carrying them all the way to the top of a mountain, only to so idiotically leave a note like "Watashi wa Kira dess"? That isn't like Kira at all.

I do believe that, assuming that this is not a prank, that Belgium is dealing with some kind of psychopathic or mentally unstable individual. I wouldn't doubt that this person is of young age (probably between the ages of 17 - 35, I wouldn't say they're much older than that), and experimentation is a large factor. I even looked into the possibility that there could be a mental hospital around that area, hoping to explain why this place was chosen. So far, I haven't yielded any results; however, I don't think that it's likely that this alleged killer was smart enough to be able to carry a body all the way up to Dudenpark without anyone, they probably live within the area. It's a possibility that he/she used a truck or a car of some kind to drive out of his way to do this, but I don't really find much that's significant about the spot, other than the fact that it's the highest point in Forest. It's not symbollic enough. If someone was going to pose as Kira and they wanted to be symbollic, why not leave it on top of a church nearby, or at least near one? It seems ideal.

And yet, because it's been nine months since the body parts were found, and there haven't been any other similar killings, it makes me question whether we're actually dealing with a serial killer or not. Especially if we're dealing with someone who wants to be similar to Kira, wouldn't they want themselves to be known more than this? For all we know, it may be just an abandoned project, but at the same time, this "Kira" may be biding his time to get a reaction. I must say that it's peculiar, though, that they haven't yet identified the body in any way, or even matched it to a missing person. This would be hard to do, considering the evidence, for sure. It's not impossible, however. If you ask me, the police should be looking into this more than they are.

And, on one last note, I just want to say something. Please, everyone, stop trying to reinact the fictional Kira case. You are not L. This is not Light Yagami. No offense, but you're kind of making fools of yourselves by "declaring a challenge to Kira" or whatever. This person probably doesn't even speak English! Offer up some REAL theories and your REAL thoughts on the case, instead of just jumping at an opportunity to be L Lawliet, because it's not going to happen. Sorry, but sitting at home on your computer and making up some extremely far-fetched theories about the case isn't going to help solve anything.

I want you to know I am the

I want you to know I am the male kira yes the female kira is only doing my dirty work for me

u are a fake. And to prove

u are a fake. And to prove it i challenge you. i live in garber oklahoma. Try to find and kill me "KIRA" or can you fake?

fake kira

i am the on who left that comment. Find me fake!!

You seemed well informed,

You seemed well informed, L-sama. Yes, it would take two or more people to carry a body, BUT only a torso and thighs were found. This means that the rest of the body has to be somewhere. The killer has either hidden/burried them or is keeping them with him. As for your theory of it being a physcopath, I agree with that strongly. The thighs that were found were also shaven, another physcopathic act.


S if you are willingly i would like to cooperate with you and others to find an answer to this case. I have been working with my own sources but it is not enough right now, if you are willingly get watari's email and email me saying so. There are many interetsing facts you might be interested in hearing.


I agree with you as well s. L-san if you think that it was mabye to people it could be that there is all ready a second kira but in the sence of being used for suduction . In my beilf i think that it my be 2 kira's working togther but let's not call the second kira , kira yet not untill him/her kill's someone under one's own will. What im trying to say is that mybe there is a female conter part to the orignal "kira" so to speak

C Is On The Case

I say, you all must have done your homework on this subject. But let me warn you, right here and now, that KIRA, if there really is one right now, is probably reading these and indulging on them all. You people may continue your hunt for KIRA, as shall I, but do not make him an infamous star like in Death Note. Yes, it is exciting and terrifying. It is also peculiar and quite strange. You do not want KIRA to 'strike' again, do you? With all of this, s/he'll more or less be enticed to resume the reaping. Anybody here who is willing to assist in my own, personal investigation, please email me promptly at I promise you shall not be disappointed. I am studying this case tirelessly and will continue until KIRA is caught. I understand that I am more or less enticing him even further, but I must insist on gathering more people willing to fight for this cause, for this villain taking on the name KIRA, must be stopped.



all of you can work your hardest to figure this one out, but without any more leads there will be nothing to go on
so the murder of another is absolutley, in my oppinion, inevitable
with that next murder which I expect on the killings anniversary
I also expect more evidence or at least something to find out if every murder will be carried out the same way or if it will alternate
in this case things will get interesting as I adn others have decided to take full action at this point, but i do wish all of you good luck in stopping the next killing

that is all

On the topic of Corpus...

Information says that the police are working with a group called Corpus. How ever any information beyond that, well just doesn't seem to exist. It is possible that this is an organization that works only with police organizations in cases such as these and thus public knowledge isn't required. We would like to know more about who or what these people are. Please respond with information on this or anything relating to the faux KIRA.


This Corpus group that you keep speaking of is no more than a group of crime scene investigators. They, as the name suggests, deal with dead bodies.


This Corpus group that you keep speaking of is no more than a group of crime scene investigators. They, as the name suggests, deal with dead bodies.


something like this would be a reply only the killer would have any reason for asking...
but im not accusing anyone


I've read everyone's posts several times and I do think you all have a lot of useful information.....and, just because I've been on this case long enough to become paranoid......that infromation makes all of you suspects. Any of you could be 'Kira'. Then again, how well do you know that I'm not 'Kira'?

your right

any one of us could be kira in fact who much of us has that much skill to actully be kira actully i have that skill but i must tell you i whould have turned my self in if i was kira and other then that i whould have not been that stupid


"how meny"


If you say this, does that mean you have admitted to everyone that you are Kira? No one in the right mind would say that, even if they were'nt Kira. And just becuase it says 'Watashi wa Kira desu' doesn't mean they mean from Death Note. 'Kira' is just another way of saying 'Killer' in japanese. They could've been saying it in different matters. As for me, I plan on catching ira in the act. I will get you Kira, I promise you that!!!!


RE : Corpus

a secret organisation, hmm interesting. Near, Mello i would like to assist by cooperating on the investigation. If you are interestd leave a post here.

I hope they found out who

I hope they found out who did this

dual action cleanse


I don't like the accusation going on it may sound humorus but to the unguarded eye like the authority might take it as a "Kira". I would also like if you would refrain from using "Kira" It outs some goodness of qualities in this killers light.

all right

i will refain from saying "kira"


All of you speak of helping this case when i am the only one who has contacted this "Corpus" group. They are all poorly trained but have vigorous potential if in the right hands
I am in the process of gaining leadership of this investigation, as I helped Corpus with the Mons case, without me they would have been hopeless. This is a terribly local case, but the .4% chance that there could indeed be a supernatural cause to this attracts my attention very quickly. That chance is enough for a death note to really exist. I must admit, deep down, I hope such a thing does exist, and that i can challenge this deranged genius or idiot, whatever he may be. There is also the theory that it could be a med student prank, and I am also in the process of debunking this theory. Rest assured, I will find, or at least discover, this "Kira" with spelling issues.


I'm just telling you, That the chance of This killer actually having a death note has raised to 12%. The percent changed about a week ago.

Yes I do have a Death Note

Yes I do have a Death Note and i am a 14 year old boy aswell


Any information on Corpus has been removed because of simple censorship. An invisible organization does many things that the law seems to turn a blind eye to. Any of you who have information can contact me at my email address

You all are very intelligent

Perhaps you could help
I would love to work with every single one of you
It gets me ecstatic just thinking of it!
I would not request it under my lead
We should work as a group
as equals
If i pull some strings
after you have proven yourselves trustworthy
I could get you direct interaction with Corpus



The group has undergone some

The group has undergone some changes. The name Corpus Brachi has been adapted, as well as a new set of members. Surely you understand that the information i give out here is limited, as this is not a secure site.


I have a reason the killer is suffering to disorders such as neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, or anxiety and mood disorders (for now i keep it disclosed unless asked). From what a deductible situation might be a killer in a way has to have a record of hospital growth as with any recorded person with a developted country. As said for basic knowledge every thing as a cause and effect which the world is govern by.

A man

By now it would be safe to refer to the killer as a man, because exactly 0% of serial killers have been female, aside from in television shows. It would be extremely sensible to exact the killer as a man.

You're forgetting..

Myra Hindley was a female serial killer.

i agree

i agree with you lovey . it is too my knowlge that it would be alot easier to belive that this is a man and ontop of when they talked to the jogger who was there before it happend she said that she saw a blonde man. Know she saw him two time's the first time he was near the spot it happened and the second time he was in the same spot. Know they belive it could be ethier the man who was murder or it's "kira"

additional information

yes, it is true that serial killers are male, more than not, as it is also true that 99.9% of them are white males. most serial start off as children who love to set fires and torture small animals.


I question Lovely and his decutions,but I havn't argued at all at him so I shall I agree with him or her. So far anything he or she has posted is most likly truth.

Lovely, i agree to your

Lovely, i agree to your proposal of working together. If you are still interetsed please email my "watari" of sorts at . I will get back to you soon as possible.

Lovely i agree to your

Lovely i agree to your proposal. If you are still interested as working as equals please email me at . the email of my watatri if you will.


Corpus was going through extensive research on Aneurisms and a chemical that causes them in relation to this case. If someone had access to a chemical that could cause an aneurism, they could literally play Kira without suspicion. For a time. Perhaps the body was mutilated to eliminate traces of this chemical?

The Biology of It

There would be no need to mutilate the body to remove traces of any chemical. I don't have particular knowledge of this chemical without a name, but all chemicals either metabolize untraceably, are lost in the body's natural chemical decay after death, or are traceable given any blood sample. However, some chemicals are traceable in hair, which might give a reason for the shaving, provided it was done by the killer and not the vic. However, unless there was any medical evidence that the COD was an aneurism or toxin at all, this information is completely void.

These theories are getting pretty wild. Unless someone can find the COD, none of you can even really pretend to know what's going on.


First things First.

I'm sorry to say but I am off to the internet for along time to go to
where my cousine lives in Hawaii. Although
heaven forbid I don't want to
meets them because they absolutly hate anime, To them the
earth revolves around boys and the like. So bye!

I, as well...

I would be very interested to join the rest of you in this investigation. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend studying this case. With so many well informed, highly intelligent people working on the case, there is no doubt in my mind that "Kira" will be caught, and put to justice! Although not the first, I also directly challenge you, "Kira"!

E-mail me if you need to. My e-mail is

I have a number of aliases, and I suggest that the rest of you do too...

"Manga Murder" is a misnomer

I find it strange that people are referring to this as the "manga murder".
Now IF and I stress IF the note and the body are related, then the murderer has most likely watched the Death Note anime in Japanese and not read the manga.

In many Japanese accents, "desu" sounds like "dess" because ending vowels are quieted to the point of inaudibility. Now "desu"'s closest equivalent in English is the verb "to be", a very common word in either language. This tells us also that if the killer wrote the note, then he had no knowledge of the Japanese language at the time of the murder.

Judging by the show's DVD release date and taking into account an error of a month or two for TV broadcasts or D2D purchases, there is no way that if the killer saw the anime, he saw it as an official release, meaning that he watched a fansub of the series. Yet, he had no knowledge of the Japanese language which may suggest that he was new to the anime community. Anime clubs would be the primary way one would be introduced to these.

I would like to classify my observations into two groups, the very likely and the simply conjectural so we don't get on any false leads.

-- No knowledge of the Japanese language
-- Saw the anime fansubbed rather than reading the manga

-- Belongs to an anime club that shows fansubs

That is all I can glean from the note.

I would also just like to add that I doubt that a secretive Belgian police organization recruits random people off the internet. They would run the risk of leaking sensitive information to the press.


wow, J, that is a very reasonable deduction... lots of logic and thinking involved, i can clearly tell... you you like to, if you already haven't, join myself( ) along with several others, including my associate( ) in investigating the belgian murder? we E-mail all new information on the murder to each other and keep each other posted on the new theories given on the forum as well as come up with our own theories and information based on previous information. if you would like to join us, or would like anyone else to join us, please contact or of course, you should use an E-mail address with false information about your name and whereabouts.


With no offense meant to anyone else, yours are the most reasonable conclusions I have yet seen made, and I especially like your last statement. I actually want to elaborate on yours.

Operating under the assumption that the killer is Belgian, then the boards he could have been on are limited, even in the Death Note community. Assuming he falls under the statistics of his countrymen, he may have been on boards of the following languages: Dutch (<60%), French (~40%), English (40%), or perhaps German (1-5%). English is the most likely one, despite percentages; the majority of fansites are in either English or Japanese, and since he has shown little knowledge of Japanese, even for a fan, then the site was most likely in English.

Or he may not have joined a site at all. I never really joined any sites when I started watching anime, but then, I'm a pretty casual fan. Or, if he did look at sites, he may have 'ghosted' them: visited invisibly. Either way, it would be impossible to track him. There are enough Death Note fans, enough Kira fans, enough Kira fans that spout empty threats that, if he was vocal about his ideas, he would fade into the masses. It would be much easier if he was copying some no-name anime.

However - bear with me here; I have succumbed and will try a little psychoanalysis - if 'Kira' really is a psychologically damaged individual instead of a copycat killer with a convenient attention-grabbing tagline, then it suggests that he possesses the same characteristics as Death Note's Kira.

For example does anyone think it's strange that 'Kira' would choose his monniker, would identify with that character to such an extreme extent, and then turn around and kill an innocent. Under the assumption that 'Kira' believes that he is Kira, or is the next Kira, his victim was either a criminal or a percieved criminal. If he was a criminal, he was not one in the DNA database. Then again, I don't know much about Belgian criminal records, or 'Corpus', so perhaps DNA IDing isn't as common there as it is here (which isn't as common as TV would have us believe).

Taking it a step further, still under the assumption of certain delusions that 'Kira' has, his murder weapon, in his mind, may be a notebook. Depending on the degree of any mental instability, he may write the name of his victim and time and cause of death in a notebook - his 'Death Note'. Then, consciously or not, he goes and kills the victim in the way he wrote. If he is not conscious of his behavior due to some mental defect, then voila - Death Note. Another possibility is that the mastermind isn't the actual killer, and someone was contracted to kill the victim based on what was written in the book. The latter is less likely, because this suggests a much larger-scale crime than the reality. Furthermore, depending on the level and type of the killer's mental instability, this type of rational thinking may be beyond him or her.

That was a terribly long wank, and I can find dozens of holes in my logic, but I'm bored and it's the best I can do with so little information.

i will also like to join

i will also like to join this investigation as well i will research this for a week or to if someone want to contacet me reply to this


I'd be willing to work with you. Contant me at


glad to see you would like to help jf im glad to see you can step up and help


Anyone just here to pretend they have a high IQ and repeat everyone elses speculations should go somewhere else. Murder is a very serious crime and by investigating it, at certain points you are all legally liable and could be taken in as suspects if you take your false quirks too far. Just take this seriously and you'll be fine.


Excuse me, but I highly doubt that anyone dense enough would try and do that, unless they think they're a 'big shot' when they just repeat everything others say, but really they're just jumbling the intire investigation..

..Someone that goes about as 'H' was killed on April 28 2008, because she was certain she would not die that day. This is not some game that random people can jump in and play about. This is serious; kids, and teens the age of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, should stay out of this investigation unless they are willing to die.

No more games.



The Belgian government is not going to have citizens of other countries brought in for questioning because they were discussing the case online. Do you really think that our baseless conjecture is going to have any impact whatsoever on this case?

we assumed so

we know that our theories are generally useless but the fact of the matter is, all human beings seek knoledge... and we also love it when we're correct... aswell as knowing something that someone else doesn'... humans love the feeling of superiority, and as human beings we must strive to fullfill our natural instincts by solving this case on our own.


I see...

So I was wrong - it's not quite a game, but it's not exactly serious, either. I thought as much.

kira case

i want to help on this investigation it is futile.this killer must be stoped at all coast,well need alot of assidents to catch this so called kira.i want to know most of all if he really contains a death note and if he does what would the police department will do with it.all im consurned about cought now is that the kira faces justice
that is our goal here!


L and P if u read this message i8 will like to help u solve this case of the manga murder and stop this killing for good i already have two friends who would help us n and m. i will only use ??? as my name so u can call me triple mark for short

joining the case

i will join u in the case and ill try and find info about this case. i know if we all work together we can end this case as soon as possible

Kira Case

Manga Murder or Kira case I do not care what its called. I go under the name of Y. Anyone and i mean anyone wishing to coopeate and join a team of investigators working on the case should email saying so, and i will get baq to you immdieatly. The onyl conditions are you respect the fact its a murder and dont act like you know everything, otherwise we will just kick you off the team.

Not enough info.

Well, this page certainly contains very little information on the case. I have gone around, reading from different news sources.

First of all, the circumstances of the real-life case are not the same as in the show because in the show, Kira made cars hit his victims and made his victims have heart attacks via usage of his Death Note. Since Death Notes are not real, this Belgium "Kira" cannot make those things happen and must stick with actual murder.

Anywho, there have been absolutely no missing persons reports filed. Therefore, they cannot match DNA to a missng person. Plus, at the scene, they found a torso that difinitely belonged to a man, but the two thighs that they found were shaved. This leads me, and some others, to believe that there were two victims, one male and one, or two, female.

But where did all the balls go?

There was a mention in an earlier post about shorn testicles; I misinterpreted that as general hostility or psycopathy. As for this theory, I assume at least chromosomal analysis would have been conducted to make sure the parts came from the same victim, especially if it was thought to be med student mischief. While they have whole bodies, it's easier to get a hold of singular body parts; if they hadn't matched, the possibility of a prank would have been much heigher.

More Help.

For some time we (I and 3 other people) have been watching the progress of the people here. As so, we have thought of helping with this case being solved, and would like to know if this is posable.
If so, please contact me at

kira case

No has actually found proof that the death note does exist or in fact no one has dont even even know if it does exist or not, there can be alot of the things we the people dont know about that can be supernatural. so maybe we can consider that he might have a death note with him it is a 5% chance thought.

As you say...

As you say,he might have a 'Death Note', but one of two kinds.

Most people with a mental disorder usually keep or have something with them to remind them of who thay are. As some of us know, you can buy a copy of a Death note at diffrent stores in the U.S and canada, or by mail. should he of gotten one, his mind could of started to forget the diffrence of whats real and not.

Chances of him haveing a fake 'Death Note', about 89%
Chance he has a 'Death Note' with supernatural powers, about 1.5% to 2.3%.

contact me

contact me if u anyone has any more info on this manga killer i want to help catch him and so do my two friends M and N



U can call me Ryuzaki

U can call me Ryuzaki

Please don't spam. That had

Please don't spam. That had no relevance to anything, and just because the note says "Watashi wa Kira desu" doesn't mean he was referring to the show.




This is madness! This kira guy is just comin around and killin people! Someone has to stop this psyco fool! We can!

Forget ???, n and m!!!!!!!!!!!

im willing to help anyone but ???, n and m!!!!!!!!!!!! Im supposed to be their friend but they exclude me so 4get them!!!!!!! Illl help anyone but them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


light, u have to put this aside we need to work together if u want to gcatch this guy personal matters that u have against me can be for another day!first thibgs first we must catch kira

yagami your personal matters

yagami your personal matters will get in the way of this case if u cant put this aside u will be of no help u need to learn to work with people even though u hate them or etc.


First of all, ure suppose to be N, second of all if ww're suppose to be a "group" then why am i excluded?!


l hope ive made myself clear

ur not that smart r

ur not that smart r u?yagami, why would i include u it seems ur personal matters will get in ur way and the case way to being solved.u need to tune out these matters or well never complete this case

wats wrong with u?!

wats wrong with me? wats wrong with u?!!!!!!!!

hold the bleep up!!

obviously im smarter than u cuz even i know that assistance is spelled like how i just spelled it and not assistends!!!!!!!!!!

did i shut u up?

did i shut u up?

i can solve problems faster

i can solve problems faster then u, ur anger aganinst me wont change so why r u even here ur of no help to us if u cant even comunicate with me,N,and M. So how do u intend on helping us on this case, stop acting stupid yagami u cant win with only logic! Im smarter then u when when it comes to solving cases or outside problems im at a 17 or 18 lvl when it comes to solving outside problems or puzzles so itll be easy for me to solve cases!



and im only 14 years old!

and im only 14 years old!


well then genious, tell us how U intend to catch kira. if ure at a 17 or 18 lvl then how come u always ask me how to spell words? the real ryuzaki knows how to spell.


r u gonna reply?

yagami Light

how am i sopose to cATCH KIRA i cant go to france by myself and if i could i would have done so i can after i have helped solve other cases when i can.i agree that im not a good speller but im good at ourside problems and puzzles like a 18 or 17 year old!so ill solve cases like i would solve these an outside problem or puzzles




fine. then i dont want to get in ure way so ill just butt out from ure detective work.

If u leave we cant finish

If u leave we cant finish this case we need the eyes u have and u know that if not he wont be cought! stop being stuborn,amane's eyes r the bigest part of this plan.yagami stop acting foolish over this, u must leave ur personal matters for another time.right now we must catch kira and put him to trial.he must be cought at all coast.


What is it about Death Note that makes people turn into raving lunatics???

Oh, I see.


does anyone have any info they would like to share about this case


ryuzaki if ure reading this then my mom came and i had to get off of the fone, but anyways, does anyone have any info?


?yagami k

re:kira case

L i want to solve this case and see for myself if their really is a death note or not, i also want to help put this kira to jail and stop these killings once and for all.if this death note is real we have to lock it up,that supernatural power cant be used for no reason what so ever.or they should destroy it!im eger to join this case, i want to be of help to this case L.
someone who lives near there should investigate this more, i cant because i dont live near there. i wish i could go there to help investigate more but im only 14 but i know i can help anyway on this case. together we can catch him and complete this case.

re:L did u find anything new

If anyone has any infomation about this case can u tell me.L have you found any new infomation about this case because i want to solve this case as well as everyone here


This sickens me. So many people here are nothing more than posers. Reading these posts, so many of you are making crazy assumptions, most likely because you want to be like L, or something to that effect. Seriously. Take the time to learn something about this case before just jumping in. This is murder. It's a serious matter, and as such, should be taken seriously. Calm down, find out what happened, and stop acting like 5 year olds.

manga murder

you really bother me. POSERS?! the death note could actually be real! i bet that you are actually one of the people that hate the anime/manga death note! you sicken me. and for the rest that are reading this i am looking into the "manga murder" too,


but have u got proof that death note do or do not exist, their r alot of supernatural things out there that we dont know or have descovered u cant say these r 5 year old asumtions, some r and some r not.but u dont have evedience that death note can not be real, im not saying it is real but it is a possiblity it can be. it is problibly a 2.3% or 3% that he problibly has a real death note or not, well find out as this case gets solved but right now well just have to gather infomation as much as we can and find the person that is doing this.If it is real or not all that matters is this case gets solved as soon as possible.if we work together eith everyone here that wants to solve this case, well solve this case more quicker.i would like to solve this case but i cant do it alone no one can.itll also take alot of teamwork and effert to catch this kira as some people call him and end this once and for all!even though he has or doesnt have a death note he is still a killer ether way and kira means killer does it not.if anyone wants to cotact me email me at my gmail account called


Z ur the one that is acting like a five year old

well z

well z, for ure info i have 6 year old assumptions and second of all every one else is actually coming up with something while ure sitting down being another word for a donkey! why dont u critisize us when u get any leads about the case! and i also suspect u as kira, why else would u call all of us posers?! why even join this conversation for a bunch of BS?!

if u want to reach me

if u want to reach me, anyone who beleives in this case, im at

kira case

i doubt he is the kira, if he was the kira he would say something that dumb the kira that has done the crime is alot smarter then that. he planed everything out he didint even leave hes foot prints or dna on the crime i doubt he is kira, and did u know that he might have a death note because he didnt leave any footprints or left hes dna behind, he didnt even get blood on him or smellled like a dead person. i believe that he might have a death note.


It is completely possible, even likely, that he left traces behind. The thing is, a lot of it might be hidden, by him or by general traffic (though how much traffic is there at the top of a mountain? Is it a popular place?). As for traces on him, that's impossible to know, isn't it? If he'd been seen anywhere the victim or crime scene, he would likely have been arrested on circumstance. And like I said earlier, with TV and the Internet, it is becoming very, very easy to learn how to be a criminal. The basic goodness of human nature and ingrained fear of reprisal are now the strongest stoppers of a new wave of smarter, more informed criminals.




goes the weasel

but back to the fact

ether way u can help us on this case.dont listen to light yagami and im sorry that i said u wernt smart i know u quiet smart z but us compared to the killer if he is smart. well need any help we can solve this case, lets put our differences aside and work together to solve this case.

Re:But back to fact

I agree with you ???. The only way we can solve this case is if we work together. KIRA must be stopped.

Z u might be actually kira

contact me if anoyone has info bout this case and z i dont actually trust u becasue their can be a chance u are actually but for now it is only a 4% chance u can be kira. calling us posers for no reason maybe you want us to feel what from this reply scared,confused,angered or etc well ur worng kid. and if u want to solve this case then stop calling people posers and help on this investgation already!


4% of Z being the killer, not even close, the earth has a population of 6.2 billion, by saying 4% your just acting smart, as the odds of one of us being the killer is only 0.000,000,006,2% at best, thats by just calling name, and not even knowing who thay are...

"The one who blames others is the one who has done wrong, and the ones who do not are the ones who are to reward"


kira might be reading these

kira might be reading these messages

yes I am reading them so now

yes I am reading them so now I know everything

and also might be responding

and also might be responding to them to without being cought

kira will be cought

kira will be cought somehow if we all work together

??? is a poser!

??? or tripple mark as he told u to address him is a liar and a poser! he just texted to me today about this stupid show called clannad and said that one of their girl characters looked better than all of the anime girls so i said Misa from death note looks better than her and he said that he could care less about death note! thats like saying screw the kira case! everything he said was a lie and a pawn for his own amuesment!

All right...

Okay, I'll admit that there is a possibility of a Death Note existing, but I'm not going to use that as a lead until we have no other options. I didn't mean to say that all of you are acting like 5 year olds. Granted, some of you are, but definately not all of you. By the way, I am actually working on the investigation, with a private group that I will not name. I may give recommendations to the rest of the group, if I feel any of you seem deserving. Also, not all of are posers, it's really just the people that are here to act like L. I apologize for directing my accusations towards all of you. I also don't care if you suspect me of being Kira. What do you think are the chances that Kira, who is most likely Belgian, can speak English as fluently as anyone on this site? Oh, and I only check here to see if any outsiders have found information we would find valuable, and to look for new possible members.



In the extremely rare case that you are in fact in charge of an organization that MAY recruit people for its own uses, I would like to state two things:

1.) If you do belong to this shadow organization, find my email and send an email to me. I do require proof.

2.) I have already listed my rough draft of suspicions and insights on this page. Keep in mind I have other insights into this case, and am NOT an otaku that wishes merely to Internet Cosplay L.

Light Yagami

Man, I've read your posts and you are just plain retarded. You're such a poser, you think you're not a poser, but then why is your name "Light Yagami"? And were are you getting these "3.2% or 4%" from? What are the factors? Now I don't really have anything against you, but if you keep acting the way you are then you should leave. Not because I don't like you, but because your causing a lot of coruption on this case. If you want this case to be solved then you should leave. If you come up with any hard cold facts about who this "Kira" might be, then post it. But if you're just trying to act like an important, big boy detective, it would be best if you let us solve this case.


You're telling me you're a certified detective?

Let's get real, people. I don't think ANY OF US is going to solve the "Kira" case.

light yagami

i dont care about death note this is case and it needs to be solved even though it ight be linked to death note.Z im sorry that i said those things and ur right the kira might not know english but there is a chance he might,no one actually knows if he does or not. it can be a possiblity,ill try my best anyway to find new infomation when i can and post them,a killer is a killer so they should be treated like such either way he has to be cought.he is problibly really smart for a person to not leave their foot prints, no blood stains or dna he might have planed it out well so he wouldnt get cought.but their is always a way and we must figure out the way then we can carch him.their is one chance we can catch him or see if he really has a death note, on the news or any channel tells someone or the one persons name that is working on the case if he dies he might have a death note.we might have to consider it as a possibility.the other way is give a criminals name and put that he is geting exicuted tomorrow but it is a lie if he dosnt die or etc, the kira dosnt have a death note.u can also lure him out also but i dont know how yet ill find out and find more inofmation on this case as i can.remember if u want to contact me, my gmail is or my msn account, im am not a poser i really want to solve this case like u Z even though i play around sometimes.sometimes i can be serious also.please cotact me if u have info Z or anybody else on this matter!sooner or later kira will be cought and put to justice.


ill make it more exicted if kira does in fact have a death note but that just me,but he must be cought regardless of him owning a death note or not.u should listen to what i have to say about this case and do what ever means to catch kira if so puting your life at risk then so be it, and others who think the same to join on this case.if we do what ever means to catch him well catch him quicker and figure out this confusing but not so much matter does he really have a real death note or not.if he is just a regualr killer like what people say.we wont know intill we try wont we Z.i will like to help as much as i can on this case,put please just consider doing this if you read this Z with your gorup that ur with trying to solve this case.i will like to join if means to solve this case but i dont know if youll let me so ill just keep infoing u on what u should consider or info i have found intill he is cought.if we work together all i know that you know we can catch him quicker. those who are really confident and want to help on this case please do well need as many people we can get to put this kira or killer to justice.thats all i have to say for today, please Z coment on what i have said,i would like to hear your reply the most.


well..the killer didnt leave no footprints,blood stains or dna what leads do we if u have one please tell me.u r right about the death note actually being real isnt a good lead intill it has hard evidence, or that someone has a death note that works or that if the killer that has one and it works that he drops it and someone or the police finds it.i agree with everything u r saying but im not a poser i really want to oslve this case as much as you do or osme of the people here. i would risk my life to solve this case. i want him to be put to justice and i want to find out if he is a real death note owner or not.when i grow up im going to be a dedective so i want to start trying to solve cases now at the age of 14 i would like to start early if i can,and if i help solve this case ill be ask to help on other cases as well.


pease do reply Z i want to hear what u have to say about this case,the nifo u have and what is ur reply for everything i have said.
i want to solve alot of cases and star early doing so but first i want to solve this case then if i can help solve other cases as well.because kids are not as dumb like some adults think.


FYI i only put Yagami Light to keep my identity safe because kira could be reading our posts as we type.Not even i would put my real name.i am also truly sorry for acusing u z, but u kinda seemed like kira since u was in a way defending he or she. also, i would like to apolagize for all of the "idiotic" comments i have posted. im sorry ??? for calling u a poser when i only said that beause i was mad at you. im sorry s if u think that im retarted but did u ever think that i was acting like that just to throw kira off track? if he is reading our posts then he will see how intelligent u guys are and will be alot more carefull with his next kill which will make the case more exciting but will make it longer as well. like ??? said kira was so skillfull as to not leave a trace. i have some valuble info on the case which i will post in my next post.

Token of apology

please, everyone, forgive me. this post is a token of my apology.

my cousin, whom will not be identified told me that he found out that after kira murdered that man, the Belgian police found kira's death note on the floor at the scene of the crime. some think that he either dropped it by accident or he was mocking police, but anyways, they found it and decided to test it, so they did. they wrote the name of a prisoner because they didnt think that it would work and to their surprise it did. they didnt believe it so they tried it again and it happend again. after that they decided to keep it in custody and never told the public. i don t know if my cousin was lying or not but it seems true to me. thnx if u accepted my apology.

I dropped a fake deathnote

I dropped a fake deathnote and it had a peace of paper from the real one inside of it

did anyone notice

did anyone notice that when u scroll all the way to the top of this page that the first comment ever made in this chat room was made by someone named watashi wa kira desu? that translates in japaneese "i am kira".i found out what it meant on youtube. just type in real kira case. i beleive that this person who reffered to himself as "watashi wa kira desu" is kira.

...real death note...

O? I have to admit that this is the most interesting thing that I have read thus far... but for an actual note to exist... and the proclamation of Kira?! I would have to say is an exaggeration at best.

The only question that I have is why no one here that claims to have a note even talks about their shinigami or the existence thereof? or is it that in this world shinigami don't come with the note... Could someone that has note explain it to me if applicable... and also, I would love to see an actual note if possible...

I have been interested in this case for quite some time, but aside from that the actual existence of a death note definitely peaks my interest!!!

However, if the note (given that it actually exists) has rules in correlation with the manga/anime, than it is a less than 1% (incalculably small) chance that the murderer has an actual note.

Of course you have the nature of the crime to consider... even though there was not any conventional evidence left behind at the scene of the crime, the possibility of those kind of murder results happening in a maximum time of 6minutes and 40seconds is highly unlikely.

Most likely this was nothing more than a medical school prank or a carefully constructed murder with a note used to promote confusion, and the manga/anime and the murder are most likely unrelated at best.

I would like to be contacted though if someone has more light to shed on the situation, and once again, I would love to see an actual note!

'Watashi wa Kira desu.'

Am I 'Kira' now? Most likely someone just put the topic where the name should be.


it dont actually believe what ur cousin said is true, ull need to give us hard evidence to prove this or no one will believe you.if u do post it on the comipress so everyone can see what evidence you have.if it is beleivable then maybe he was actually a kira.but we wont know if ur telling the truth if not we should listen to what i said yesterday about how we can find out if he odes have a death note or not.i want to learn more about this case can anyone thats has info i dont know about post or email me on my gmail or msn thAT i posted recently.

i can work with that

i can work with the fact that my cousin is lying because he is my rival. he wants to do everything better than me even at solving this case. i have no doubt that he probably lied to me because hes a backstabber. i also have no doubt that the person who calls himself "watashi wa kira desu" is actually kira.and please if anyone wants to reach me then email me at when i get more info i will post it.


im not saying he is a lier of this source of evidence im just saying if he doant have evidence we cant beleive him,if hes leiing or not both ways youll need evidence can ask him where he got this or heard it from.anyone either way there is a 5 to 10% chance that he just made that up if he didnt have evidence to back his story up.but either way well soon find out if he had or dosnt have a death note. Z since ur a detactive and all while ur trying to catch kira you can also find out if he has a death note or not.u can like i said yesterday take a criminal and say he is to be exicuted by tomorrow or next week but not actually not or put a dectactive's name that is the leader of this case actually not but in your group if he dies, the kira might have a death note. it is a 6% chance though but we must act now even though it may sound stupid to you, this is a lead to finding out how he killed those people he might have a death note it is a chance.if he does then itll be more dangerous and hard to catch him if he dosnt have to leave footprints or his dna or etc.everyone that is on this case might have to risk their lives to catch kira if that is so ill like to help to solve this case that is my not lieing and i want to start early solving cases at the age of 14 not after college ill like to start now!and this case well make me known and then ill be asked to help solve other cases.Z i will like to join ur group if ull let me,i am dedigated to solve this case and put kira to justice.


any one that is dedicated to this case would i hope say the same thing we all sohuld know help solving this case if he does actually have a death note will put our lives at risk but i dont care solving this case will put him to justice and hell serve his time for the killings he has comitted


if u notice that if he had the death note why would he do the things light did in the show thats just stupid because they'll easily know he has a death note, he choose to kill a different why then light from the show maybe that can be possible.he didn't problily want people to find out he has a death note. im not saying he does have noe but thats what he would problily do if he does have a death note first thing we hAVE TO DO IS find out if he has a death note or not or how he killed these people.that should be the first goal to solving this case. next we should figure out how can stop or trap kira if we can.well need to find out how though.ill try and think of a plan and search for info everyone should do the same.and if we aLL work together we can catch him in no time.


Je sais qui vous recherchez.

Je sais qui vous recherchez. Il ne tiennent aucun remords pour les meurtres qu'il a commis. Ils les ont m??rit??s, ?? lui. La subsistance jouant le d??tective tout que vous le voulez... restera sous le radar




if what u say is true and you are trying to olsve this case you should try and check what people wrote everyday because i do to learn ibfo about this case and can you figure out what Source Inconnue is saying i dont understand what it is saying my friend who calls himself near but that dosnt matter said it might be italian language i dont know if its true or not he'll try and ask his uncle what theat means but if we find out that means ill problily be a big step in solving this case because that message might be important, if u agree then please do find what it says ill try to find out what it means and says as well.


It's French. Just stick it in Google translator, and... Presto!

'I know that you are looking for. It took no remorse for the murders he committed. They deserved to him. The subsistence playing Detective everything you want ... remain under the radar'

Then, humanize it some, and...

I know what you're looking for. He murdered remorselessly. He deserves what he will get. I'll support the detectives any way I can... lay low.

Or something like that. I took Spanish.


Now that I actually look at it I think it might be:

I know what you're looking for. He murdered remorselessly. You have merit. You can play detective all you want (I don't know where 'la subsistance' goes, so this one is probably wrong.)... lay low.

finding out the truth

Z, im asking u to find out what it means if u can with your group

To go forword, go back..

I think that some people here are getting to far ahead about this, just going on the simple this of the paper and the note, not really looking at other things, it's not a good thing to give notic to a name someones doves them self with from murder, it really just makes you center around that thing; The name.

As far as we know it could be a normal person messing with us, trying to play with our minds, or saw the show and placed it as a prank(The wording is flawded, after all), or it could just be some one with a mental disorder were thay have a hard time of telling fact from fiction.

To advance, we must go back, look at every thing we got, not take sides on whats what, and go on from there.

Oh, and by the by, if your going to work on this, stop acting like little kids, it's not befiting of you.


Just thinking..

Did it even cross anyones mind he might be dead? 'Kira' Did die in the end after all, so, mabie something in the same lines happened here.

Not only that but it could of been a prank by students, like it says, or something diffrent from that, the notes could have no part what so ever, thay could of just been from a game some kids were playing.

(By the way ???, the earth has a population of about 6.2 billion, the chance of someone being 'kira' just by talking to them by internat is about 0.000,000,062%...each..)

is this guy another kira?

is this guy another kira?

another kira like me i mean

another kira like me i mean i have been on many real kira blogs searching to see if their was any mistakes i have made like this one for one of many
i kira soon will be the god of the new world my world were the sinners shall perish for as a god i am if i deem it so i should be i shall bring light yagami's justice to the real world.

A real death note

No matter how many times you say it, read it, think it, try to wish it into existence, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DEATH NOTE. NOT AT ALL, EVER, ABANDON YOUR IDIOTIC PERCEPTIONS, JUST WORD OF IT MAKES ME SICK. You all get online for the adrenaline of what is officially called "roleplay". Just like playing a video game, you all want to browse the internet for clues of "Kira" with no real sense of justice, just wanting to "catch the bad guy"
What if it were your brother or father that was murdered, would you scold those who treated this matter as most of you do?
It was probobly someone like you otaku cosplay people who commited the crime. If you want to participate in a death note roleplay, then make your own site and take your filth elsewhere. THIS ISN'T A GAME, ITS NOT A SHOW, ITS NOT A MANGA, everyone who is truly intelligent working on this case has tried to explain this to you, so please just LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!
The chance that there is a death note is the exact chance that Dennis Rader was secretly a wizard when he was caught. Maybe even less!
You could all work and make progress without reitterating false opinions that are stated over and over and over again in the same thread. You could ALL help if you get over your death note obsession and live in reality! Live your lives, they're shorter than most people count on. Love your families, meet someone you love, rejoice in kissing, make love, get married

Live. Don't waste away on the internet. You'll regret it later, trust me.

For those who are serious

Those who are serious are welcome to investigate with me at any time, just email me at and if you're serious about the investigation within reason I'll send you an invite.

Some people forget..

Go back to the top, and read, or go any were else and read.

They also note that they have found no further connection between the manga and the case, despite the two notes. The circumstances of the real-life case were not similar to those of any fictional portrayal of death in the manga series.

cut the crap

true kira, u need to seriously cut the crap. maybe you just watch too much death note or something because the only world youll ever be god of is the world of fools. u need to get over yourself and fast because if u play around sayin that your kira then detectives will suspect u of being kira and you will get arresed. and besides, even if u were kira he isnt as dumb as u to reveal that he is kira to a bunch of people against him. think before u type.


i have been trying to translate that mystery quote submitted by source inconnue which is tittled Je sais qui vous recherchez. on google i typed in italian translation which i thought it was but it turned out to be french. i copied and pasted the mysterous words into the french translater and wat it said was kind of disturbing yet confusing at the same time. here is wat it said:

"i know that who you are looking for. It took no remorse for the murders he commited. They deserved congradulations to him. The subsistence playing Detective everything you want... remain under the radar."

that is what i got from the translation. whoever doesn,t believe me go on google web and type in french translation and go down to the sixth link before the ARTFL link. then copy and paste what source inconnue said and it wll translate it. that will give us undeniable proof on what that post said.

It took you that long?

It took you that long to finally get it to english? And you diden't know it was frence at first look?

By the By, if you used a translater, then it might be wrong, as thay usually dosen't take more then one word, and in frence, you need to translate the whole thing as words can change..


I still believe it's all but a big cover-up coming from higher up the ranks, maybe even political interests within the european comunnity. I've heard about a murder involving appliance parts, that's like in more than one. Crazy europeans.

well then

well then if u knew whats it meant then why didnt you post it sjha?


I diden't post it for the main reason being that i know people who are only 7 years old who can read it, and thought some people here would have a basic understandingof the frence language...

it dosnt have to look like

it dosnt have to look like it is not connected to the death note show but he can do different things with the death note, he dosnt have to do the same thing light did during the show to be linked or for that matter.they didnt get enough or any evidence that is linked to the manga but they havnt found any new evidence but what they found, if they didnt find no footprints, no blood stains, no blood murks, no dna in the crime scene then what do u think happaned,he might have killed the person with a death note.and you know how they said the body parts they found looked refregurated but at that time it was colded so the body parts could had easiy fronze or look like it was refregurated.and maybe while the body was decomposing the body parts could have seperated if thats the case then how did they were far away apart i dont get....if anybody think my dedoction is right or wrong post your reply i really want to see them,and ill find more information on this case and post them on the comipress but while i do that everyone should do the same and go on the comipress when they can so they can see if their r new posts.but ether way if he has a death note or not he is a ciminal ans must be cought, and who ever says a death can not exsist then you should think other wise because anything can exsist that we have or not have found or discovered yet. anything supernatural can exsist you cant just say something dosnt exsist but at the same time i cant just say something exsist without evidence also.but we can find if he has a death note or not if you try and find out

Two words..

Body Dump
As it says, there were signs of the body parts being frozen, which, would distroyany D.N.A from the killer in the process. (When you freze any cell living cell, the ice will kill them as it forms.) And if it was a body bump, of corse there would be no blood stains, the crime took place at a diffrent location. And for footprints; He was found during September, right? As far as we know the gound could of been hard from a cold snap that night, noting being soft enough for the wight of the killer to leave a print..

One thing...

Freezing doesn't necessarily destroy DNA; it can actually preserve it. Denaturing occurs at high temperatures. Besides, he would have had to be extremely stupid to leave his DNA on the crime scene.

hahahahaah for one i am kira

hahahahaah for one i am kira for two i know that know one will believe me any way and i just saying the truth and getting away with it cuz no one would ever believe me any way even if i turned my self in the police would never believe in a death note and i happen to be a genius i am the best of the best and can not be bothered to start again every time i come to a new blog i have to start all over again fuck that shit i go under the name true kira here to check it out
all though that was not my first one and i could'nt be bothered that much there cuz i had to start again but its soming my first one were i could some what be bothered was deleted so i cant link that one sadly but i can show tthis site to some one who know's me from there they well tell you of my greatnees

hmmm, the true kira?

alright, i believe that the person responsible for these murders may in fact have a deathnote. nevertheless all of u who are trying to make a force against him must be very clever b/c obviously this man is very clever. o and the person who calls themself true kira may in fact be the real kira. u never know but he may be saying he is the real kira so that u won't believe him and will miss the chance to get him. there could be two kiras he belgian one and this supposd true kira, nevertheless i am just here to give my input. also, though these two kiras may be working together to try to confuse everyone, please reply to my comment

Kira will reign over a new

Kira will reign over a new world! HIS!

You seem really into Kira

You seem really into Kira "Kira#1" Hi! I'm MisaMisa by the way.

I did it for true kira.

I did it for true kira.

You did it because YOU

You did it because YOU wanted to or because Kira might be using you?

OMG! What the heck are you

OMG! What the heck are you talking about? Are serious? I did it because I wanted to and where in the world did you come from anyway? That's it! I'm out of here! YOU ARE CRAZY!

!!!I AM NOT CRAZY!!! Sorry I

!!!I AM NOT CRAZY!!! Sorry I just assumed. To your question I just came across this page looking up Death Note info.

go to the links i have

go to the links i have posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"hahahahaah for one i am

"hahahahaah for one i am kira for two i know that know one will believe me any way and i just saying the truth and getting away with it cuz no one would ever believe me any way even if i turned my self in the police would never believe in a death note and i happen to be a genius i am the best of the best and can not be bothered to start again every time i come to a new blog i have to start all over again fuck that shit i go under the name true kira here to check it out
all though that was not my first one and i could'nt be bothered that much there cuz i had to start again but its soming my first one were i could some what be bothered was deleted so i cant link that one sadly but i can show tthis site to some one who know's me from there they well tell you of my greatnees"

You really caught my interest. Are you really Kira? I'm on the sidelines to wether there is a true Death Note or not. I believe there could be, but sometimes I'm just not sure.


true kira
Nottingham, UK

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1 hr ago

a ... he

Thanks for the other links.

Thanks for the other links. They will be usefull.

yes, the true kira

well yes, i believe that u could be the true kira saying that u are to make people automatically believe that you are not when you truly are. hahahhahaha, ur plan is genius!!!!!!!!

The reason why I'm on the

The reason why I'm on the sidelines is because when I meet people online claiming that they are keepers of a Death Note they can never tell me how they got one. In the shows there is no rule you can't tell someone that you have one. If I remember right. Maybe if there really is a real Death Note it could have rules too, but different. Maybe those rules say you can't tell someone or something bad will happen and would a real Death Note come with a Shinigami. I would want Ryuk! Lol.

hey, misamisa, do u happen

hey, misamisa, do u happen to have a myspace and do u think u really are misa amane?

No I don't have one. I did

No I don't have one. I did at one time though. I was never on the computer enough to keep up with it and no I don't claim to be Misa Amane or anything like her. I just like her character.



o alright then, just making

o alright then, just making sure b/c some people claim to be misa amane and i find it very amusing that people would think that b/c she doesn' exist. hahahaha, they always make me laugh!!!!!!!

Do you know of anyone who

Do you know of anyone who could answer my questions? Could you perhaps?

hmmmm, well basically u

hmmmm, well basically u wouldn't want to tell anyone how u got a deathnote b/c it is a secret. also, the people u have been talking to are 99.9% probably NOT kira, sorry. but i do believe that this true kira may be the real deal7

I went to the link you gave

I went to the link you gave Kira. Is it ok if I just call you Kira? I mean since you go by True Kira, might as well just call you who you are. There were some interesting comments. Some people said that there can't be a real Death Note. How would they know? There are a lot of things that have not been discovered yet and some things that have been discoved by only a few people. And maybe some of those people kept their discovery to themselves.

Oh! You don't think this

Oh! You don't think this True Kira is really Kira? Well, do you believe there could be a real one?

no i do believe that this

no i do believe that this true kira may really be kira, there is much evidence and such. well i must go now, until later!!!!!

I think there could be one

I think there could be one and whos to say this one is or isn't?

I hope you will be back.

I hope you will be back. Thanks for chatting confused.



!!!Message For Kira!!! Well,

!!!Message For Kira!!!
Well, I'm still kind of on the sidelines, but I will help you Kira "aka True Kira". Light has always been my favorite so why not help someone who is following in his path.

I may not be Misa or

I may not be Misa or anything like her, but I can be just as dedicated like she was to Light. I hope that does not sound weird in any way to you.



Well for one I can help

Well for one I can help spread the word that you infact are Kira. Also, we need to stay in contact with eachother. I for one am sticking to this site. Just send me links and I will help spread your justice. I see you have help from confused in the one link you sent me.

By the way, I will only

By the way, I will only spread your justice in places where my true identity can not be shown. I would not want to have to start all over again like you have had to. Also, my name will always be MisaMisa.

yes i am recruiting people

yes i am recruiting people but although i well remain to you all as just words on your screen i must keep my identity a secret and be very mysterious so i well also check up on my other blogs.

So is she helping too?

So is she helping too?

Wow! You guys should be a

Wow! You guys should be a couple. Lol. Just kidding if it offended anyone by the way.



That is just fine with me.

That is just fine with me. Oh! I see you are back Kira#1.

maybe to the helping me one

maybe to the helping me one that is and i already have confused's email

If it is ok with you I think

If it is ok with you I think I will hold off on that. Just for a while. I want to build trust first. Is that ok?

I have left tuns of mess. on

I have left tuns of mess. on the other site. I felt lonely on the inside. Lol. You know with a myspace you can get tuns of people from pretty much everywhere and still keep your identity a secret. and are you asking me for my email or MisaMisa's and what did you mean by maybe. Maybe what a couple. Lol.



I hope a lot of people see

I hope a lot of people see this page too. By the way my one question has not yet been answered. Is it ok if I just call you Kira? I mean Kira is who you are right? I just think it would be proper, but if you want me to I will stick with True Kira.

i was asking for misamisa's

i was asking for misamisa's email


YES CALL ME KIRA DO YOU HAve a youtube account cuz that could be useful i do

I will be sending messages

I will be sending messages on here every so often. I do a lot of things during the day so I will either be on here in the morning or sometime at night. I'm never on during the middle of the day. I didn't know if you had a set schedule because I would like to talk to you as much as I can. I can see why email will come in handy, but like I said I want to build trust first.

Sorry I don't. I was told to

Sorry I don't. I was told to get a Myspace again though, but I'm not on the computer all the time to even mess with it. I only have an email.

To tell you the truth I am

To tell you the truth I am very glad to have met you Kira. It is not everyday you run into someone online who has a cause and that cause is to make the world a better place. I think it was fate that brought you to me. Or me to you. How ever you want to look at it. That did sound like something Misa would say didn't it? But in my opinion I think it's true.

yes just like it was fake

yes just like it was fake with confused destiny is bringing all of the chosen ones to me.

There is one other thing I

There is one other thing I would like to ask. Are you a male or female? I do not want to say anything that may sound weird to you because I'm for one female. Looking back on some things I have said, they sounded like something Misa would say to Light. I have always had a thing for Kira in the books and always loved the idea of fancying a real Kira. I apologize for saying that, but like most guys girls have fantasies too.

Now with that just being

Now with that just being said I hope asking you all that wasn't weird. I just want to put the truth out there so you know where I'm coming from when I say the things I say.

true kira is a guy i already

true kira is a guy i already said that in the other blog that you say i guess you did'nt read it all why do you ask i dont understand fully what you mean.

I didn't want to make it

I didn't want to make it sound like I think I'm Misa Amane so you are my Light Yagami kind of thing.

ok so what was it suppose to

ok so what was it suppose to mean because i dont know what you meant like said i dont fully understand what you mean???.

I can't get to sleep is

I can't get to sleep is anyone still on? You guys are still talking. OMG! I'm a girl and reading these messages you all are sending eachother make itsound like you guys are flirting and I think that is just weird because you guy have no clue what eachother looks like and you have never met eachother. Jut putting that all out there. Sorry if it offended anyone. again.



Like when I said "I'm not

Like when I said "I'm not Misa or anything like her, but be just as dedicated". I'm mean I'll be dedicated in to spreading the word and not dedicated because I'm in love. Also when I said "it was fate". I meant it was fate finding someone with a cause to bring justice to the world. I don't know if that helped explain it better or not? I just don't want it to sound like I'm in love with you or something because I made the comment "I would love the idea of fancying a real Kira".

To Kira#1. I am not here to

To Kira#1. I am not here to find love. I'm here to spread the word that True Kira is Kira. Once again I'm STRICTLY here to spread the word. !!!PLEASE GET WHAT I AM SAYING!!!

misa would you like to work

misa would you like to work for me search me up on myspace my email address is and my name on there is light yagami

"cut the crap Submitted by

"cut the crap
Submitted by Yagami Light (not verified) on Thu, 2008-03-13 10:48.

true kira, u need to seriously cut the crap. maybe you just watch too much death note or something because the only world youll ever be god of is the world of fools. u need to get over yourself and fast because if u play around sayin that your kira then detectives will suspect u of being kira and you will get arresed. and besides, even if u were kira he isnt as dumb as u to reveal that he is kira to a bunch of people against him. think before u type" FOR DECEIVES WOULD NEVER BELIEVE IN A MAGICAL BOOK THAT CAN KILL PEOPLE NO MORE THAN THEY WOULD BELIEVE IN SANTA SO I CAN SAY IT AS MUCH AS I LIKE IT IS YOU THAT IS DUMB IF YOU THINK THAT I WOULD GET DETECTIVES SECONDLY MY COMPUTER CAN NOT BE HACKED I AM A HACKER AND I CAN NOT BE TRACED WELL NOT ANY MORE ANY WAY!!!!



Are you asking me why I like

Are you asking me why I like Misa? And I just call it as I see it. That's what it all sounded like to me. Just bringing reality up in here. Ok. Don't get in a tizzy fit. Sometimes I don't even know why I'm in here half the time because I don't even know who any of you are. I actually try not to talk to people I don't know. I try to find people who talk about more normal everday things like school jobs shopping hanging with friends and family and hobbies. that sort of thing. it would be nice to talk about things like that once in a while. Like what is your fave food for example.

no that was not to you

no that was not to you Kira#1 that was to the one who goes under this name here Yagami Light

I just don't like giving out

I just don't like giving out personal information like that, but I can tell you I like the color red. Also, YOU TELL THAT PERSON KIRA!!! I'M BEHIND YOU 100%!!!



Well I will be leaving you

Well I will be leaving you Kira, but I will be back sometime tomorrow. I will be on in the morning and at night. Like I said I want to be able to talk to you more to build trust. I saw that on the link you gave me it said you were from over seas. If that is true or not I don't know and I don't want to give your location away so I'm not going to ask where you are really from.

I was talking to Kira#1

I was talking to Kira#1 because they said that we never talk about any normal things and because Kira#1 was complaining about it so much I told them what my favorite color was which is red. I will not talk to Kira#1 anymore if you don't me to.

I will wait for a replie and

I will wait for a replie and then I must go.

You guys are still here!

You guys are still here! MisaMisa you sure will do anything for this true kira. are you sure you are not crazy or something. wait. Why am I asking that question? This guy isn't Light ya know. You can talk to whoever you want. you don't need his aproval. I just want to make sure you are not just someone playin around because I will find out somehow! don't be a waste of true kiras time darn it!!!!


NO! I AM HERE TO HELP KIRA!!! WE ALL KNOW KIRA IS A GENIUS SO IF I WAS FAKE HE SHOULD BE SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT BY NOW!!! The question is are you really here for Kira because you sure don't support the cause that much? I must go now.

OK! What ever. I came here

OK! What ever. I came here to spread the word when he told me to. read my first comment I put. I just have other things to talk about and other things to do. I have other friends to talk to about other things than just death Note. Like I said before on the other site I read the books for fun. I support Kira because I support the book.

Goodbye to you all. I'm

Goodbye to you all. I'm sticking with the other site and that site only because I'm not about to get into it with some chick I don't even know. I hate when people fight online when they may not know each other.

how one understands things

how one understands things is though knowledge knowledge give you a better understanding of how things work and how things are thous the more knowledge you have the better and more probably right you are about things but knowledge a lone is not good enough you must have wisdom that comes from deeply thinking about the things you know and connecting all of the knowledges in your head into one great truth thous intelligence and more importantly wisdom will lead to true justice and i know that with me i have more wisdom (understanding of the knowledge you have) then any of you could hope to ever have thous i know best dont think i think of my self so highly for no reason you dont know me i could be any one you would not believe the stuff i have though of before

i do not consider what you

i do not consider what you true kira and misamisa are doing.ill find a way to stop your plan on making a better world killing bad people makes you worser then them if u do have a death and are killing people with it or of the sort i will find you and put u to and misamisa and kira#1 is like mikami from the show if you saw it but i will stop u also.if you do as well true kira have a death note then itll be even more challenging but sooner or later you will be caught if u r kira,misamisa, and kira#1(mikami).i have my own group trying to solve this case if u r kira then well catch u somehow.i consider myself to be like L but thats just me but if your thinking thaat you can get away from this and you will suceed think again.even though their is a 8 or 10% chance of what you say ans you are kira ill still think it is a possibility but a killer is a killer you will be caught true kira if u r kira.and ill find out if u have a death note somehow or r doing this without a death note.but ill first find out if u r really kira like u said,im telling u all this if ur thinking about what ive just said because i know i will win you cant defeat me true kira, you will face justice as well as misamisa and kira#1(mikami)

Wowowowowowo! Wait a flippin

Wowowowowowo! Wait a flippin minute here. You all think I have a death note and is killing people. Oh my days! are you crazy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read the books for fun. My goodness people. My fave character out of the book is L I don't like Light because Light is the one who started the whole thing and got L killed. and I'm still not over it. That MisaMisa chick on the other hand I'm not sure. she sounds like she could have a death note from the moment she came in this room. I think she was playing when she said she was on the sidelines about this kira and death note thing and really does support kira and really has a death note herself. It's like in the books!!!!! She is the second kira or at least claims to be. Next thing you know the whole books come to life and MisaMisa is with Kira like the books and you claim to be like L. It sounds like I'm watching a live play or something. So True Kira you might want to ask yourself if MisaMisa has a death note or not. At least try to figure it out. Who knows maybe she will give hers to you somehow like Misa did. I don't know. Just look into it. and about the genius part you put up. I don't claim to be smart and I don't care to be smart. I'm smart to where it's just enough for me. I want to be a chef and that's where my smarts lie. I don't care to be smart when it comes to this investigation thing. I'll leave that to you.

ooohhh is that so is it? you

ooohhh is that so is it? you really think you can defeat me i think or rather know you have know idea of who you are messing with i a sure you that i am some thing else way out of your league or any ones for that matter and do you really think any one in power would ever believe in the death note no the police will see this as just a silly little game that i am playing even after this post but i am kira and i am a genius those i know best and dont think i just think am a genius so if i kill criminals i am right no i have figured it out in fact i have figured every thing out you should be careful ???

shut up why would kira be

shut up why would kira be wasting his time looking at this he could be looking for criminals

No I'm just says you need to

No I'm just says you need to watch MisaMisa. She sounds like she has one too and that she either plans on usuing it against you or she wants to follow you in a way. I always thought she seems shady.

Dude! Just check it out. Ask

Dude! Just check it out. Ask her questions or something. She said she was going to be on either in the morning or at night right. Just wait and I know she will be on later. Just you wait.

Where did you go? I made you

Where did you go? I made you think a little didn't I?

i do not consider what you

i do not consider what you true kira and misamisa are doing.ill find a way to stop your plan on making a better world killing bad people makes you worser then them if u do have a death and are killing people with it or of the sort i will find you and put u to and misamisa and kira#1 is like mikami from the show if you saw it but i will stop u also.if you do as well true kira have a death note then itll be even more challenging but sooner or later you will be caught if u r kira,misamisa, and kira#1(mikami).i have my own group trying to solve this case if u r kira then well catch u somehow.i consider myself to be like L but thats just me but if your thinking thaat you can get away from this and you will suceed think again.even though their is a 8 or 10% chance of what you say ans you are kira ill still think it is a possibility but a killer is a killer you will be caught true kira if u r kira.and ill find out if u have a death note somehow or r doing this without a death note.but ill first find out if u r really kira like u said,im telling u all this if ur thinking about what ive just said because i know i will win you cant defeat me true kira, you will face justice as well as misamisa and kira#1(mikami)

Dude. You have no clue of getting a hold of anyone. And if you try to find me I'll take it that you are stalking me and I'll have your butt in jail. Think a little on what you say on here.

killing criminals makes me

killing criminals makes me worser then them how? no they kill those who dont deserve to die (probly) and i kill them cuz they do. It is not evil to kill evil you have know idea what your talking about.

Finally you are back and you

Finally you are back and you still did not answer my dang question. What the hell ae you going to do if misamisa comes back?

Well I'm leaving now and i

Well I'm leaving now and i might be back on I don't know.

we will see what happens!!

we will see what happens!!

u freakin idiot

true kira ure an idiot. STOP ACTIN LIKE KIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously ure an obsessed fan who admires light yagami, fine, but pretending to be him is just crazy! im giving u advice and i have nothing against u but chill with the kira crap

Your mom needs to chill with

Your mom needs to chill with the Kira crap.

light yagami stop fighting

light yagami stop fighting with true kira i for one think he might be kira and we must figure out if he has a death note or just killing them without a death note.if he is kira he must be put to justice but we dont have evidence to do so.yagami u shouldnt be talking u dont know if he is in fact kira so shut up and wait intill we find out if he is or isnt kira and if he has a death note or for kira#1(mikami) and misamisa will be cought as well.i am certain of that

real or fake?

and yagami stop calling ur self yagami already have u notice ur the only one i think useing the full name of a character?and kira#1 ur like mikami a person who is loyal to kira and misamisa well...shes just misamisa but all the same i will catch u true kira or as you call urself kira.if i find out u do in deed have a death note and have enough evidence i will catch u somehow u cant keep doing this and not get catch ull sooner or later be cought and put to justice like all the others criminals, ur the same as them if u do this maybe even worse for that matter.if your not kira and just playing or if u r kira but i wont know but if ur not ill help u catch the killer.and ill stay in contact with u just to make sure if ur kira or msn email is and my gmail is u r kira ill soon find out if ur not i would like u to help us solve this case we'll need as many people as we can to solve this case.if u did this then ill soon find out but for right now ill need as much people and info as i can get.


no because i know i dedactive he can find u and put u three to justice i dont nkow if hell believe me or etc. but he goes by the nmae of Z. he goes on the comipress once in a while and has his own group trying to solve this case as well. so kira#1(mikami) i will catch u three and u will face dont say something like i cant catch u or that is staking but how is that so if a dedactive and his group and my group might work together to catch kira so if u continue to kill true kira u will be in more and more trouble when u get cought.

well ??? i do believe that

well ??? i do believe that he may in fact be the true kira as well but if he is telling about himself it proves that he may in fact be very clever and know that in fact he cannot be caught. i believe we have a mastermind on our hands, a real life kira!!!!!!!

Are you there Kira? I don't

Are you there Kira? I don't like the way this is going, but I will do something if I have to. Don't mess with ME or KIRA! Especially HIM! As for Kira#1 I don't like what they have said about me. You think I have a Death Note. Well what if I do and what if I don't. You can't prove it and there is nothing I you can do. No one will stop ME or KIRA from bringing justice into this world. !!!KIRA'S WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY AND I WILL DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM!!!

oh my dear

oh my dear if you are gonna help kira then help me because your helping the wroung kira don't belive me then don't but know this if you want to help help but if you mess anything up i will kill you in a blink of an eye so don't screw up got that misa. so pick is it me or the fakes

yep im here misa what is it

yep im here misa what is it



ok misamisa u've already

ok misamisa u've already made that quite clear

I'm just trying to do my

I'm just trying to do my part in supporting Kira. What do you do?

i have no clue what ur

i have no clue what ur talking about

What I am saying is is do

What I am saying is is do you support Kira and how?

well, i think that this

well, i think that this person may be kira but i will not put my everlasting support and love into him, i am not misa, i have a mind and will use it. all i'm saying is that i believe we have a masterminded genius on our hands, the real kira

Well I am sure he is Kira

Well I am sure he is Kira and I will support him. I will do what he says.

oh my days girl. you are way

oh my days girl. you are way too into this thing ok. true kira is not light and you are not misa get it through your head that this is real life. you are not misa and he is not light so stop acting like he is light and stop acting like you are Misa. you make it sound like the book. I shouldn't have to read it anymore because i have the real thing going on right here. confused did you see my messages on the other one?



i am not light from the

i am not light from the anime/manga but i am kira and i am the real life version of light yagami.

hey, ya sorry i had a

hey, ya sorry i had a computer malfunction i left u a comment n the other one

yes misa i just don't

yes misa i just don't understand how u can trust someone u don't even know anything about to be kira, but i guess ur just a very trusting kind of person....

but i don' have anything

but i don' have anything aganst u misa, i really don't so i'm sorry if i offended u in any way, i was just stating my thoughts

misa and kira

ha misa and kira u really think u can get away and continue this.this is wrong and sooner or laater u will face justice.but if ur not kira misa or true kira i will like to u two to help catch this kira and so that u wont be sospected ofbeing kira.if u agree then ill give u three me gmail and msn emails so we all can keep in contact this killer must be cought but their is a chance u r kira but its only at 8 or 10% but i wont find out yet but for now we i will keep in contact with u three and figure out this mess once and for all. can u true kira be indeed the killer or the real killer is still out there ill find out soon enough if u look at my recent posts i posted today it has my gmail and msn emails.and if u wonder this is real emails im not lieing and if ur thinking it might be fake and someone elses try it and see.but either way if u true kira is in fact kira or not and the real killer is still out there will both face justice sooner or later


true kira wether u r kira or

true kira wether u r kira or not u will face justice and be cought but if not the killer or u will face justice the same.and kira#! ill call u mikami and misa u two will also face justice if u infact r helping true kira if he is in fact kira.ill find out in the near future.i have two friends when they go on ull notice them because their names r ? and ??. and ill be using ???.if u can figure out why we r doing this tell me.haha if ur smart enough,misa or mikmi or kira

one dies the others live

One dies the others live . you are Cleary and idoit ??? it's an user Name like Every other person on this site and If you play your cards right i might just let YOU pick your death. because you sEe i plan to do what I NeeD to get what i want and i want to rid the world of these Fillty MNssRable hopeless , bags of meat called "humans" so YOUr intimidateing me is only helping the cause.

ill give u a hint i said im

ill give u a hint i said im like L and my name in the comi press is ???.what is ? and ? like if u watched the show u would know. what is ? and ??

hahhaa, it seems we now have

hahhaa, it seems we now have an L as well, how very intersting

? and ??

just kiding i know u cant figure this out so ill tell u ? is near and ?? is mello thats what 2 of my friends said they act like, but lets get back to the matter at u three want to help on this investigation or not i need an answer if the killer maybe you cant be kira or maybe ur just using or r kira put isnt involved in this case.after this case is solved ill find out if u and misa do in fact have a death note or not somehow i just got to think of a way and see if it works at the same time.i told u this a head of time because i know u cant or wont know when my plan or how it will take affect. u wont even know i was involved in finding out if u do have a death note and if it is real.. if u read all my previous posts ull find out about part of my plan if u can find it in all these posts on comipress and remember my name is ???.my plan will not fail.u will lose kira!let see if u can kill me cna u!can u!oh wait u need my name but ull never find out so im safe,hahaha.u have no way to stop me and if u have a death note u have no way to kill ne without my name and a face and u dont even have the shikigomi eyes.but i put this on hold intill we solve this case aned ur help to solve this case since ur a genius.ill need as much help i can solve this case if u r kira ull say no but if u know ill say u r kira if u say no u might say yes to trick me am i wrong.ill still think u two r kira but ill need a genius like u true kira to solve a case like this, if i find nothing and u have r not infact kira then i wont sospect u as kira and same goes for u misa.


i check everyday on the

i check everyday on the comipress to see if their is any new posts but now this true kira came along things started to get intersting. but confused dont join the side of kira what he does hes wrong.ive been trying to solve this case for some time and i havnt been able to fighure out how did or does the killer kills if we figure out this it is a big lead in the case and if we figure out how he made sure to not leave dna prints or anything on the crime scene.if you know something tell mef u have any nfo about this case tell me about it as well....this case is geting confusing because it will be hard to catch a killer who has a death note because he dosnt have to be in the crime scene and if he smart he wont get xought but if we think and work together we can figure something out and catch him some how!

You will not catch me or

You will not catch me or Kira. There is nothing you can do. !!!DON'T MESS WITH ME I'M WARNING YOU!!! I can do things you could never imagine.

great show

great show my dear you really are usefull. I could use someone like you if you can prove your self to me i will help you if you help me. Oh and if you help me nothing bad will ever harm you

i can only laph at what u

i can only laph at what u can do misa misa!!!

??? i have just sent u an

??? i have just sent u an email please email me back so i know u got it

Kira how can we stop ???

Kira how can we stop ???

i believe hat i can help u i

i believe hat i can help u i know many things and want to bring kira down, please email me back i have much to explain to you

what you dear betray me

what you dear betray me confused you well not get away with this