Belgian Police Stumped by Death Note Manga Murder

ANN is reporting that the Belgian police has reached an dead end in the investigation of the recent "Death Note" murder:

The Belgian press have nicknamed the case "Mangamoord" ("Manga Murder" in Dutch), although the police officials emphasize that they cannot rule conclusively that the case was indeed murder. They also note that they have found no further connection between the manga and the case, despite the two notes. The circumstances of the real-life case were not similar to those of any fictional portrayal of death in the manga series.

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Nathan and Shane, come and

Nathan and Shane, come and try to take me out, I dare you. I would come soon if I was you, that is if you don't want to come alone Nathan, because Shane won't be with us after awhile, so make your move, I have no reason to run. Oh I thought I said not to threaten me again, so now your fate has been set as of now. Thats shows how much you love Zybil, if your willing to die because you couldn't keep your month shut. So if you think you can find me, I suggest you do it now, since no one was able to find me before, there could be a chance I would delay your deaths. but the chance of you fools finding me is 1 percent out of fucking 100. You might want to start, for our hearts only have so many beats left....

The only heart you have to

The only heart you have to worry about is your own, oh wait you have none sorry, those who have no heart are dead inside. that's right, you are dead. the odds of finding us are the same as us finding you and it won't liek what is in store fro you, whil you were busy "plotting the end" I was looking inside your mind and soul to see what future was in store for you and made a not so shoking discovery: you have no future it's been used up. Oh btw you are too blind by your fantasy to know that, you sold yourself out. I do belive you recall a certain email you sent me. what do you think I said that for? that's right we traced you Tim. We know where you live, we know where you work and aif we did any better we'd know when you'd have to use the can. We will use this info against you if you don't surrender.

Still with the Tim thing I

Still with the Tim thing I see, go ahead send me to jail if you really thinks thats me, do what you got to do Shane Greer. If I was you I would do it fast, and Again I don't have to find you, thats what so good about being me. I will never surrender, you can forget about that. So make your move already Shane......Lets see if Tim is really me, lets not wait..........


Seems there are things being thrown into different perspective and courses...interesting, I didn't think this forum would be alive anymore really, it seems though some people are realizing the truth...yet at the same time are falling from it. I don't think I'm welcome here anymore, persay, so I bid you farewell for now.

real l i know why you want

real l i know why you want to kill rain. me i know why but rain? he is just being a good father. you sick bastard. you want to kill rain so zybil will come crawling into your arms or somethin and you will tell her you will take care of her and her child. is that it? then you will raise the child to be just like YOU!!!!! that wont happen one bit. if i didnt know any better you are scared of zybil to. if she went behind your back what would you do to her huh? she already said if she is killed she will just posses that person. she scared True Kira off. if you did kill her all your plans will be ruined. she would just posses you and take over what you wanted to do. im tired of ou you sick fucker. when you die i will spit upon your grave. you deserve something worse than death itself. zybil if you are reading this check your mail before you post ANYTHING on here.

we're here.......

Watch out real L..................................................were here. you asked for your death.......and you've got it. i will post no more.....because......i wont need to. You will see what im talking about soon.......goodbye..............cosplayer.

Oh........and Real

Oh........and Real L............we know about your little helper................haha............she will die too..........shane's on his way to finish the job........and for you.... i will kill better watch out..............because we dont play games buddy...



call the police? of you

call the police? of you depend on kira to be your saviour why would you call the cops? your pathetic, KiraServent, you better hope you don't see me around otherwise death would be a sweet relief compareed to what i'd do to you, oh and real L, if anything happens to ain, zybil her kid or any of our friends and famlies, I'll rip your face off with my teeth

Yes of Course you will

Yes of Course you will Shane, What kind of human go around riping off peoples faces? before you die, I suggest you get a gun you fool, and again I have no intentions and hurting Zybil or her child, she has nothing to do with this little ordeal, therefore she will live on, Rain had his chance, I even warned him, but with his selfish ambition he didn't want to listen to me, and what does trying to start back a fight with me has to do about being a good father? just like you Shane my fight with Rain died out to all the way back on Topix, after that I had no reason to fight with him anymore...I had bigger things to do...then he started up again like old times against me, but what really got it started was when he started acting stupid and going on and on about him killing people. You and him are the same, care about no one but yourself. Zybil and her kid is going to have a long life together, she will die no time soon. but I must say things are not looking so good for Shane. You fools know you brought all this to yourselves....don't believe me? you can even go back through the pages and see for a fact that you start this war with me.........

hahaha you think you aint

hahaha you think you aint killing zybil but if you take rain from her she will be killed on the inside. that child deserves to see its real father. i hate you and i feel bad to see zybil raising a child alone. the little servant girl is as soon as dead. one less person falling for your lies. i had a little help from someone and no it wasnt rain. this is what people get for tryin to track us down.

Well if he really whats to

Well if he really whats to live and take care of his kid. the way he's acting he's not even father material, bringing back fights of the past like you, if he wants to be a good father and take care of a child then maybe he needs to stop acting like a child himself... then maybe and only maybe I will delay his death, if he tells me he's sorry and never again will he cross me. And if he can't then he will die on schedule, I think thats far..thats his only chance, lets see what he decides to do, live a good life with Zybil or die and never again see his kid....oh and the whole servant girl thing, it would not suprise me if you found her, like I said to her, I would of found it odd if you guys was able to find her before you found me.



Please help me Kira. i keep

Please help me Kira. i keep getting death threats from shane. please help this isnt funny anymore.

lalala. fox bewitches the

lalala. fox bewitches the headsman. fox bewitches the headsman. lalalalalala. hmhmhmhmhm. fox bewitches the HEADSMAN!

Real L/Kira just leave Rain

Real L/Kira just leave Rain alone. Leave Wolf alone too. I'm tired of this crap. No one is going to touch Rain or Wolf if I have anything to do with it. Just leave me, Rain, and Wolf alone for good. This is getting old now. I want to be done with comipress and everyone on it, but no. I have Rain and Wolf both telling me you are gonna kill them and crap like that and I'm not having it. Just drop everything on here and leave. You are doing nothing but ruining things for me and Rain. We want to live together and peace and he will see my baby being born and he will help raise my baby. Just leave me alone. I never liked you and never will. Ok. I know you used to like me but this is all cosplay. Give it up we know your not Kira so its over with ok. Every body here knows. It's stupid to keep going on with this act and saying it's not an act because thats childish. I only talked to you to get information for Okami. Ok. Rain and Okami will leave you alone as long as you just stop making threats and claiming your something your not. It's so rediculous and childish. Leave me, Rain, And Okami alone and we will leave you alone. Oh and also another thing stop talking about me like we used to be together or something. I never liked you not even one bit. And stop putting my name in your mouth. So stop, leave us alone, and we will leave you alone. I'm done posting here because all of you are cosplayers. Oh and another thing. That time i was emailing you. That wasn't me. That was Rain. I told him that was ok to get info out of you but I told him I guess it was pointless because your not worth it. So leave us alone. I'm done here.

Watashi wo osore ru kira.

Watashi wo osore ru kira. Watashi ha eien nianatano tamashii posses remasu. Watashi hasorewo eien ni fi^do shi, mainichi kima tte tsuyoku naru. Anatano tamashii watashi niha zokushi teimasu. Sonotokinihaanatayorizutto kyouryoku na seishin wo koe rumononinarunoyo. Jusan noroi to watashi ha, anatatoanatano kazoku no noroi. Akuma ha, koremadeni jigoku de shigoto wosurudarou.

Like I said before, I have

Like I said before, I have no reason to lie, you fools don't get it, I'm not playing a game, you fools might have thought I was but I was not, I only used you people to spread my name and my way of things, thats all you fools were ever for, my mission been over, so theres really no reason to keep any of you alive anymore, Wolf and Rain started this fight but they didn't think it would go this far, that is their fault, you must of didn't read my last message I sent to that Alex account, I knew it was not Zybil, I gave Rain a chance to say he was sorry and that he will never cross me again, but I never saw that post yet, what is he waiting for, all he got to say is that, and I will delay his death date. I feel I'm in a good mood right now, so he got 4 hours starting the time this message is posted. Is all on him now...

i will never say i am sorry.

i will never say i am sorry. never. you are a fool. your just mad. sad little boy crying about things he cant get. boo hoo. say goodbye to your little helper then kira. your such an idiot. you wont do a thing. you cant. days, months, years will pass by and you wont do a thing. im not your enemy..time is. time will tell you fool. we all know you wont do anything. so shut your mouth you little alabama hick. i will never say sorry to some little cosplaying bastard like you. fuck off you little bastard. oh and i know for a fact you thought i was zybil at first. your such a fool. every single time you have emailed zybil on any account that was me you idiot. she doesnt want to talk to you so she lets me do it. your an idiot. you've been played. your such an idiot. you sad little fool. you wont do a thing to me. you cant. theres no way you can. you dont know my real name, or where i live, or anything about me or my friends. your stupid little childish bluffs wont work on me. so why dont you shut your mouth. i bet if Me, zybil, and Okami didnt post here you wouldnt either. or you would just start shit with new people and claim your kira over and over yet never show proof. you cant kill me. you never will never can. you cant find me, and you cant do shit about what im saying. your just some little pathetic loser. and so shall you be cursed with 13 and death shall take your soul away to hell as you rot for all eternity.

Well ok, that was it, I

Well ok, that was it, I believe you made your choice, and thats to die, so be it. Zybil if your reading this, he had his chance to be with you, I'm sure you will be able to find another gentleman to care for you and your baby, because your so call current boyfriend does not what to. and you fools can cut the whole girl working for me act, I already told you,theres no point in it anymore, you fools gave it away at the begining. You forgot I'm a hacker, getting into your computer database is like going through water to me.

I don't want anyone else

I don't want anyone else taking care of my baby but Rain. Rain has cursed you with the 13 connection. He has the power to do so because I gave him that power. The Kitsune inside me grows more angry every day. If it posses me I will not beable to control it. You cannot escape the 13 connection curse. I have cursed you with it too. Also I know what your trying to do. By you saying you will kill Rain you said I can have another gentlemen take care of my baby. I know your trying to say yourself. It's not going to happen. I don't like you!! I never did so get over that fact your creep!! I don't want you anywhere near me!! So back off!! You have been warned because I'm not playing games here. I'm sick of you saying your going to kill my lover and friends. Your not going to do a thing because your just a cosplayer and you have been cursed with the 13 connection by me. So shut up and listen. I don't want you near my baby and theres no way your going to do anything about me and Rain being together so stop being jealous and get over it you creep because I'm warning you!!

Oh and another thing. If you

Oh and another thing. If you are a hacker how come you can't figure out Rain's name huh? Exactly it's because your not a hacker. Like I said your just a cosplayer like all the rest. You never show proof of what you can do and you never even killed anybody from Comipress or Topix. Just because they didn't post doesn't mean they died. Thats a stupid thing to beleive if you think they died just because they stoped posting. Also you are the biggest faker in the world. Your not a fallen angel and you can't do anything to Rain or wolf. How are you going to set a persons Death Date when you only know their first name? Your just and idiot Kira. You always were. We are done posting here for good just like Topix. You won't do a thing to anybody. Your just a loser who is jealous of Rain just because he is with me. Like I said get over it creep. Oh my days how can you even like someone you never met. Your a creep. I hope you go crazy after we cursed you with the 13 connection. You creep.

You must of didn't read my

You must of didn't read my last post, I only used all of you, when I first come, my plan was to get all of you to help me, then kill you all after I was done, you fools served your purpose, I never cared Nathan was with you, and I bet you can't recall a time I said anything about that. I have a girlfriend and she actually has been helping me out on here the whole time. and again I swear, you fools get more stupider everyday, I don't need your name to kill you, I'm a fallen angel, my fallen brothers is the key behind that, I may can't talk to them in human form, but they can read what I write down in my note of death, they know exactly when to kill and how to do it. Thats the true power behind death notes and they can find anyone typing on a computer, and you can't curse a already cursed person, plus I finally came to the conclusion that your not a real Kitsune, Lets see how things are going to be...Shanes going to be died Nathans going to be died, and Zybil is going to have to raise a baby all by her longsome, and oh, where will I be?, here, still alive and finishing my goal, this is the 15th website I have been on going through all this, you only know me from Topix and this one, if any of you could have found thoses pages you could of busted me along time ago. and after I'm done here I will jump to another site and another. I've been curse you say, haha, how cute.....well you people really killed me some boredom, well...everytime I even had time to get on here anyway. unlike you fools I can't be on here 24/7 a week......well...gook luck to you all.......

"You must of didn't read my

"You must of didn't read my last post,"'s 'not' read my last post. "when I first come" LOL. It's "When I first 'came'". Learn to use proper grammar, you're so stupid.

The Real L / Kira 13

The Real L / Kira


My Last Post

The Real L/Kira you are so blind. You are blind because you don't see how many times you have been fooled. I have wanted this all to end a long time ago and since it seems it won't stop, I'll finish it myself. The curse began before I even cursed you. Your name for instance. Anyone who becomes close to me is cursed with it. It follows them wherever they go no matter what. Your name in the beginning when I first saw it was The Real L and now it is The Real L/Kira. When I first started talking to you after a while that's what you changed your name to. It takes exactly 12 letters and 1 character to make your name. Why did you change it to The Real L/Kira? Was it catchy or did it just come to you? Did you realize it took 12 letters and 1 character to make your name, which equals 13? I don't need to prove I am anything. Like you say and like I am saying too, I have no reason to lie either. I confessed my lies already. You are not what you say you are. I know it. I never believed you for one second. It was all an act. I never loved you. Hello? I am a kitsune. A trickster. I left hidden messages in almost everything I have posted, but not once did you notice. If you are a fallen angel you should have sensed my spirit right away. When you first found out I was a kitsune didn't that make you think to yourself that maybe I was playing you? Kitsunes shouldn't be trusted unless they truly love the person, make a deal with the person, or test the persons loyalty as a friend. I love Rain, there for he will always have my trust and I will have his. I lied to Wolf so many times as a test to see how long he could take being my friend and he is still my friend as of today. There for he will always have my trust and I will have his. You broke a deal with me. Didn't you once say you would keep me and the ones I hold close safe? Well, you aren't doing that now are you? Also, the one who played kitsune-ken with you was me. You lost like I knew you would and I said fox bewitches the headsman. You thought you were talking to Wolf the whole time when it was me. Other times you thought it was me talking to you when it was Rain. My two best proofs of me being a kitsune if you want them is where is True Kira? Didn't you see my last few posts to him. I think I said I cursed him with the 13 connection and he really hasn't been back ever since. Also, where did that Alex kid go who acted like he was obsessed with me? I think he left because of something I did. So, where is your prove? Another thing, I highly doubt you had a little girlfriend helping you. Don't use that line to make me feel bad because it didn't one bit. If you did have someone I would have found her using my spirit and kill her in her sleep if you ever did anything to Rain and then I would have found you. Well, seeing how you can't do anything to Rain I guess you are off the hook. By the way I didn't even spread your name to anyone. I kept all my talking on here and topix. I talked about you to the same people who already knew who you were. Like I said in romaji, the devil will forever work your soul in hell. I'm giving you the same thing as I did to True Kira. 13 will follow you forever until you die. Don't think so, well tell me how many times you hear 13 tomorrow and be honest with me. You can't escape it. Say whatever you want to me and about me just because you found out I didn't really love you. Oh and another hidden message that should have made you think, was I said I am here to sort the fake Kiras from the real ones no matter how long it takes. Hm? Kind of obvious. Face it. You are scared of me because you have no power. Don't sit there and say I bet you are not even a kitsune because you have seen what I have done. Don't deny it. As of now your soul is mine until you die. Then, it's the devils for all eternity.

By the way I have been a few

By the way I have been a few people you have argued with before on here.

Oh and plus I have posted

Oh and plus I have posted all the connections I have had hundreds of times on here and on the site L from the Task Force's website. Every kitsune has a connection with something and 13 is mine. How many times do I have to throw all this proof in your faces? You are all so stupid, naive, and gullible. Oh and Kira, why aren't you going to do away with me like you are Wolf and Rain? You afraid I am going to posses you and take over what you thought was going the way you wanted to until I came along? See you Kira and the 13 curse begins now. Unlike you, when I set a time and date I do it when I say I am. I don't wait around.

I never saw proof once so

I never saw proof once so ever, all I know you could of been all thoses people, hell it's the internet, I never thought I would say this but, Zybil don't make me kill you to, your acting like them, foolish... but keeping you alive by yourself will kill you nice and slow, I know your whole name and your face so I can do alot of damage to you,and it was to easy getting your info about you, I could of killed you the moment you gave it to me, I never did sence your power cast upon me so, your not one, it's that simple. little spells out of a magic book don't work on me and my demonic powers kid, so have as much fun as you want and can, because soon you will be alone. No one can find me, it's impossible, even you know that for a fact, lets see how your life goes without my protection around you, I almost forgot about that..
I'm the closes thing to a god on this planet. Shane is a fool he'll believe anything he hears, and Nathan is also, You can't protect them, I was waiting on the day you turn against me Zybil, because I knew one day you would, you should of known I can moke your life a living hell, Your not of any use to me anymore. How would you feel if your baby died to??

your a

your a fool................EVEN YOU SAID. " ITS THE INTERNET'' your a hipocritical bastard. why should anybody beleive that your kira?? you cant do anything. and another thing. any info zybil gave you........was fake you idiot. its not hard to find a fake name and picture you fool. you always say you knew it was Rain talking to you and not zybil you always know after someone tells you huh? and now that you finally get that zybil doesnt love you you say you had a girlfriend. yeah right. your a lonely person. that post you made was the poorest saddest post i ever did see. 13 is now going to curst you.......time will tell... so ramble on about things you cant do and ramble on about how your kira. because nobody cares, nobody beleives you, and everybody knows your just some person who thinks he can watch an anime , Like it alot, then go around saying he is shit from an anime. your an idiot, a fool, pathetic. you cant kill anyone. you never will...and never can. your such a fool. go ahead and sit here posting about the stupidest shit in the world.because you have no one on your side. your just a lonely fat guy in alabama who likes anime to much. poor bastard. too bad nobody feels sorry for you. The real L/kira. HA! what a joke. you have shown no proof you can kill, never shown that you have any power. .......Did you know kitsune are fond of snow? that was a hidden message if you didnt realize it. i hope you like a cold winter ............................because when the day comes you realize you are cursed with 13..thats the day you go crazy....and kill yourself. you cant escape 13. you will see it many times today, tomorrow, and from then on. dont ignore it either...or it will get worse. goodbye you pathetic little cosplaying fool.

ok now you've crossed the

ok now you've crossed the line asshole, fake or not I won't stand by and let you threaten a woman and her child. That's low if your friends in alabama heard you were saying that stuff they would burn you on the cross. but no that's too good for you, I am gonna make sure you live and suffer through this curse and no matter how much you beg and cry about it. I will never put you out of your misery. you are gonna pay dearly Real L.

You are a fake. And like all other criminals.

This has gone far enough!! I will not stand by and watch a mere fake KIRA ruin and defile my name!! you are not justice. Threatening a woman and her child? That is not the way of KIRA. The way of kira is to get rid of all evil. And you are evil. You are going to be cursed. I can sense this person is a Kitsune. You are not KIRA. I am kira. But I will not be a phsyco and say I'm a fallen angel. That is foolish to say. I am human just like all of you.....but I have been chosen to rid the world of EVIL. You are evil you fool. I will not stand by any longer. I will find out your name and face and you will die. Also the Death Note is not called such. it is much different than you think. You don't just write down a name and know their face. You have no idea how it works you fool. You will die. I am sick of cosplayers like you tarnishing my name. You will die you little fool. You have been warned by me. I do not like the name kira. Call me Kami. You will die now and I will find you. Leave these people alone. Your battle is with me now.

we will not stand here any

we will not stand here any longer and let you try to hurt these people. We will find you. I am Gana of the Dark. we are the gods of Kami. we serve Kami as his body guards. We are the 13 Gods Of Kami. A task force dedicated to ridding the world of evil. You have crossed the line.Yet another person who thinks he is Kira will now suffer. You are not the first. We have terminated people going under the names of kira such as Dark Kira, True Kira, Japanese Kira, Light Kira. And much much more. they have all been killed. You are next if you keep up your cosplaying you fool.

kick his ass kami

kick his ass kami

You young fool. We will find

You young fool. We will find you. You have gone to far. Pretending your kira. Did you not think there were people who exsited who actually Serve under a real Kira? we serve under Kami. He is the closest thing you would call Kira. We not only search the internet but we also search else where for poeple who tarnish the name of kira. We are assasins of Kami. We are called Gods of Kami Because we display Super human strength when we fight. We are all from the Japanes Island of Okinawa. We are Okinawa Karate Masters. Kami is our teacher. We will not tell you how he gained the power to kill. You will die you fool. We support Kami 100% and more. Be prepared.

You shall fail in your quest

You shall fail in your quest to become kira. You can never do it you fool. It's impossible. Be ready to die.

Be ready for a fight. I'm

Be ready for a fight. I'm talking a fist fight. The last kira fake I fought put up no challenge. I forgot his name? True Kira was it? Anyway I have been looking forward to this. We have been watching you. You've gone to far. Get ready for a beat down. Be ready for an old fashion Okinawan Dojo fight you fool. I will break your arms in two!!

Come fool. You can even

Come fool. You can even begin to understand the might of our force. Do you really think you can stand up agianst 13 of us? Hmm? its impossible. Lets see how much of a fallen angel you are when your corpse is laying on the road side.

You shall not be alive for

You shall not be alive for long. I will put your soul in hell very soon. Go on...Test us. See if we are the ones Copsplaying here. You will die.

Shadows of the night come

Shadows of the night come take this fool away to the darkness and let the wolves of despair and cold steel feast upon his cursed soul and let him sleep in the darkness of his own sorrows as he never passes to heaven. And so shall the mourning of children come to a halt now that this demon is of the rottet apple now eaten by deaths horse. Prepare your self Kira Fake. I am not one to play games. What Kami wants I shall do. I will be the darkness in the night and be his assasin of the moon. Come young fool. Come to your death.

Is this one serious?

Is this one serious? HAHAHAH. Oh child your confused on your life. Let my tricks and illusions drive you insane till you kill yourself. I have studied the art of voodoo for many many years. Hail da Loa. You will die a painfull death you young fool. Pretending to be God. You cannot comprehend death or what it is to be a god. You just a child you young fool of a man.

Ok little wanna be kira boy.

Ok little wanna be kira boy. lets see what you got. i dont wanna see you posting and saying oh come on i can tak you guys. blah blah blah. I wanna see you do something bitch. come on you little faker. show us you can do something. show us your ALMIGHTY POWER OOOOO. HAHAHAHAHHA. your a loser man. the people who faked as kira before admited to it. your just another one of them. You are just like all the others. you say you dont need to prove anything and you say you have no reason to lie. pssh. saying that shit doesnt prove that you are what you say you are. you sit there at your computer saying you will do something but never do. hahaha. get a life dude before you end up getting yourself killed all because this amuses you. some people in this world dont play games like that and we are some of the few like that. i will kill a mother fucker if i have to if he is a bad person. i hate bad people. they rot this world. thats why i joined the Gods of Kami. They share my ideals yet they do know when to stop forcing justice on people. you are saying you will kill inocent people? all because they dont beleive you? well maybe if you showed some dam proof people may beleive you but your nothing but a little faker you fuck up. if you keep this up there is no hope for you. we have people all over the world. you cant escape the Gods of Kami.

You will not survive any

You will not survive any longer if you keep this up. just dont say a word and not post. i am trying to help you out here. if you really want to die then that is your choice. But i warn you Kami has no mercy on souls of your kind.

Oh so you guys are takin

Oh so you guys are takin care of this faggot huh? well of course i have no choice in the matter so i will help too. you guys are pullin me away from my ladies. But none the less your going to be dead soon you kira fake. Ya know i had to deal with a guy like you once. Kept on saying he was kira. Tatsuashi of God took care of him though. I hate people like you. You get way into anime then babble on about how its real. DUDE a person made up that shit. We are not like that. KIRA is someone who is corrupted by justice. but to the people he is a saviour. Kami is like that. And people like you saying you are Kira or in rare cases Kami deserve to die because most of you talk about just killing people. you dont talk about actually being nice to the good people and ridding the world of the bad people. your just a fake like all the rest. and you cant prove your not like all the rest you fool.

Kami. We will Rid this world

Kami. We will Rid this world of evil. With our help you can do this. I know you know that. So know that we always have your back 100%. Show this Fake Kira fool from alabama What a real KIRA does. The Real L/ Kira. Such a fake name. Why use The Real L in your name. Why not kira? hmm? It shows you cant even realize that the name you have shows you are a cosplayer. The real L refers to the L in death note. Why have a name of a character from death note? If you were truly Kira you would not assoiciate yourself with a cartoon yet you continue to use such a cosplayer name. It shows you are a fake...but thats not the point since you know your a fake and you know nobody believes a word you spit out of your nasty mouth. Continue to say you are a god and continue to say you will kill these people because you are the one that WILL end up dead. That is a promise. And do not think you can kill us. We are skilled in all arts of warfare. You have no experience in war. I fought in Iraq and The gulf war. I trained in Okinawa for years before that. You have never seen death in front of you. You have never killed a person in cold blood right in front of you. This organization is wanted by many countries but we will continue to rid this world of evil. Havent you heard? Strange deaths in Japan. Criminals dying and the japanese Government covering it up? The death note you talk about is foolish. What we have is similair to it but it requires much more than you think. We do not call it a Death Note because it is not it. It may be similair in many ways but its not as easy as writing a name down and thinking of a face. You have to work at it. But once you have unlocked its secret you can kill many people with it. We choose to rid the world of evil. It will take some time but one day there will be fewer and fewer wars and criminals. You are just a kid. Someone who is copying a cartoon. Thats all you are. There are strange things in this world. Not many know of them. But you are just another fool in this very strange world we live in. I do not wish to waste my time on a fool like you but if I have to I will find you myself and kill you. I work for the government its not that hard to get info on the people who have posted on here. It may take some time but if I wanted I can find you within a day. So give this act up and walk away. Or just admit you were wrong to say you would kill people. We are the police of this world now. Our justice is the right justice. You are the only True evil one here. Some others were just childish in what they said and did. I expect you to walk away from this if you don't wish to die. We monitor Sites like these to see what is going on and find the corrupted ones and either warn them and if they don't stop we will kill them. It's not that hard to kill a person. Anyone can do it. Go to school and stab the first person you see. It's that easy. That is evil but when you have justice on your side and its for a reason to kill evil then it is right. You are no kira. You are just a person. A human like all of us. So stop this or you will be found. From what I have seen so far you have leeked information on who you are already just by me reading these posts by many of these people. You will die if you continue this. And if you challenge all of us that would be a foolish move. Just be quiet and live your life with good morals and be a good person. Be with your family and be good. Do not choose the wrong path. Because wrong paths lead to a meaningless death.


Hmmm.........................Ah............Yes..yes..............I think I get it. Yes we will rid the world of evil. Of course..... The real L/ Kira. No more of your cosplaying games. You will stop this. You are not justice. You never will be a god or fallen angel. And if you are why would a Fallen Angel post on an anime website? I am Human. It counts not for me. You will stop these little cosplaying games you play with these people. Your such a fool. You don't have a death note. And you cannot kill anyone here. And if you can I dare you to try it. I will give you 2 weeks to prove yourself. I know it will be pointless since you will say you don't have to prove anything because you have no reason to lie. HA! what an exuse you make. You are just a fool. You repeat yourself. Theres nothing speacial about you. Not one thing. If you do not stop threatning people you will die. Or better yet I will send you to jail for 100 years. See how you like that. You will pay you little fool of child. You will pay with your Blood.

Most of the spam comments

Most of the spam comments reported should be gone by now, thanks to those who took the trouble of reporting them.

uh, my name doesnt have a j

uh, my name doesnt have a j in it wat so ever. my middle name starts with a c, and the address and number u put is way off. same with joshua's.

Well then, let the fight

Well then, let the fight begin, if you think you can kill me, then go ahead, you will only die yourself, I'm not called Kira for no reason, I'm oh so close to my new world, And each day that pass is getting greater and greater for me. As god of my new world I will kill everyone thats to weak to survive my destruction, Oh and I see I have another little wannabee me, haha I wonder how long this is going to last, they never last long, and never much of a challenge, and always run away scared. All the info I got I know for a fact it's real so trying to treat me is impossible and your resistance is futile.....I never felt this good in along time, it seem things are going as plan, and all of you are doing what I predicted, falling into my traps one by one, all this time you thought I was the one falling into traps when it was all of you all along, that just comes to show you you should never trust someone you don't even know and never give out your names like a idiot, again I laugh about that...just like on website 11, it's going all the same, but this is my favorite part, it's now step 8 only 2 more, you humans are so I said before, all your fun and game time is over. Welcome to reality.........

HAHAHAHAH!! Your such a

HAHAHAHAH!! Your such a fool. So posting on this website is considered a trap? What a joke. How is posting a trap. What is posting going to do. You know there is really nothing more I need to say to you. So you think I'm True Kira? HAHAHAH!! He is dead. I have seen many posting under his name but the real one is dead. I looked into this 13 connection and it seems my friend you are cursed. I'm glad I came here when I did. I wouldn't have wanted to get in the middle of that and get cursed myself. And spare me the whole story of you being a fallen angel. We are all humans here. No matter what you say you can't prove that your not human. And you say your plan is working? HAHAH. What plan? You can say your plan is working but that doesn't mean your actually working on one. You are the biggest fake I have ever seen. So why don't you prove you can kill hmm? Why don't you prove that your a so call Fallen Angel. It's because you can't. And whatever anybody posts we all know your going to say that you don't need to prove that you are what you say you are which makes it all the more suspicious for you. You can talk all you want but you can never do a thing. All you will ever do is talk about fallen angels and your fake death note you bought on the internet. You sad little fool. It's really sad to see someone like you. You actually think you are KIRA. By the way you spell your words and the way you act I have to predict you must be mentally challenged. It's obvious you are mentally challenged. Do your parents know you use the computer? hmm? You do know Death Note is a cartoon don't you? There is no point in talking to a mentally retarded person posting on the internet. And I'm not trying to be funny. I honestly think you are mentally challenged. Why else would you spell the way you do and keep an act up for this long? it's obvious you have nothing better to do. Your parents probably only let you on once a day I guess. Maybe thats why your never on. I won't kill a mentally challenged person. Even though I'm tempted I counldn't commit such a crime. You will die eventually. I bet you got bullied in school alot for being slow huh? Well it's ok I guess. I have a feeling you will continue to post here. Every body that is reading this just leave the poor kid alone. He doesn't know any better. He is just mentally challenged thats all there is to it. I mean we all have to admit a slow person has gotten us pissed off before right? Even though this guy is getting alot of you pissed off just remember he is mentally challenged. Don't post here if you don't want to get mad and have to curse a slow person out.

Oh so now I see a battle has

Oh so now I see a battle has come between two men who think they can rid the world of evil. I see.....well both of you will die regardless. I am the Father of lies, The wicked one, Tempter, Little horn. Many of you know me by other names. But I shall watch for now. Either way both of your souls will be mine. Come The Real L/ Kira. Fight him. Kill him. Sell your soul to me. Go to the darkness. Continue to say you will kill people. Continue your evil ways. Go on its ok to do such things. It's ok to be evil. What is he to say you can't do what you want to do hmm? how about I make a deal with you The Real L/ about I kill 1 person you hate the most.................Or how about I give you Power. I can do so. just have to give me something in return..hehehe. So how about it? hmm? I know you want more power than you have now. I can grant you this wish.

The Real L/

The Real L/ Kira............Don't do it. You have no idea who this man is. He is one you should not join forces with. Do not do it. That goes for anybody else here. Be gone One who sleeps in fire!! you have no buissiness here!

Haha, is that suppose to be

Haha, is that suppose to be who I think that suppose to be? The Devil? theres alot of questions on how that is even possible, one..finding out I'm typing on here would not surprise me since he's always watching me, but to pull such a stunt as in typing on this site, mean you would have to be in human form, but I know for a fact God would not allow that for you. and two.. what we did in the spirit realm, will not allow us to even aid each other anymore, thats another reason I am isolated in the human world. And yet on the day of feeding I never sense another like myself in human form, only in spirit, and whats the last thing you said to me before I was punished? and last you would of already knew I had the power to do anything you could already plus I'm aid by our fallen brothers, so explain yourself Beelzebub.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You obviously do not know much. There is only one fallen angel and that is satan himself. I Beelzebub am Second to the almighty. You have no power. That is why I wish to make a deal with you. You give me return I shall give you Wealth, Power, and anything else you desire. So are you not tempted by this offer? Kami you will suffer sooner or later. Although I cannot have your soul I can make your life miserable while your still here on earth. hehehe. So how about it? Deal or no Deal? Or do you wish for something else? tell me your desires my friend. We wish to know. We all wish to know......

Hmmm? Im sure you wish proof

Hmmm? Im sure you wish proof of what I can do do you not? hmmm? how shall I show you my proof. AH HA! I got just the thing. Oh and by the way Kami. That note you have my be from a god of death but it matters not. You cannot kill me with that. You are merely like the others who had that. They all eventually died a horrible death. I will find you. And you will give that death tool to me. In my hands i can do much with it. Those foolish death gods only use it for themselves. They never took my offers. They know in a demons hand it can do wonders.....hehehe.

heheheheheheheh. it is done.

heheheheheheheh. it is done. proof will be shown shortly.

Hmmmmm? I do have something

Hmmmmm? I do have something to ask of you? Are you afraid of me? hehehehe. If so do not be. I am merely a ..........friend. Here to lend a helping hand. hehehe.

Heheheheh. The rea L/

Heheheheh. The rea L/ Kira...hehehe. You do know you were very close to being killed a few days back. Hehehehehe. You are very lucky. heheheheh.

Go away pest..........your

Go away pest..........your kind is not welcome here. Why do you follow were ever I go? Are you stalking me? Leave now. Im sure The Real L/Kira is not foolish enough to take up offers from a liar. You may have Tempted the others but it cannot work this time. We are on the internet fool. Some of your tricks cannot work here.

well well well so it's 666

well well well so it's 666 himself I wonder why you are so interested in real L? hmmmmmmmm

HAHAHAHAH!! well well. It's

HAHAHAHAH!! well well. It's a soul that smells fimiliar to me..............hehehehe. I'm interested in him because I have my reasons. hehehe. What is it to you. hehehehe. I know what your trying to do. Go ahead and do it. It will make my job much more easier.

and what am I trying to do,

and what am I trying to do, i'm just curious why the prince of darkness (and I'm not talking about ozzy) is doing on a forum like this. Btw how's damien doing

that's not her number

that's not her number anymore reaper, jeez of all the people you'd mck why lucifer man, the guy can turn your greatest fear into reality for all eternity

You dare mock me. I know you

You dare mock me. I know you live in New York you little fool. Do you want another distaster like 9/11. Do you want me to kill your loved ones again. You will suffer. You will not post under my name.

Kami, all of Kami's gods and

Kami, all of Kami's gods and "Beelzebub". Are all Rain. It was obvious. If you didn't realize this.... then your a total idiot. Oh. And by the way. you can't even see all of the places I have posted that number up. When you google it.

Stop trying to hide the truth, Rain. And just flagging it, isn't going to do any thing. It has to have a reason. To be removed as well. Dumbass. And I'll just repost it. Any way.

look beezlebub if thats if

look beezlebub if thats if you know everything you'd know that reaper aka light is the one that is posing as you along eith me rain and the others on comi because he has a gay hard on for spreading rumors about people

zybil, ive always known that

zybil, ive always known that u were lying about stuff, so i played the role of the confused fool. i will admit that i fell for it a few times..., but that isnt the point right now. whoever is the anonymous guy thst i was talking to, there is no j in my name what so ever, and the number and address that u listed are waaaaaaayyyy off. same with joshua.

please ignore the last

please ignore the last comment... i had no idea that there was a twenty second page...

why are you always posting

why are you always posting as other people and talking about sucking penises? I hope you know thats gay. I dont approve of homosexuals. i will rid the word of people like you. my plan is almost complete. you are all falling into one trap after another.

why the hell do people still

why the hell do people still think that im the one thats posting her old number? hold on, are u talking about me or reaper 2? if u mean me, then u should know that im not that type of person, and that i would never harm a pregnant woman. or anyone for that fact. ive changed. *sigh* if u guys dont believe it then so be it. its not my job to prove stuff to people anyways.

im not the person posting as

im not the person posting as other people either. rain knows im not, as u can see on the twenty first page. anyways, its almost christmas. we shouldnt be on here argueing and posting peoples numbers or as people, or POINTING FINGERS. we should be with our families. we should be celebrating the birth of jesus, but most importantly, we should be opening gifts. so yeah. ignore that other stuff about family and stuff. we should be opening gifts on christmas. cant we stop for at least the freakin holidays?

im the real l and me and

im the real l and me and reaper like to talk about penises. im the penis monster. nomnomnomnomnomnomnom. i like them penises. reaper CUM over and suck mine hard and good like you did last night. Ohohohohohohohohohohohoh. where is that beelzebub bububububub bumble bee. buzz buzz buzz. im a bumble bee. buzz buzz. you like to see homos naked bumble bee man guy person thingy. hes the devil bee. he buzzes around in hell with his staff made of flowers. im reaper and posts other peoples numbers because i am gay like that and gay for the real l. i live in the bronx in new york. my middle name is conrad. i like to be gay and gay and gay. real l rights how gay he is in his death note. he writes all gay things down like how he likes to wear pink and puts on makeup and pretty little dresses and he works at a strip club where fat chicks strip. yep thats right he is a fat chick who strips. he strips for them old men. he likes old geezers who are gay and so does the bumble bee man. buzz buzz buzz. but enough about them what about my gay fat ass. i do nothing but sit around and stuff me face all day with tatoe chips. yum nom yum. im the reaper and i just sit on my ass and do shit and post peoples numbers. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

the first anonymous post

the first anonymous post that was talking about christmas was me. i forgot to put my name. the second one was not. i dont like to talk about that. whoeever did that is probably really the real l being gay, or someone else.

uh, actually, i weigh 98

uh, actually, i weigh 98 pounds and im 100% straight. i dont know about the real l, but i am straight. my middle name isnt conrad either. and i also really have a shirt that says "no fat chicks".

also, if u guys do think

also, if u guys do think that its me (which its not) do u really think by posting as others would make u any better? like most of u guys are in ure late teens if not twenties. why dont u act ure ages.

awe the reaper wants to be a

awe the reaper wants to be a skinny bitch now so he is going to puke and make himself skinny. i gues real l dont like fat chicks but himself so he told reaper to lose that ass and stuff his face with carrots and not twinkies all the damn fucking ass time. damn real l get yourself a better women or man ot what ever reaper is cuz i sure in hell dont know what the fuck that kid is.

you act your age wich is 5.

you act your age wich is 5. im reaper and im 5. im reaper the gay 5 year old waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

reaper went away to go puke

reaper went away to go puke some more.

reaper says real ls ass is

reaper says real ls ass is too big.

Enough with using my name.....

why are you always posting as other people and talking about sucking penises? I hope you know thats gay. I dont approve of homosexuals. i will rid the word of people like you. my plan is almost complete. you are all falling into one trap after another.

Yea, about using other peoples names, why you using mine..that will get you no where...

=_=' -Sorry about the new name you'll know why later-

Wow you guys really let yourself go haven't you? I have to say I'm fairly dissapointed. On a note of that i don't have much right to say i'm dissapointed I abandonded this whole thing...but know i really can see why I did. First it was attacks at eachother than fooling around then videos? This isn't even the same thing as it used to be. It's a shame things turned out this way.
Shane,as I call you, if you do happen to see this before I e-mail you I want to give you a heads up that I urgently need to talk to you about that...well you will know, since it is a recent turn of events that crazy random hapanestance. Plus I have quite a few interesting questions to ask you, quite a few indeed. But look at my wrist it's time to go. Fairlwelll or in my earlier years, JaNe.
See you around Shane...maybe...

|Ps: This doesn't in anyway mean that I will be "coming back" I would be quite useless to get myself involved with this rediculious catastrophy. *sigh* but enough of putting this stupid turn out down, I most be going to do something usefull with my time...or not...

(Sarah Lupus): I advise that you all learn a good life leason. You do not know me I do not know you. But if I may have your..eyes but for a moment me and my hostest have come across an interesting idea of the concept of the term "Good and Bad/ Pure and Evil/ Wrong and Right, and since this is a "blog" or whatever it is called it seems fit for something of this idea to be posted here. So let my hostest SL entertain you or upset you with a figment of thought.

SL: Time moves slowly and even slower when you notice. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Ti- then you die. Ah what morbid thoughts are the thoughts of death that come early in the years especially when it's thought in a more...violent way. Can you imagine thinking like a mad man set loose in a city full of innocent beings? Like a lion set in a cage of lambs. But, what if they aren't so innocent? What morals do we have then? Good? Bad? There is no such a thing, just what we believe to be right. No protegonist, no antagonists, just figments of thoughts in our mind bundled together in ghastly ways. If they're right or wrong is up to you. What is right and wrong? It's what we think it is. Only the good Lord decides in the end what is right and wrong so for nowit's what we believe it to be.
Imagine a black world so dark and so full of pain and sorrow, to never have known happyness. Now tell me is that...wrong? Or would that be right? Since you never knew what happyness was in the first place? How could you guess whether it's right or wrong when you have no idea of the concept in which you're guessing right or wrong.
Pah, but I dont expect you to read or understand my...morbid thoughts. They seem crazy don't they? And this is where one would enter a maniacal laughter. My thoughts are mine alone , but I feel I have and edge by emplying there is no right and wrong , good or bad, pure or evil (in humanity/ the human world) We can get in such a caotic debate over whether I'm right or wrong, but that takes me back to my earlier statement of the fact that I am not right or wrong, I'm simply stateing what I think to be right, a figment of my mind all jumbbled and typed down on this site. And so that is my point. There is no right and wrong.

Thank you for anybody who reads this. These are my thoughts and I am sincerly sorry if anyone is offended by this. I am thankful for this opertunity to express myself freely. But it is late and I must be going.

Ja Ne becase this might be the last time I ever say a certain turn of events...ah but look at me go on with my morbid thoughts. Goodbye.

The Real L/ Kira is a black

The Real L/ Kira is a black asshole. Nigger.





waaa waa waaa cry all you

waaa waa waaa cry all you want you big ass baby

your mom is a slave.

your mom is a slave.

Who the hell are you talking

Who the hell are you talking to? I know it's not me, you have no clue what color I am, and if this is some kind of way to try to get me to spill some info, you failed......

hey hey hey now. I didnt

hey hey hey now. I didnt post under you name man. You call yourself the real L. well im the Real Kira. Guess you got confused bra. its ok man its ok. rock on dick face.

hey hey hey now. I didnt

hey hey hey now. I didnt post under you name man. You call yourself the real L. well im the Real Kira. Guess you got confused bra. its ok man its ok. rock on dick face.

lol. you wine ass baby.

lol. you wine ass baby.

woa man trippy. it posted

woa man trippy. it posted twice. thats awsome. hey L you want a blunt man. this shit is good. after this im gonna hit some waves man. its still light out. Oh shit dude this isnt the site i post on. aw fuck man thats weird. i musta clicked that link that reaper kid sent. tripppy man.

I suggest you change your

I suggest you change your name fucker, I have no time for games. my name is one in the same..

woa bra take a chill pill.

woa bra take a chill pill. and im not gonna change my name just cause some pot head told me to. you need to calm down and look at life man. you aint gonna do nothin about my name man. ya cant. its the internet man. ya cant do a thing. so chill bra. you need a break from that anime shit and the computer. your all extra serious about it man. only nerds get serious about that shit bra.

Thats my post..........

Thats my post..........

ok bra i knew that was you

ok bra i knew that was you man. hey no need to be all out of chill man. i mean its just the internet man. i mean be real about stuff man. its no biggy. im real all the time man. i dont lie about nothin man. i mean just be chill man.

just wait fool, you'll see

just wait fool, you'll see just how real this is......

chill bra chill. man i ran

chill bra chill. man i ran into so many dudes like you before on the website i posted on man. they said they were like kira and shit. but we all knew they were lying man. one dude went on that crap for 2 years man. then finally he shut up cause we knew that act was far too old. man you need to chill. i can tell you seem angry all the time man. just chill. there's no point in acting like someone from an anime. i mean death note is the shit. just leave it at that man. only dorks and nerds take it as far as pretending to be kira. but for some reason when you say they are pretending they say they arent. its like they start to beleive theyre own lies or somethin. there's no point to tellin people your kira when you know nobody will beleive you man. its not worth it. its pointless. and like i said only a super nerd would do that. someone who has no life does that shit man. calm that shit down you know. you can do all that shit on the interent but i bet ya five dollars you wont go to no school or job acting the way you do because you know somebody would kick your ass big time. but on the internet you know nobody can do that so you make stories up . and no matter how many times you say they arent stories and they are true you know nobody will beleive you because you cant show any proof of what you say. man i delt with wannabe kira fags before and trust me they were worse than you man. they constantly went on about how i was gonna die and they were gonna blow up ma home town in cali. i knew for a fact they couldnt do that shyt so i kept cursin them out. they went on and on about how they have plans for the new world and how they were like gonna be god and crap. it was pointless cause i mean who would beleive that. there were like 2 dudes who were doin that. then one day somebody came on and posted like 20 pages of why all of what they were doin was pointless and how they were fakes and shit. it was pretty deep. but man no matter what you say theres no way you could scare me. and dont go saying that oh those guys were fakes and your the real deal. cause thats the same junk those guys said. that video i posted was made by one of them. they finally just shut up about all of it. so man chill before your all alone in the world man. nobody likes a liar. and if you still say your kira after all i said man then you got issues man. im out. im goin back to my fourum website that i usually post on. see ya bra.



wow beelzebub I would take

wow beelzebub I would take the offer if it didn't involve my or anybodies soul... I am a merc. basically I go with the highest offer for my abilities all I would want is my powers this time... but my soul is not something I'd give... you would be a Last resort and I haven't another way I am easily tempted by this now... but still I would need proof... mostly, who, and what am I? shouldn't be that hard and who am I currently following? but my soul is not going to be given my " sword and shield " would ...

this place was meant for the

this place was meant for the discusion of kira on what the world would truely do if he were real.

this place is nothing but a

this place is nothing but a joke gumugum if i were you i'd delete it


are you people really that stupid????..........yes..........i am i smart......and the police will never catch me that much is true kira out...........

ha. You

ha. You people are so stupid. there is no kira. get over it. who cares. comipress dies now. enough said.

I agree with you there.

I agree with you there.


Pointless......simply pointless..........I see many fourum websites with death note are all like this........people saying they are kira..claiming to be gods? Ha.......who would beleive such lies.....such tales.....its childish to say such things. To actually come on here..and post about the things you do and think people will fear you? Worship you? its childish........Comi dies today. no matter who posts after wont matter. nobody will care. No matter what you say....wether you say your kira.. or you make fun of somebody.....its pointless. Because only an immature person such as the kids on here would do such things. Nobody will post anymore........and if you do. You will be all alone. So who cares what you say? Your kira blah blah blah. Who cares. nobody thats who. So shut up, move on, and stop being such a foolish child. No matter what you say after my post..if its to make fun of me or not. No one will care. If you really liked anime. You would respect it enough to be a true fan and no be a child and disrespect it as you do. Goodbye young fools. Just so you know. I make anime myself. I made one some of you would be familiar with. But that matters not. You people....need to grow up and show some respect. Because if it werent for us. You would have nothing to talk about on here. So show some respect to the hard workers who make anime just for kids like you and respect that we work our asses of to make you happy. I don't care what you say about me. Go ahead. I don't care. You all need to grow up. Anime are just stories. But also morals to help you through your life. So stop Pretending to be an anime character. And grow up.

This comment thread has been

This comment thread has been closed due to the large amount of spam, death threats, and off-topic comments in general.