Death Note 13 - How to Read

Thought Death Note ended? Behold the 13th volume of Death Note, an official analysis manual - The last "piece" that will help readers discover all the mysteries of Death Note.

There will be a Normal Edition of the book, and a Special first edition version, which will come with special items. The book will be released on Friday, October 13. The Normal edition will be 680 yen ($6.80), the Special edition will be 3,500 yen ($35.00). The Special edition version can only be purchased through reservation:

Reserve the special edition before August 3 online.
If you are to order through your bookstore, reserve it by July 25.
ISBN for normal edition: 4-08-874095-5
ISBN for special edition: 4-08-908053-3


1. True Name Card -L-
A special card that tells you L's real name. Features an original illustration by Takeshi Obata.

2. One Shot "Death Note"
A prototype one shot that was released in Shounen Jump prior to Death Note's serialization. It also includes a 4 koma manga that isn't included in the usual Jump Comics.

3. Death Note Reversible Cover
Front side contains Takeshi Obata 's original art, back side contains Death Note!

4. Super long interview of Obata and Ohba
The truth of Death Note disclosed by the mangaka and the author! It also includes commentary on all the subtitles and other secret stories behind character settings.

5. People, Incidents, ... Investigation on All of the Mysteries of the Story
Profiling of the main characters. Explaination of the Kira incidents according to the story's timeline!

6. Other Data
A list of L's sweets/snacks. Not related to the story, but important for Death Note!

The Special edition will come with the following:

Item 1: Kira incident puppets. A set of 5.
Item 2: Obata Takeshi original art box, which can hold 12 Death Note tankobans. (Tankos are not included, buy them yourself!)

Translated by ocean

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This sounds interesting.

This sounds interesting. Maybe I should purchase this little wonder :3

Joy. YAY!! I'm getting it.



I'm getting it. For sure.

lol hi ocean~ this sounds

lol hi ocean~
this sounds like.. I wouldn't mind the art box to store my viz copies.. :D
and the puppets...assuming they're like kawai plushies

I definatly want this

I definatly want this one..
If only one could read japanese ._.

anyone know a shop that can

anyone know a shop that can ship this to other locations in asia pacific? :-?
feel free to mail me if you do or or
will do

I reeeeeaaaaally want

I reeeeeaaaaally want this!!!! I hope,hope,hope it comes out in English sometime! Please mighty Shonen Jump Advanced make that happen! Please! Lot's of fans will be happy! So please! If they don't then I'll be like the picture attached to this comment for the rest of my life. So I beg you, PLEASE!!! :banghead:

I don't think it will. Data

I don't think it will. Data books don't usually come out here nor do the special edition items ever. It would be really nice but I just don't think so. You'd really better get it while its there. It'll be gone soon I'm sure. But if it does come out it won't be out for a long while a long long while America is so darn slow. :-(

Yes, it will

Stores such as Barnes and Noble will have it available on February 19th

L's True Name






That spoiler wont kill you trust me, that info you cant get from Anime/Manga, only by buying a special edition called "How to read 13".
And trust me, you'll be craz to find it after you see the end of the Anime, so let's say he just "saved" you and not "killed u wih spoilers" (that's not an spoiler at all, that's doesnt even in the anime/managa..)

Idiot were so asking for it by coming here anyways

Haha, that's old news!

Landohiu, most of us have known that for a while now XDD But seriously, that's messed up for those who didn't know that. I know it's technically not a spoiler but that's still something people don't want spoiled for them. But I do want to know if that's his first or last name? It sounds like a last name but I've heard people saying it like if it's his first name.

you ass you should not have

you ass you should not have said the godda????????? name ass

pls. ans.

is there a continuation about the boy in volume 13? pls answer...

No continuation

I think volume 13 is the last one?


So volume 13 is def. not released in America and will seemingly never be released here? Dern. ;_;


How do you think we english people feel, we have to import all our manga, an official UK version of the original dragonball manga only came out 2 years ago, how sucky is that, luckily though i know a good shop that has imported all the deathnote series ^_^

I can't wait!!!

Guys, it's coming to the States. I just read in Shonen Jump that it's coming next year! YAY!!! But I think I'll buy the regular version. I mean, if the special edition was only a few dollars more, then ok I'd buy it. But $35.00 is too much for me. I wish I could have those puppets, though T_T

Need to get it

I can't wait I have to order it asap I want to know L's real name (I didn't read the one here) and I can read japanese :P

i cannot find this book yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go to the book store 2 times a week and I can never find this darn book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me which store I have to go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a copy

I did get a copy of the Japanses Version, my local bookstore was selling two copies-normal edition- at ??8.50 each...I bought it knowing it was a once in a lifetime thing, I think I'll tell you about it (please don't hate me I'm not trying to brag)
First it shows info and Stats on all the characters in the series, then the Shinigami (including ones you didn't know qbout)
Then it shows the evnts of Death Note in detail, and of course, the interview with Takeshi Obata and Ohba Tsugumi. Then it even tells you how to draw the characters including the design processes. tHen all the DN rules. Then an odd section (no idea I can't read japanese) called 'How to Play'Ryuk's Jiyuuchou'
which looks like lists of stuff, like L's calorie intake in the entire series, Near's toy wishlist, Misa's wardrobe. Then some short comics with L falling of a cliff, Ryuk finding a holy apple. Watari whelling L around ina pram,L, Light and Misa's day at the beach, Ryuk (what look's like) vomiting in Misa's underwear. And the original story for Shonen Jump which reveals -THE BIGGEST SPOILER EVR TURN THE F*CK AWAY NOW - That the victims off the death note come back to life if erased with a rubber. I hope this is useful and you didn't ignore the spoiler warning

L and Light at the Beach

I own a Death Note online club and have been desperately trying to find scanlations of the short comics in this book (such as the beach story) online to no avail. I'd like to show them to our club members. Do you know where I can find these shorts online or may I ask if there is anyway you can post them online for our club? Thank you. :)

Don't go crazy over my

Don't go crazy over my name.. darn.. =.=
Its cool with fangirls, but dont go crazy please =u=
Its cool you know my name huh? What do you want?.. I hope you dont kill me like Light did...
Heh.. He was my friend.. Not anymore i can tell you. (Secretly he is? I dont know..)

Takeshi.. Made the story like a life thingy.. You know.

Hm.. Dont care =)

^^^ Post above me. Haha.

^^^ Post above me.


The people don't actually

The people don't actually come back to life if their names are erased. That was a beginning idea that never made it into the final piece. And and and....I want to see Near's toy wish list!! If anyone (who has the book) wants to tell it to me just send me an email!!




How do you buy it... I can't read what the website says... :( I wish I knew Japanese...

You guys are dumb. Vol. 13

You guys are dumb. Vol. 13 is already out. It's been out. I got it last year in Eng. at Barnes and Nobles. You can also get it at Borders. It's also not the last book. You still have the BB Murder case book and L File No. 15, which the movie is called L Change The World. Those two books will be made into movies. I bet you also didn't know that the Shinigami who visits Ryuk is Light. He goes to find him by asking the other Shinigami where he is because he explains to them he did great things on earth and found Ryuk and Ryuk knew who the Shinigami was and Ryuk basically tells Light what all happened. Death Note is Ryuk's story. Also, Misa kills herself one year later after she found out Light was Kira and dies. She stabs herself because that's how she was supposed to die anyways before Gelus saved her.

Haha. xD I so want the

Haha. xD
I so want the little finger puppets.
I would bring them to school and freak people out with them. ;D