Urgent Letter from L

DATE: Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lead Investigator
Special Investigation Headquarters for
Criminal Victim Mass Murder Case

TO: Citizens of the United States


Our original investigation into the perpetrator behind the recent murder of criminals has been focused on the Kanto region of Japan. While we were able to concentrate our efforts there due to localized television broadcasts, we have reason to believe that Kira is now located in the United States.

We have ascertained that Kira needs both a person's name and face in order to carry out his crimes. Because of this, he has been able to protect his own, making our efforts to identify him difficult.

We must advance our efforts to reveal his identity before the number of victims increases and before the innocent citizens of the United States are counted among the fatalities. In order to do this, we are asking for your assistance.

The newest clue is simple, but we believe, will be critical in closing this investigation. Kira's actions are well-planned and thought out, so we must assume that he left this clue because he is either taunting us or wants to be caught.

Please review the clue carefully and remember that a good detective will not study a clue once, but revisit it repeatedly to get a new perspective until the case is officially closed and the criminal brought to justice.


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I've carried out your missin on another Kira case L-sama~~~!!!!~

*sigh* L you are an inspiration to me!!! I love the way you think!!! You are Brilliant! The definition of Detectives!!! I have solved the Belgium Kira case because of your influence on me~~!!! <3

Liar. Mangamoord is still

Liar. Mangamoord is still unsolved. Also, don't give all of the credit to yourself. Others, including myself , have been working extremely hard on this case.

response to "L"

Well "L" I to am working on this case for a few months now I have also come up with some things that people would over looks try to contact me someone of your skill will have no trouble figuring out my email address if you give up just say you would like to work with me and post it here I wait for your reply