Infinity Studios, LLC Announces Online Pre-Ordering Option

RICHMOND, CA - July 31, 2007 - Infinity Studios, LLC announced today that in August 2007, manga fans will be able to purchase Infinity Studios, LLC manga titles at least one month, prior to the title hitting retail bookshelves at the company's online store located within the official company's website. More information can be found on the company's website at

Pre-orders will become available for each and every upcoming title approximately 1 to 2 months prior to each particular book's/volume's release date. It's possible we may offer slight discounts for pre-orders but there won't be any uniform discount rate so visitors will have to check the individual title information for any possible discounts. "In addition, some of our future pre-order titles will come with promotional items and freebies which will be announced at the time of the title's release", states, Infinity Studios, LLC President and CEO, Jay Chung. Mr. Chung also states, A lot of our hard core readers, who like to get their manga ASAP, have noticed that we release our titles sooner (at least one month prior to the title hitting retail shelves) on our website and asked us to create a pre-order system so they can obtain their manga as soon as the title is released. This pre-order feature is only available on the Infinity Studios, LLC website at

Titles that will be released in August include ICHIGEKI SACCHU HOIHOI-SAN Vol. 1 and NININ GA SHINOBUDEN (2X2=SHINOBUDEN) Vol. 3. Upon activation of the online pre-ordering system, fans will be able to immediately pre-order hit titles such as KYOUHAKU DOGS Vol. 1, UNBALANCE UNBALANCE Vol. 2 and CHUN RHANG YHUR JHUN Vol. 4.

Discussions on this or any Infinity Studios, LLC series/titles/products can be found on online in the forum area of the Infinity Studios, LLC website located at

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Headquartered in Richmond, California, Infinity Studios, LLC is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of Asian Graphic Novels. Founded in 2004, Infinity Studios, LLC maintains operations in the U.S., Japan and Korea. More information about Infinity Studios, LLC and its products can be found on the company┬╣s World Wide Web site, which is located at