Vol. 6 Of Sung-Woo Park's Masterpiece "NOW" Available Exclusively At WWW.INFINITYSTUDIOS.COM

Back By Popular Demand! BLOOD ALONE Vol. 1-Also Available For Online Purchase

RICHMOND, CA ­ September 19, 2006 ­ Infinity Studios, LLC is releasing NOW Vol. 6-a thrilling, action adventure graphic novel by one of Korea's most well recognized graphic novel artist's (Sung-Woo Park). NOW is the highly anticipated sequel of the international hit series CHUN RHANG YHUR JHUN. With beautifully drawn art, stunning dust jacket, fold out poster and color pages-NOW Vol. 6 will continue to draw fans into its spell!

Now Vol. 6 (130 mm x 183 mm, 188 pages) is a thrilling action adventure manga with great story flow and cliff hangers and is not only drawn by one of Korea¹s most renown artists, Sung-Woo Park- with over 9 titles under his belt, but is also a top selling Japanese title and the all-time best selling Korean title in Asia (35,000 in print to date with high ranks in TPB sales and popularity rankings in Korea).

After their last battle with Dharuma, Ah-Rin and Bi-Ryu are in critical condition and Cho-Ryung sets out on a mission to bring back badly needed medicinal herbs to heal the two. However, during her mission to seek out the herbs, So-Goon and Shi-Rhang confronts Cho-Ryung with a mission of their own - A mission to capture and bring back Cho-Ryung to Gwi Wong Mo, their cruel and twisted master!

Also, back by popular demand! One of Infinity Studios, LLC's most popular and sold out title BLOOD ALONE Vol. 1 is now available online. Blood Alone Vol. 1 is a heartwarming and visually stunning romance story with a good balance of action, comedy and suspense. With innovative non-framed artwork, a stunning slip on cover (using special ink) and the most elegant and aesthetic packaging and interior contents ever! The words elegant and beautiful are simply not enough to describe this series!

NOW Vol. 6 is available for a suggested retail price of $10.95 and is rated 13+. BLOOD ALONE Vol. 1 is available for a suggested retail price of $9.95 and is rated 13+. Both titles as well as all other book titles currently receive free USPS shipping on all online orders placed at http://www.infinitystudios.com/. Please note that all online pre-orders for NOW Vol. 6 have been shipped.

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