Death Notes Confiscated in Wuhan, China

After the recent incident in Shenyang, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Death Note is finding itself in yet more trouble in China. Late last month, Chinese officials have begun confiscating "Death Notes" around a school near Wuhan. According to the director of Wuhan's Publication Bureau, a copy of the confiscated "Death Note" has already been sent to be processed and checked. As soon as the notebook is declared illegal, the authorities will begin taking further actions against "Death Notes" sold around schools.

It all started in late March, when a parent found a "Death Note" in her son's (currently in elementary school) backpack. The parent was shocked to find names of her son's classmates and teachers inside the notebook, complete with gruesome descriptions of their deaths.

The incident was reported in the news under the title "Death Note Evokes Dark Emotions inside Children." According to the director and supervisor of the Hubei Adolescent Mental Health Education Center: "Death Note contains mysticism, death, revenge and many other emotional factors unfamiliar to children. These emotions attract children's curiosity toward "Death Note." As a result "Death Note" has a very big negative impact on children psychologically."

To make matters worse, officials discovered that many stores around elementary schools near Wuhan were selling "Death Note" alongside other adult manga and games, all of which were deemed unhealthy and were inappropriate to be sold near schools.

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

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jesus, China is

jesus, China is over-reacting big time. Well, this is what you expect from crzy commies.

And the U.S. still wants to

And the U.S. still wants to invade Iran, and completely take over the Global Economy. What's your point?

Stop being mean to USA it is

Stop being mean to USA it is awesome it has NFL and MLB

whats the big deal?

china has no reason to stop death notes...look at all your movies ...besides its better to write it down instead of really killing know its fake and just away to blow off i really want one ^_^"'

I made a Death Note

They're harmless; just note books with a black cover with has the words "Death Note" written on the front. They can't do anything. People shouldn't treat them like they are a bomb about to go off. If your kid is writing down gruelsome deaths about people he/she knows personally, you should just talk to them about it. The book itself can't do anything, and it's just a fad anyway. Let them get it out of their system; as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, who cares?

wow one of my friend almost

wow one of my friend almost got expelled wen the teacher found out about death note took his book researched about it and told the principal its freakin fake and those ppl didnt even die

Over-reacting much?

The Death Note books are powerless, and unless kids are going out and killing the people they write in their Death Notes, I don't see the harm in having them on school grounds.

I take mine to school daily in plain sight, and I was never in trouble once. Of course, that could be because mine doesn't say "Death Note" on the cover. It's Misa's book which has some strange lines on the cover, so know one other than myself and my closest friends know what it actually is.

Anyways, China should just loosen up, and allow kids to have them out. It causes no harm to anyone, and it allows them to let some stress out.