Viz Responds to Letter from Scanlation Group?

According to a thread on Rumic World's forum, a scanlation group called Freelance-Manga sent a letter to Viz Media regarding the handling of the manga Inuyasha. Freelance-Manga later announced that a supervising editor from Viz responded to the letter:

[...] he really sounded frustrated that he there is little he can do with regard to the flipping and release pace. As a supervising editor, he does have a voice in these manners, but any such decision would have to be reviewed and approved by top level executives like Alvin Lu (VP of Publishing) and Liza Coppola (VP of Marketing). Additionally, he will be examining my scanlations to see if he learn anything that might help him improve Viz's handling of the manga. [...]

Note that there has been no official confirmation regarding Viz's response.