Infinity Studios, LCC Announces: Unbalance Unbalance Vol. 1 and Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun Vol. 2 on Bookstores Shelves Now!

RICHMOND, CA ­ November 13, 2006 ­ Infinity Studios, LLC ships the "must haves" of November-UNBALANCE UNBALANCE Vol. 1 (a serious love drama graphic novel by Dall-Young Lim and Soo-Hyon Lee) and CHUN RHANG YHUR JHUN (CRYJ) Vol. 2 (the 2nd installment of a action/adventure series by one of Korea's most well recognized graphic novel artist's-Sung-Woo Park). More information can be found on the company's website at

Prepare for a breath of fresh in Infinity Studios, LLC's serious love drama UNBALANCE UNBALANCE Volume 1, a 200 page Korean color graphic novel (art work by Soo-Hyon Lee and story by Dall-Young Lim). With so many graphic novels falling into the love-comedy category, Unbalance Unbalance Volume 1 is a welcome change of pace with the serious love-drama many fans have been demanding.

UNBALANCE UNBALANCE Volume 1 begins as a young man finds and returns a lost wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young lady, thus begins the destined relationship between two strangers. Sound typical? Well then, how about making the young lady the young man's future homeroom teacher, and give them both a twisted sense of right and wrong. And just for kicks, let's have the young man help himself to a self proclaimed reward from the lost wallet before returning it, but of course, this scenario wouldn't be complete unless the young lady was very unforgiving when it came to teaching one of her students a lesson on morals.

This is the situation under which Jin-Ho, a senior in high school, meets his(future) homeroom teacher, Ms Hae-Young Na. While both are dead set on triumphing over the other, one as a strict teacher and the other as a rebellious student, fate constantly seems to interfere and place them into situations which increasingly makes them friends and perhaps much much more.

In CRYJ Volume 2, the saga continues with a common enemy to defeat, O'Rhang Yhun, Ha-Rhang Whur, and Dahn-Ryoung head off to Nanjing Province to clash with the Chief of Chung-Sue-Moon. But before they can strike, one of Dahn-Ryoung's old acquaintances betrays the group and sets them up for a trap. Rejoin the world of CHUN RHANG YHUR JHUN as O'Rhang fights his way out of battle to the next as he grows stronger, and falls more and more in love with the cold yet beautiful swordswoman, Lady Whur. This title is considered a BGI (Borders Group International) "Summer Sizzler" as well as a best seller-a definite must read!

Both titles include beautifully drawn art and a stunning dust jacket! UNBALANCE UNBALANCE Vol. 1 is available for a suggested retail price of $9.95 and is rated 15+. CRYJ Vol. 2 is available for a suggested retail price of $10.95 and is rated 13+. Both titles as well as all other book titles currently receive free USPS shipping on all online orders placed at

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