New Manga From Icarus Publishing, Infinity Studios Manga Delayed, New Broccoli Licensing Rumors

MangaCast points to an AoD post, which has discovered a new manga listed under Broccoli Books on

Also discovered by MangaCast are three new tentative adult titles from Icarus Publishing:

  • MazoChiChi by Erect Touch
  • Read Me! by Hinemosu Notari
  • Sanka no Koku by Yuuki

Last but not least, according to a message on Infinity Studios's website, the manga Ninin ga Shinobuden, originally to be released in August, will now be out sometime late October:

Ninin ga Shinobuden - This item was originally to go on sale on 8/24/07, however, due to issues we had with our old overseas printshop we had to reprint & reschedule this title with our new North American printshop. This title will begin printing in late October and is expected to arrive towards the end of November 2007. We apologize to our customers in regards to this unexpected delay, but it is our sincerest wish to make available only the highest quality error-free graphic novels on the market.

-Infinity Studios