Death Note Author Arrested on Weapons Offence

Sankei Web is reporting that Takeshi Obata, author of the popular manga series Hikaru no Go and Death Note, was arrested on September 6th for possession of a weapon.

According to reports, Obata was driving a vehicle in the Sakai district of Musashino City, Tokyo at 12:30 a.m with his headlights turned off when he was stopped by a police officer. The officer noticed a small knife hanging off of his keychain, and, upon inspecting the vehicle, found a folding army knife with a blade length of 8.6cm (3 1/2 inches) in the glove compartment.

Mr. Obata has stated "I had the knife on me for when I went camping. I regret that this happened."

translated by Neuroretardant

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Kira is God

I just wanted to say that it was just a mistake that he had the knife, it was just a coincidence.
Kira's God


Kira is God? I hope you don't really believe that. Death Note is a great manga but it seems to have a bad influence on people. -____-

Death Note is REAL

Dude not joking Death Note is real, every one knows, the book will soon will be on Earth... dont call me a fool or stupid...its REAL!

If the book is real and comes to earth

If the book is real, if I'm the one who is given it, I'd want to use it, but I'd probally be too scared too....

to be honest I do not want

to be honest I do not want the option to of the choice, because to me the Deathnote is sort of like the "One Ring" If it came into my possession I would use it in order to accomplish good in the world but fear eventually I would fall just as light did.

that sucks

Well that kindof stinks that he got arrested...
and as ernesto p said
Kira is God

i wish

man i wish Light or L didnt have to die it almost made me cry I WISH THE SERIES WAS LONGER


Death note has had no negative impact on this world, it's only shown the world that Kira is needed,in this ruined world.

Even if Kira were real, he

Even if Kira were real, he wouldn't be anything close to a God.


Uhm... Kira is more than close to a God. He's a SHINIGAMI. And if you don't know what that is, you shouldn't be here :L


Oh, that's so unintentionally funny. Even the creators claim that the cerebral content of Death Note is imprecise; a derivation made almost purely by fans.
To deny the obvious intelligence of the creators, though, would be an injustice.
Gods are made. Props to you for noticing. However, the realization of a god and its continued existence are subject to scrutiny from a culture much ahead of ours, and it's doubtful anyone would fervently maintain that view from their perspective.
It's a sensation that should raise the bar for comics in Japan--at least current ones. But already, look how the past has been forgotten. Older intelligent comics are already Ozymandias.
Bonus if you know the comic that features a character named after a poetical proxy for a real-life pharoah.
Okay--time's up. Obata carrying a knife makes perfect sense, though--he's Obata.

Kira, real?

Who's to say a death note can't be real? Anything is possible. True, Death Note could just be an anime, but what if Shinigami and Deathnotes were realistic? Think about it, if someone was careful, and hidden, how would you know a death note was behind criminals' deaths?

Start watching the news- and spread internet word.
You never know if a "Kira" could raise up.

Raise of Kira

I agree that a "Kira" figure might arise, though I highly doubt that they would use a death note. I am quite certain that they really are not real, even though that would be amazing... So many people would be dead already!

I think a Kira figure is exactly what the word needs. If one was to raise, I would take their side. It is perfectly logical.

Raise of Kira

I agree that a "Kira" figure might arise, though I highly doubt that they would use a death note. I am quite certain that they really are not real, even though that would be amazing... So many people would be dead already!

I think a Kira figure is exactly what the word needs. If one was to raise, I would take their side. It is perfectly logical.

...I want you to contact me.

...I want you to contact me. What websites can I reach you on?

kira- more of an idea than a god....

Kira is more than just a manga character, he is (or it is) an idea. Kira the death note charater is not real, that much is obviouse. How many times have you ever wished death upon a criminal? Kira is an idea that can be followed like a religeon. Its not completly impossible that a group or cult could form claiming to be under the rule of a "kira". In fact it isnt entirly impossible that all religeons are ideas of set values that are followed to maintain order. Maybe a religeon of set values could be spawned to create choas- or maybe in some points of veiws, to maintain order in a more effective way. There is a "kira" in all of us. Maybe one day crime will decimate and there will be a perfect rule on the world. lol im getting carried away, im not ranting to start or condone a cult but rather to get everyone to look at kira in a differant point of veiw.

(sigh) I hate to break this

(sigh) I hate to break this to everyone here but even if "kira" was real this world would not come to peace. No this world would only be under the control of a person with a god complex. Basically someone like Light but when all the world
is rid of crime whats to say that "kira" would not want more. Hell it is human nature to want more and more sometimes to the point where we kill someone to get it as seen in the Death Note. The only way for this world to truly be peaceful is to destroy all the beings on this planet.The only question is will you do it?

oh you people...

you all cetainly are an interesting bunch aren't you? Especially you "Kira" supporters. You definately know how to keep me from boredom.

Agreed, but I agree

True, but they all have a point.

I think that if the right person had a killing device like that deathnote and did not have a god complex. That would be good, but only if they were extremelly careful and did not over do anything.

Although there are people are wrongly accused, or framed. Plus the fact already stated that the world could not function under a single group or person with full power over death. Especially places like america. There are too many people whose personality and attitude just conflicted with it creating a mental problem.

I don't think that is

I don't think that is feasible. Moreover I don't see any reason why that kind of private information would be publicly available. Is there any particular reason why you'd like to know the address using the license number?

I'm scared

this thing is kind of scary, I didn't think that Kira supporters would actually exist... did you know that there were two dead bodies found by hikers with identical notes reading "Watashi wa Kira" in broken Japanese meaning I am Kira? They couldn't confirm it as murder though, scary huh? also there was recently a threat from some kids to their school about using a death note and the kids were arrested, the cops treated it just like a bomb threat.

Yeah !

they found KIRA supporters ????????????
woo ! that is scary, but also good, i'm a tottal suporter of kira and his policy is savage but great !



Don't know how I got here but wow! Y'all are fucked in the head. So many things going on in the world right now and y'all are like 'OMG, KIRA R GAWD'. Open your eyes and realise that the world is full of horrid things and this will continue to happen unless what Kamquat said before happens. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE EVIL. MUHAHAHAKEKEKE

Peace out


I hope Kira can't kill me by tracing my IP. ^.^


Kira as God... it would cut down on crime, but I try not to believe the existence of anything in shows or movies or animes. This is because I watched the Matrix, and the possability of that being real cuts out everything else from possibly even existing...


Y'all have seen the Matrix, correct? If you think Death Note could be real, so could the Matrix.

Kira can exist!

How can some people say the thought of a "Kira" is obserred! Have you seen some of the things people believe in and what they have done with there lifes believing in there "God" of some-sort. I for one don't doubt such people like Criss Angel and anyone who has seen that sort of thing in real life couldn't say a "kira" couldn't exist. And for all thoughs who doubt that a "Kira" can exist, think about the rediculous things that may be in you'r beliefs!

T.A or T.M

I think that KIRA sould exist because all of these criminal have to die and the others have to work to be able in the society no?
And all the others who said that kira can't exist well i think that they never had a really childhood and they always said that's is impossible.
So use that what that you're believing not that the others are believing.

kira as god

there is no possible way that kira could exist. even if he did exist, then the ideological view of kira would not be correct. if kira were to 'rid the world of evil' then he would be wiping out over 70% of the earths population. if death notes actually existed they should be returned or destroyed. look for the new season soon.

The "New L" hm?

I noticed your sufficient lack of grammatically correct statements. Anyone who would name themself after a manga character must have self-esteem issues; am I right?

T.A or T.M

Yeah that's just what I said before.
Just ask that question to yourself : why ''tsugumi ohba'' wrote that story.
There is something happened in her life and I want to discover it...
to talk about this :

and only e mail not instant message please.
Thanks for reading.

DEATH NOTE is real


Kira died...the book will be sent to Earth once more.

Perfectly Dystopian

The ideology of Light Yagami and his supporters, or rather, Kira's supporters, are missing a crucial factor.

Light Yagami's world is that of a dystopian society, not a utopian one.

Though eradicating the world of crime sounds like a noble goal, people are not able to live in the peace that Light Yagami believes he is creating for fear. Even if that fear is the irrational fear that they may become a mistaken victim, it is clear in the storyline, ESPECIALLY the manga, that the creators of the series as well as the moral of the series is that if you create security at the cost of the daily fear of everyday people, you're creating an artificial society just as dark as the one you seek to replace.

Fact. ^^



Hmm. Interesting opinions from BOTH sides. But it is difficult to tell if Kira supporters are born from true believers or fangirls... Would you believe in "Kira" or a death note if this story was never developed? In addition, you should consider the logical side; if there is a real god, chances are that no one knows who or what they are. What I am saying is, if someone can invent a "religion", it cannot possibly be real. It's like me guessing all the lottery numbers for the next 10 years correctly; it is simply not possible. Therefore, Death Note is not real. (Note that the creators themselves have said there is no truth to it)

Hmmmm... sadly, the closest, REAL person to Kira would be Hitler; trying to rule using fear and eliminating what he deems an "imperfection".

Now all of you Kira supporters, I EXPECT some hate mail for all this. It would be a shame to do all this writing without some interesting threats or insults to follow, now wouldn't it?


How do YOU know?! A Death Note could be real! What evidence do you have that it doesn't exist, if your so smart? We need someone like Kira! I know that someone out there is waiting for a way to rise up. They just need the support of people who WANT to change this world. your just being pessimistic!

This is stupid

You people are insane. No way could a death note exist. It would not, however, be impossible if a bunch of people around the world started working together to kill criminals by conventional methods...

Please note:

Ok, First: I love Death Note. it is a great series. I admit, I support Kira, but not as much as I used to (I was bordering on psychosis at the time, so all my emotions were extremes). Yes, the people of the Earth NEED a saviour, a God to lead us from our wretched sins, but ... How many of us are really ready? If Kira came to you and said "follow me", how many, and I even question myself here, would do so without question or pause? The world is not prepared to admit that it is wrong and in need of saving. Too many aren't ready for a God to save us, because they don't care. They don't believe, or their scared, or whatever, but they aren't ready.

My point is, Death Note rocks. It always will. But do not confuse Light being a god with Kira being a god. Humans and ideals are not one and the same. Which is why Light, and Kira, failed in the anime/manga and could not exist in reality (sorry to all you believers, I mean no offense.) because ideals need a face to be real, and no human can be a God, no matter how righteous, or how much good he does. That's why we're human. That's why anything about us matters. We aren't gods.

The wise will assist the need...

KIRA supporters. I am will not say KIRA excists or not. What can be said os that light yagames ideals for a new world for people to live in a free world free of crime. there is a chance that someone out there in the world is going to become a detective. He as a single person may dedicate himself to righteous ideals for the world. He may even have slackige grades to fool people of his TRUE potential!!!! There will be a savior for all those who call out for help. Even if they don't die of heartattacks or such way. This person must be willing to sacrifice his personal life, his social life, give full dedication To justice. I can promise ALL Those who support KIRA, will see the rise of a human form of JUSTICE

I would Help him

This world is full of rotten people. I want this world to change, and the only way is with Kira. I believe in his cause and I'm sure that he would be able to save earth from the clutches of evil.

I will support Kira when he does rise from our midst.


Listen to you people. I know

Listen to you people. I know that you want a new world, but killing criminals only makes things worse. If Kira really does exist, tell him to kill me now. Do it. If you really are justice you'll do it and save yourself.

You'll show the world what kind of scum you really are.

L about you anime about you anime nerds grow up and stop thinking this shit is real. get a life and a grip. Losers.


You really should be more polite about how you word your responses. Calling us anime nerds just because we happen to really enjoy an anime is very stupid, and it makes you seem really immature, when it comes down to it. How would you feel if I insulted you over something you happen to enjoy, hmm? Please keep your mouth shut if you have nothing meaningful to say, alright?

Now, on another note, let me say this: Kira, as in Yagami Raito, the boy from Death Note, obviously is not real. As much as some of us likely wish, anime characters cannot come to life. However, just because Raito doesn't exist, doesn't mean that the concept of "Kira" can't be real.

This world, to use Raito's term, is rotting. It's falling to pieces beneath our feet, but we don't even realize it, because of the way we've been raised. I honestly do believe that killing criminals isn't wrong, and that Raito had it right. However, if there were Death Notes in real life (and it's possible, in my opinion), I really don't believe that a human could use one without ending up as Raito did. Insane, power hungry; that much power in a human's hands can only end in disaster, at least in these times. Maybe years from now, but not in this day and age.

I would love for there to be a real life Kira. In fact, I plan on getting the word KIRA tattoed on my body, for I believe in his opinions and values. But, I sincerely doubt that there could be a real life Kira, for giving a human such power can only end in disaster, as I said earlier. If you gave me a Death Note, I would likely lose myself, for I would definitly use it. The urge would be too strong to resist. It's unfortunate, but true. The world could use a Kira, with the filth inhabiting it, but it would take a human with a strong constitution to resist going power hungry and insane, and they would not be god. Only a god can choose whether or not a human can become a god, and yes, before you ask, I am not christian. I am Wiccan, and believe in multiple gods and goddesses, and I believe that they were all formaly human. But my religious beliefs are not important here. What is important is this: Yagami Raito is not real. Kira is, for the beliefs and values behind him live in on people, but I doubt any human could become him, for aforementioned reasons.

Yeah, that was a long rant. Gomenasai :) I hope you all enjoyed my really long rant, and please keep in mind that these are my opinions, ok? No reason to hate me for my beliefs, no matter how different they may be

Lord Azeran aka Shizuka


Hello there i am curently making a website to show everyone that the concept of kira could become a religion with enough followers. At the moment the site is still under construction, but i am ready to start recruiting moderators. You will find where to email me on

All Hail Kira

Takeshi Obata Was Once Arrested!?

I understand that weapons aren't allowed in Japan, but of all people, I didn't think that Takeshi would often carry a knife in public...

This is the first time I'm learning this. It's kind of shocking...

I heard online that people

I heard online that people stoped watching death note because L died before i even started watching it.he was a well made character and my favorite.I know a lot of people want him back on the show but i want to know why they didn't bring him back there are many ways they could.I am one of the people that want L back but won't stop watching the the question "does L come back" and read all the entries.

We all have interesting opinions...

Greetings all,I don't believe in a Death Note,but still i've watched some weird things related with suposed Death Notes.A guy on my school was an apparent fan of Death Note anime/manga,and he was always carrying a notebook with him.One day there was this woman that worked on the school and was always shouting at the students,I saw him writing something on the notebook and after a seconds the woman just went uncouscious,don't know if she's dead but didn't saw here anywhere after that day...but still I don't believe Death Notes,so I'd rather call it coincidence...

Tsk, tsk.

My, my. How many people did you really think you would fool? Even the delirious "kira supporters" would not believe your story. It saddens me to see these people dismissing reality so quickly.


Hi...L it's me...kira you request me to kill you i have the death note in myhande right now i WILL hunt you down AM CRATEING A NEW WORLD IN WHICH WE CAN LIVE...I AM GOD...I AM KIRA!!!!....

Ur not kira. Ur probably

Ur not kira. Ur probably just a nerd. XD God dam nigga its show. get over it.

kira is real,he will write

kira is real,he will write all of ur gay ass names in his notebook,u non kira worshipping losers suck,GO DIE!!!


Uh huh. Right. So remind me: how would he find our names? (not that he exists) People are so quick to join cults.

I do not care if any of you listen to me; I'm simply venting my annoyance at human foolishness.

All of you people you claim to be characters from the manga have some serious internal issues that you need to work out. You do not look "cool" by calling yourself L or whatever; it only shows us what a sad case you are, especially if your spelling and grammar are terrible.

Yes, the world is pretty messed up, but hey, we'll all be lying in the dirt sooner or later. When you die, you die. No more consciousness or "heaven". A Kira will not "rise". There is no such thing as a death note. If there was someone like "Kira" killing criminals, does that not make him as bad as they are?

My god people! It's a comic series. Get a grip on reality; it isn't THAT bad.

kira is THE REAL GOD!!!! AND



umm. yea you little people sad lonley people that touch your grandmas when you sleeping need to grow up its a show for entertainment and money y out of all the manga out there is this one the real one you dont see dragon ball charictors out there flying around so get you hands out of your grandmas pants and get a grip of reality...NERDS!!! HAHAHAH

quit trolling i hate that

quit trolling i hate that and you know if your trolling .
btw kira is real .
ps. save your self from arthritis by not typing about stuff you dont know .pps i wish the series was longer


the 38th will show light's return...
all hail kira, the saviour of all

I support Kira

Michel Jackson was killed by Kira, he made him died of a careact that's simalar to a heart attack. Kira is among us and I wait for his arival.

lol. seriously, you need to

seriously, you need to wake up from the fantasy.
killing can never be justified whatever the reason may be.
it's just like what near said, "you're just a crazy mass murderer,"
wake up guys...

Kira's more believable than

Kira's more believable than the mainstream gods, at least, and there are more than enough people believing the latter......

Though, if Kira do exist, a lot of problems would be solved. Somalia, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Israel/Palestine, just to name a few. (envisions Osama bin Ladin dies of a heart attack)


Not to burst your bubbles or anything, but wasn't the point of this article to inform us about Obata's arrest?? And, we're talkin' 'bout if Kira is real or not?? Just, uh, wowzers... LOL XD Anyhoozle, Lawliet rules!