topThe world of mangaka often produce fascinating stories. Some of them simply an interesting read, while others outright impossible. Some of these stories are true, while others are rumors that found their way into internet bulletin boards and became "real."

Gossips or not, these stories are nonetheless fun to read. Below is a translation of an article detailing some of these fascinating stories:

All the hot gossip here! - Secrets of the comic book artists exposed!

You are a comic book fan; you passionately love comics and see them as food for your soul. And just as you love comic books, you love their creators; you love them as much as your own parents and marvel at how they could have the energy and imagination to continue time after time to create such magic. The image of them in your mind is dazzling and heroic. At some point, however, the thought may have occurred to you 'comic book creators are real people too; beneath the veneer of fame, their lives share the same realities as ours.' Sometimes such an idea can come as a shock to you! It is these stories behind the storytellers that we will call 'gossip' here. So what is the gossip on their lives? Do you dare join us in digging up their secrets?

From this point it's going to get unflattering for some comic creators.

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According to Canned Dogs, MediaWorks' Dengeki Daioh maybe relaunched in June:

The June issue of Dengeki Daioh which will be released on the 21st of April contains a mysterious ad depicting a baby feeling up Shana and a message saying that a brand new Dengeki Daioh will be revealed in June.

AoD has more information regarding Newtype USA's suspension (with the February 2008 issue being the last issue):

The magazine will apparently be reworked into another new magazine through which the company hopes to continue their long advertising relationships with everyone. The changes talked about within the email relate to licensing needs that go back to Japan but are also likely the result of the changing landscape in the US market.

Also, MangaBlog and AoD have some leaked information (later confirmed by ANN) on the name of the new magazine that will replace Newtype USA:

ADV is telling potential advertisers that their new magazine will be called PIQ (as in "sneak peak" or "pique your interest").

topKouji Kumeta is known for the manga Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which was adapted into an anime last year and is currently serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine.

In chapter 118 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Kumeta wrote:

"if Jump SQ shows intention to collaborate, I may consider creating a new fantasy manga for it."

Since then, rumors and discussions about a new Kumeta manga on Shueisha's Jump SQ have been steadily heating up.

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ANN is reporting that the Belgian police has reached an dead end in the investigation of the recent "Death Note" murder:

The Belgian press have nicknamed the case "Mangamoord" ("Manga Murder" in Dutch), although the police officials emphasize that they cannot rule conclusively that the case was indeed murder. They also note that they have found no further connection between the manga and the case, despite the two notes. The circumstances of the real-life case were not similar to those of any fictional portrayal of death in the manga series.

MangaCast points to an AoD post, which has discovered a new manga listed under Broccoli Books on

Also discovered by MangaCast are three new tentative adult titles from Icarus Publishing:

  • MazoChiChi by Erect Touch
  • Read Me! by Hinemosu Notari
  • Sanka no Koku by Yuuki

Read More » is reporting that notes with the message "Watashi wa Kira desu" ("I am Kira") were found near the scene of a murder in southern Brussels last week. According to the report, "local police have launched a murder investigation and that they consider it unlikely that the notes were left there coincidentally [...] Translated versions of "Death Note" are available in Belgium, where the comic is popular among young people."

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According to a thread on Rumic World's forum, a scanlation group called Freelance-Manga sent a letter to Viz Media regarding the handling of the manga Inuyasha. Freelance-Manga later announced that a supervising editor from Viz responded to the letter:

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According to the latest Jump info, after 8 years of serialization, The Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi will end in issue 52 of Weekly Shonen Jump. Also, Belmonde le VisiteuR by Shomei Ishioka will end in Weekly Jump No.48, and Boku no Watashi no Yusha Gaku by Shuichi Aso will end in Weekly Jump No.49.

Edit: It was later confirmed that The Prince of Tennis will not end in November.

Yaoi Suki points out a new yaoi manga listed on titled Yakuza In Love. According to the listing, the manga will be published by Deux and will be released in January 2008.