Update: Death Note Author Arrested on Weapons Offence

In response to Death Note/Hikaru no Go artist Takeshi Obata's recent arrest, Shueisha, his publisher, has announced that, until they can verify the details of the incident, they are not considering any actions such as pulling his work from stores.

Of Obata's work, Hikaru no Go (story: Yumi Hotta) has sold approximately 10 million copies over the span of 23 volumes, while Death Note (story: Tsugumi Ohba) has sold approximately 20 million copies over a span of 12 volumes. Publicists for Shueisha commented, "we are currently verifying the factual details of this incident, and are not considering pulling titles from circulation or any such action at this time."

Death Note was adapted into a live-action movie by Nihon TV (NTV), the first part of which was released in Japan in June and became a smash-hit, drawing an audience of over 2 million people. The movie was released in Hong Kong as well, and the sequel, which concludes the story, is slated for a November release. An anime adaptation is also slated to begin airing in October on NTV, but publicists for the station claim that "the person in charge is unavailable, and we cannot comment on the matter."

translated by Neuroretardant

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Death Note the movie

Death Note, should come to america because alot of the fans of the manga would love to se the movie that was created from it!

Hell I'd be happy if they

Hell I'd be happy if they would sub the movie in English. I just discovered the manga a week ago and could not stop reading and now that I've finnished the novels I do not know what could be possably left in life- yes it IS that good. ^^

greetss from the netherlands

greetss from the netherlands i love it !!

If they came out with an

If they came out with an american version they'll most likely ruin the whole thing like they did with The Ring, ect.

Unless they decide to just put subs (WHICH THEY DID! it's just hard to find) instead of re-placing entire cast crew with americans e_e;

they should not remake the

they should not remake the movie... they should just dub it, and does anyone of you saw the first movie? im still looking for part two. Imagine the impact it would made if that movie reach the states !!

I agree with above, american

I agree with above, american remakes of any film are allways 'amercanised'. I've been a fan of manga since the late 80's and hate to see anime movies that are even dubbed by americans (Akira was RUINED!) let alone being trashed by making a live action american version (remember 'Crying freeman'?) what would be next, Dominion tank police? GITS?
Keep Death note where it is and just comission more!!!

As for a dubbed version, just get the dvd and download english subs for it like everyone else!

DEATH NOTE coming to the Philippines

I am happy that DEATH NOTE is coming here but my problem is, it will be shown in a stupid network.. Surely i know that the dubbing will suck because when they dubbed Hikaru no Go Shindoh's voice was like a cockcroach..


wen dw kya ipaair dito sa phil?


ows di nga?? ipapalabas sa atin? what stupid channel is it? when? tnx^^

no there should not be an

no there should not be an american remake of death note. they'll just cast 'american' actors and american remakes are just 'plain' gay. they wreck the original movie. so America/ns STAY AWAY FROM DEATH NOTE!!!

Yeah, uh, you should do some

Yeah, uh, you should do some research...baka. They are already starting the dubbing, and it's not really a dubbing it's the same actors doing their lines in english, so no Americans are doing it...and don't tell the Americans to stay away from Deathnote...YOU should stay away from Deathnote you are not logical enough to understand the complexity that is Deathnote.

I'm a gay

Oh, and continue calling americans gay if you need to but first write down Raito's last name backwards.
P.S It's Yagami if you don't know his last name.

the newspaper called Death

the newspaper called Death Note, "Poison, creating wicked hearts."

honestly if they brought Death Note in a format that would be viewed by that mass amounts of people like a live action movie something like the above would happen because a lot of ppl in america are too sensitive for something like death note.

What kind of weapon?

I'm not trying to kill the seriousness of the fact that Obata-san's works could be discontinued, but does anyone else find it ironic that the artist of 'Death Note' got arrested for a weapons offense??? It just struck me as kind of oddly funny. As for what as been said so far, I rather like dubbed versions of certain anime. And English voice directors go through a lot of trouble to consult the Japanese voice directors and get their opinions and make sure everything sounds alright to them. And yes, a lot of people in America are too sensitive for a lot of things. I live in America. I'm a witness to it everyday. Americans are too sensitive for their own subcultures. But most would be unlikely to take something like a modified notebook so seriously because there is hardly anyone left here that would believe you if you told them they were going to die because their name was on a piece of paper. Would be interesting if it were true though, right?

I know this is an old

I know this is an old article, but I felt like posting anyways. I just wanted to say that just because an employee has personal issues to deal with, doesn't mean you need to bring those issues to work. Yes, I know honor and appearances are important, but people make mistakes. The Japanese public should realize this too. Show me the perfect person and I'll show you they are not. The _RIGHT_ (tm) thing to do is to help them and teach them. Why do people always insist on making things worse? All you would end up doing in this case is to make your fans angry by altering the series for some other agenda. The call to action here is to not judge others so harshly. ^_^

i just heard

i just heard what the voice of light on viz and it sounds really horrible

Death Note

What an enjoyable series, overall.

I was kind of shocked that it came to an end so soon, and in the manner that it did. Although, ..Can't say he didn't have it coming.

I'll just keep hoping for any sort of continuation of the series, but I'm not holding my breath. =[


90% of you people are

90% of you people are morons. Did you bother to read most of that article? Probably not. Kudos to those who actually commented about Obata's charges and shame on you who once again show the world that anime fans are rapidly becoming a pack of raving otaku.


*rave* *rave* *rave* lol otaku's.. away!!! lol *writes own name in death note* lalalala, meow meow meow meow meow.. nya nya nya nya nya.. hehe.. neko. nya.. tehe-su

this serious was good....in

this serious was good....in a creepy kinda way...
takeshi...thats a nice name.... what was that guy charged with again, i got distracted by all the AWSOMERIFIC otaku coments ^^

Real Or Fake?

Hi i was jsut wondering if the death note is real like arre theyre really such thing as the shinigami and the death note? hmm ??..? i wonder if someone poses sucha power .... is their a person named kira? or what?? i woukld lile to know. and boy would 9t be cool to have the death note?... >.<

Yes, there is a person with

Yes, there is a person with the allias of 'Kira', but he is only a phsyco killer. He did not use a Death Note to kill anyone.


It wouldn't matter if America did remake the Death Note movie, anyway. The Japanese movie is ridiculous and doesn't even try to follow the story of Death Note at all. Not to mention the actor playing Light is pretty damn ugly.

yes there should have death note in americain

First of all i'll just say i love the show but a dont watch that kind of stuff often so i do find it weird.
For example the first time that light meets misa and takes her in his armes... That just sucked.
I'm sure they could make some thing good of it in americain if they try

p.s: i'm french i suck in english(no commets plz)

Ok, so this was about the

Ok, so this was about the author's weapon offense and I saw very few actually comment on that. No wonder there are no Otaku in political power...

And no, it would not be cool

And no, it would not be cool to have the Death Note. Having some self-righteous college boy that has access to that kind of power would spell disaster. People need to understand that it's not the author's intention to glorify Kira or say that it's good to kill. It is my personal opinion that he intended for the audience to review the consequences of Kira's actions and makes us think if there is really ANY human that should have that kind of power.
If anyone could have a Death Note, shinigami would be out of a job. Plus, most of the shinigami (save for the one that saved that girl's life) are rational in their decisions and don't have similar emotions that humans posess that would cloud our judgement.
Just thought I would throw that out there.


my god. they remake so many movies... and it sucks.
be original, man! The origial of the movies are
great as it is. Dont ruin it...

i heard a rumor that they

i heard a rumor that they will a new sequel of death note its called "L reborn"