Death Note in China - Success or Disaster?

topAfter the success of two movies and an anime series, Tsugumi Ohba (story) and Takeshi Obata's (art) manga Death Note has become a familiar name to anime and manga fans around the world.

"A notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it." – As Death Note's fame rose, it was bound to happen when someone would try to imitate the mysterious notebook found in the story. In early 2005, some schools in Shenyang, China banned the use of a stationery notebook in response to students using it as "Death Notes." While some felt the ban was an over-reaction, the view that Death Note is "a poison that creates wicked hearts" remained in the minds of many Chinese parents and teachers and protect them from the "evil notebook."

So did the school in Shenyang over-react? While some may disagree, a recent incident in China may have served to further damage Death Note's reputation among Chinese parents and teachers.

For months, toys and school utensil stores in Shenzhen, China sold a notebook called "Death Note," which is based on the same notebook found in the popular manga series. The notebook soon became one of the most popular items among Chinese students. However, as the new trend caught the attention of parents and teachers, who voiced their concerns over the possible negative influence of Death Note on their children.

imgOn March 20th 2007, a Chinese reporter published in a newspaper an extensive report on the presence of "Death Notebook" in Shenzhen. Within a few days, the report found its way onto many news websites and newspapers. A few days after the report was published, the Cultural Market Administrative enforcement department visited toy and school utensil stores in Shenzhen and confiscated over 187 "Death Notes." Below is a summary of the report on the Death Note incident in Shenzhen:

Parents and Teachers Request for Ban, Psychologists Recommend Proper Guidance for Students

The notebook found in Takeshi Obata's popular manga Death Note recently became a popular toy among elementary and middle school students in Shenzhen, China. However, the concept of a death-notebook is making many parents and teachers nervous, who worries that the notebook will have a negative influence on their children's growth. Psychologists of the area expressed their view that parents and teachers should focus on properly educating the students.

Parents' View

According to a parent, a "Death Note" was found under his child's pillow:

"I accidentally found a black notebook under my son's pillow. It was called 'Death Note,' and there were many horrible things written in there. I really think this kind of thing is bad for my child."

According to a reporter, the notebook was delicately made. The black cover carried the word "Death Note" in golden letters. Also on the cover is a picture of Light Yagami and Ryuk the Shinigami (characters from the manga). Inside the cover, various rules found in the manga are available both in Chinese and English, also written were instructions on "how to kill people with the notebook."

img"The 15 yuan version is the most popular version," says a store clerk, "we sell around 70 of those notebooks a day. Most of our customers are elementary and middle school students, and a majority of them are girls." According to the store clerk, the "Death Note" helped push sales of other notebooks and school utensils as well.

Students' View

After interviewing many students, a reporter found out that most students are buying the "Death Note" for fun. Most of the students have seen, or at least heard about, the Death Note manga/movie/anime. Also, many students are buying the notebook simply because "their friends have it."

A middle school student said in an interview: "Death Note sounds a little scary, but that's why it's so cool." So do any of the students write people's name in the "Death Note"? The answer is no. Most students are simply buying the notebook as a "collector's item," some even use it for school work, writing their own names in the notebook. "The whole killing thing is fake, everyone knows it's not real," said a student.

The Reaction

Many parents have requested the notebook be banned. Many claimed that the concept of a "death notebook" has a negative effect on a child's mental growth:

"Children would write the name of those they don't like in the notebook, and by doing so, they take joy in their 'revenge.' For example, when you argue with someone, you may try to scare them by writing their name in the notebook."

So who is making these "Death Notes"? Apparently most of the notebook came from a tools and toy manufacturer located near Shenzhen. Two kinds of "Death Note" were being produced, a 15 yuan version and a 40 yuan version; also a special version came with a "feather" from Ryuk.

The special report on "Death Note" raised many heads in China. As of March 22, the Cultural Market Administrative enforcement department has investigated many stores that carried the notebook, and so far have confiscated over 187 "Death Notes." According to the officials, the "Death Note" found in stores did not have any information regarding its producer, making it an illegal product. The officials also announced that from now on any store in the area that carries these "Death Notes" will be punished accordingly.

While Death Note has managed to capture the hearts of Chinese anime and manga fans, will it be able to prove itself "innocent" to the older generation of China, or will it be regarded as a harmful tool that should be kept away from children?


Additional Information:
- Death Note Stirs Controversy in China (02-06-2005)
- Death Note Confiscated in Wuhan, China (04-06-2007)
- China Death Note Problem Appears on National TV (05-12-2007)
- Beijing Bans Horror Books in Response to Death Note Threats (05-16-2007)
- Shueisha Responds to China Banning Death Note (05-17-2007)

- Shenzhen Daily
- Bopomo

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People. Are. Stupid. And

People. Are. Stupid.

And I'm not just talking about the adults here.

Isn't this exactly the OPPOSITE of what Death Note's about? Isn't it inherently obvious to the casual observer that Light's actions and the influence of the Death Note are VERY BAD THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE EMULATED?

Not all kids are dumb, au contraire; but a lot of them that are make it a lot worse for the rest of us. It's the same with video games or any other art form-- most people are sane enough to not be influenced, but there are always some...

My parents fell into the ZOMG DEATH NOTE SOUNDS EBIL category, but if people would explain what Death Note's all about-- the literary value it has as well as many of the (though admittedly arguable) moral messages passed in the story, then this issue wouldn't be so much an issue. But of course, the psychologists have louder voices than the fans.

This is why I honestly believe that Death Note should have run in Young Jump. No overreacting kids or their parents to mess anything up.


Well said. Perhaps I should agree with you. Yet, you are wrong for calling the adults stupid. Why? Because their concern for their children is all that matters to them, and they will do whatever it takes to expose their child to such things. All the same I'm not going against your word.



I assume your parents are from the Philippines?

Good god.

Wow. Just wow.

And I thought the LOL EVIL HARRY POTTER OMGLOLZ! thing was bad.

I'll just agree with what the person before me wrote, because if I typed out what I was thinking right now, it would come out suspiciously similar.

China... what would one

China... what would one expect? It's barely even controversial. Psychologists are overrated, their profession hasn't even got finished research behind it.




As much as I like China(country of my heritage), this was overkill( the ban.)
When I first read about it you know what my reaction was?... WTF...(falls down laughing)

Not only do they have a weak argument, I bet they didn't even read/view it at all!

These guys don't know shit about psychology.
Oh well I guess I'll have to add walking around in death note merchandise around Beijing on my list of stuff to do before I croak.(hmm...cosplay anyone?)
(Hey, at least they haven't banned it in Hong Kong, they even premiered the movies there)

C'est la vie

Ever-so-slightly pathetic.

"Children would write the name of those they don't like in the notebook, and by doing so, they take joy in their 'revenge.' For example, when you argue with someone, you may try to scare them by writing their name in the notebook."

Scare them? The rating for Death Note is 13+. If someone was to write antoher person's name into their Death Note, do you really think someone over 13 is going to get "scared" and go "OMGZ DEY GONNA KEEL MEEEE!!!!111"? Death Note is clearly meant for someone with a mature mind to read. And anyone with a mature mind is not going to freak out over these things.

"I accidentally found a black notebook under my son's pillow. It was called 'Death Note,' and there were many horrible things written in there. I really think this kind of thing is bad for my child."

This is clearly only happening to your child, according to others interviewed, saying that they qouldn't write any names down. I think this child has a bit of a problem if they're writing down horrible things in a pimped up notebook. The parent should worry about getting their son some help, not worrying about what Death Note will do other people's stable minds.

"However, the concept of a death-notebook is making many parents and teachers nervous, who worries that the notebook will have a negative influence on their children's growth"

A negative influence? They're clearly judging Death Note before they've even read/watched it. Death Note has been nothing but a positive influence to me. It introduced newer ways of thinking and analyzing things, plus it opened new points of views on what "good" or "evil" was. I reccomend that these people actually read/watch Death Note, then judge/critisize it. That way, they won't sound as uneducated or just plain stupid.

and there were many horrible

and there were many horrible things written in there. I really think this kind of thing is bad for my child.

Actually I think by horrible things they meant the rules, like "how to kill people with this notebook" and things like that, but the idea is the same nonetheless.


That is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard. How on earth can a little, black novelty item be considered more "harmful" anything else? they'll ban the ability to think for one's self. -_-'

It's almost the same for

It's almost the same for some video games in the U.S., too.

Banning individual

Banning individual thinking... that's pretty much the majority of China right there.

........... wow.......

It's already been said, but I just don't understand some people. It's a notebook that explains how to kill people. Yes indeed. However, would someone really die by writing their name down? Of course not. The kids know this.

It's the parent's that don't get it. They think it's real or something, or that by writing a person's name they are really hoping they die. That's absurd. Like the article said, no names were written down.

Would you think your kid is worshiping an evil coyote god that wants to kill and eat birds because they write in a notebook that has Willie E. Coyote on it? I don't think anyone would, so what's the big deal here?

I'd find it more scary if they started talking to an imaginary friend called 'Ryuk' or 'Rem' while writing, "You're the only one that understands me, Death Note" in the Note.


Instead of going after real criminals selling illegal products (there are enough), they decide to ban Death Notes, huh?
What's the harm in having merchandise from an manga/anime, even when it's called "Death Note"? I don't think somebody believes that it actually has the power to kill people.
Besides, why are things like model guns (some of which can actually injure people) allowed while Death Notes aren't?
Arr, such stupidy..... my head hurts =_=

Jack Thompson should feel

Jack Thompson should feel right at home over there...

People ridiculously

People ridiculously overreact to so many things it hurts my head.

People fail to notice that VERY many forms of entertainments that we have right now have "harmful" content, including violence, obviously. However as much as it's been debated, only very few actually gets banned.

If they want to ban Death Note, they better ban other things as well. Why not completely ban Harry Potter because some kids wave their e-bay wands around while yelling 'Avada Kedavra'? Maybe they could also ban Naruto, because a little blood from ninja fight could obviously destroy someone's mentality.

Not only kids, a few supposedly mature people are also inspired by violent movies to become violent. So then, why not ban entertainment in general so that a million people can't get entertained anymore only because of one stupid person? *rolls eyes*

They can't ban Death Note. I

They can't ban Death Note. I mean, the parents are over-reacting a bit too much, hello, it's not like those Death Note notebooks fell out of the sky. They came from those stores, and it's not dangerous.





What do you mean, >what

What do you mean,
>what people 've done to me the last years? >
that one I could nt get ^ ^


"I accidentally found a black notebook under my son's pillow

ok how about this if u "accidently" foung it y were u even in ur sons room in the first place unless u r one of those ppl who dont trust ur child and were going through their room then u didnt find it "accidently' as u say u did wat did u say to ur son did u tell him "Oh hey son before u run off to ur room i found this under ur pillow when i was going through ur room cuz i dont trust u would u like to tell me wat it is??? it says "death note" on the front wat does tat mean??? and wat about the names in here??? jeez its a good thing i go through ur room right???" i mean come on then wat did u do with it u prolly put it in the garbage but once u read the actual manga did u go and make a death note of ur own??? besides im the person who put up the comment on sat. 22:22 so i want to hear ur support u can email me if u want ill accept it

Death Note....

Considering how the article said that many of the kids who owned Death Notes were middle school kids... Their parents probably still clean their room for them, therefore one mother might have stumbled on this Death Note while cleaning the kid's room. Death Note does not teach us bad morals, but rather younger kids fail to see the meaning of Death Note and they abuse it to cause trouble. They see Light as a roll model rather than something to teach us whats wrong. I don't blame the parents for being worried at all, the blame is on the kids who misunderstood.


Well that's just really weird. Like what most people said here, I think they were overreacting. There's not much difference between a "deathnote"book and a regular notebook, except for the fact that it says "death note" on it. I mean, if the notebooks said "Life Note" instead of "Death Note" they probably wouldn't have banned it.

I even own one myself *so proud* and my parents didn't get freaked out by it. They know it's a toy, they know it's a prop. I don't go around writing down people's names on it or anything. If they want to ban something so bad, they should ban something that can really kill people. Don't ban notebooks because they're popular and they look scary. That's just ridiculous ~__~


you are soo correct! im in the same spot as you- i have one and its just a prop, just a simple novelty item. instead of going after these books, maybe going after REAL items the kill would be better- ban something like cigarettes- oh wait, the government wouldn't give up its top money source! If they banned guns, smacked down harder on illegal drugs, that would be better then wasting time on little black notebooks. >_< Just wait- if this anime airs in the U.S / Canada, well have a full blown ban on paper from notebooks in schools.

At first I thought the ban

At first I thought the ban was just silly but now it's gone full-scale ridiculous. The only other place in the world that would do something that stupid is the U.S. Ridiculous.


The US isn't that stupid. It's George W Bush that screwed it up.


I find it somewhat scary that some children are writing in the notebook to scare others because I would feel threatened if they threatened to write my name in the notebook if I had no previous knowledge. Therefore I would not blame the teachers/ parents for their misunderstanding and reaction.

On the other side If I was a kid in China who read the Death note, I would not be able to resist buying a "Death Note" myself. I would probably get it because it was cheap and somewhat cool to have just for keeps.I would also hate if it were confiscated but having it banned might be the wrong choice. Instead the Chinese should go after the people who made the counterfit "Death Notes".

eeerr, I would actually NOT

I would actually NOT find it scary, if somebody would write anybodys name inside, cause everybody knows, that such a thing won#t work!!!
the time to be really scared is in my opinion only then, when this little notebook would be the real thing ( i do not think, that a thousand of nice notebooks in a chinese School stuff store are shinigamis notebooks???

and in the post was written, that actually nobody wrote a name in the notebook...
and if they would, who cares,
it should be better to write a name in that book for getting the aggressions away, instead of beeing mean to that person, don t you think?

DN Ban

I think that possibly from a parental point of view, it may be considered a bad thing just because it mocks the value of a life and that it is automatically a bad thing. I went to an anime con as Misa Amane, and I made one for myself then bought i real Raito-style replica for myself. I however, didnt write in either (except my homemade one was my autograph book lol) but its harmless. I think what people are getting at is the thought that it involves- if it was real, would they use it? it scares people to think that their kids WOULD do it if it were real. And even if their kids WOULDNT, the possiblility is still in the parents minds. So a full-blown BAN is a little extreme, however i can see how they would remove them from schools and whatnot because its the idea that kids think its neat to kill, even though the kids... dont. but people think they do, so its the problem. *sigh* its all the idea i guess. I suppose this could haul right into a conversation of "was Raito (Light) morally correct to do what he did?" If you put it that way, he only wanted a good world. He started out to use the note for good, but ended up getting caught up in power.

god, people r soo

god, people r soo stupid
death note has a good message
it makes people rethink their views on the death penalty AND the way the court system works-its a physcological manga about how humans think and work, nothing more, nothing less

I agree with the previous

I agree with the previous comment. The story of death note is based on the question of: What would happen if there was a power in the world that could let someone freely kill anyone with no worry at all? And it purely fits in with human nature and our ways of thinking. That is probably why some parents and teachers are worrying about this. It's not that kids could think that it would actually kill someone (people should obvously know something like that can't work),it's that kids(maybe some adults and probably teenagers also) could want this sort of stuff to work. It is not all that unnatural to have thoughts like: "I wish that person was dead!" or "People like that deserve to die." And then something so convient for the purpose of killing people comes around in the form of the Death Note. It's probably easy for any parent to worry about the idea of a Death Note because it can trigger these sort of thoughts. But the fact is, it is pretty much only human and it's up to the individual to have a mature perspective when it comes to watching Death Note. Death Note should definetly only be watched by mature viewers. Especially after watching the anime episodes. I mean, no wonder they say this sort of stuff can be psychologically damaging. I thought the animators lost it when I saw the new opening song at episode 20. hahahha. I just think this is definetly not worth fighting over. Nothing needs to get banned here, kids and even some adults just need to start adopting a more mature attitude towards this kind of thing.

I totally agree with this

I totally agree with this comment. If the kids are using this to 'take joy in the revenge' then I think it's not so bad because they are using the notebook by writing in names. Which is harmless instead of attempting to take revenge through other means like punching them or pranking.. etc. So the death note is a positive way for people to express anger. =D

I absolutely LOVE the new opening. =)


I totally agree! Think 1984 and V for Vendetta

The horrible things written

The horrible things written in the notebook by the children reflects their life, why are they writing such horrible things? Well, maybe the parents should pay more attention to the child instead of blaming Death Note for this behavior. And how is it having a negative influence? I think the notebook gives them another way to let out anger which i think is much better then having them getting into fights or actual revenge. Children aren't going to skip school and stay at home writing down names of people whom they hate. Why are they over-reacting so much. I think some people are just so ignorant liek some parents who don't pay attention to their child and blame it on Death Note.

Freedom to own the book

These people should forbid this manga from being read all because lots of kids use it in an inappropriate way. Not everyone did it, some kids must have used it the right way. It is recommended for mature people anyway, so they should be able to read


Some people actually used the Death notes for their school work. XD

I am actually planning to buy 2 Death Notes(there 2 different versions avalible) just because I am a collector.

In China, I'd be a very Evil person for owning 2 of them. XD

Now to get to the point, most of China's adults are just a bunch of crazy commies. They shouldn't be allowed to do this. Hell some people like chinese news reporters have even stated themselves the ban is an over-reaction!

I've told my mom about the manga and anime and she said "That sounds like an interesting book/show" INTERESTING!! She didn't even say " YOU'RE NOT WATCHING THAT SHOW ANYMOREZ!!!11" Even my mom agreed with me and she is a normal sane person. Heck she even thought the ban in China was retarded (I have such a cool mom! ^_^ )

Anyway, my point is, the adults there are so over-reacting and they have to come to their sences quick or there will be death coming at them and Death note will look even worse....


I also like to state that I agree with the 2nd to last Anonymous on the fact that the Death note lets them take out their anger in a way they don't need to have conflicts with people.

I actualy use a similar way where I write down the names of people I got pissed at and as much as I wanted them to die or something like that, I get over it really quick afterwords. Like it never happened. Its like a magic "get rid of your anger and get back to work/normal things you do" thing. XD


...Actually, the Death Note helps you prevent ACTUAL violence by writing names down, banning a notebook is just plain stupid, they can ban a notebook but they cant ban a gun? Death Note teaches you bout whats right & wrong, how to solve things, how to use your head when u mostly need it, etc. I also own 1 and i have it for 2 things: 1. I love Death Note item and i couldnt resist buying it.
2. Im gonna make some videos bout it and i needed it.
So yeah...

Lol at n00bs

Parents suck, im ordering one of these death notes myself coz like THEY ARE SOOOOO COOL, adults like over react to everything, like if someone got a papercut thier parents would act like they just got stabbed, OMG JOO PHUCKING N000000BZZZZZ, any one that thinks that death note corrupts peoples minds, go roll over and die BITCHES XD

I think this parents are not

I think this parents are not understanding vital points about the deathnote:

*First: the death-note item from a popular anime, they most want it because it look cool.
*Second: the ones that are actually writing names are mostly vening their frustations as the book doesn´t really work and this kids know it. if there is a large number of people then the best thing for the parents would be to talk with their children to see if something or someone is actually bothering him/her instead of just blaming the notebook.

No need to ban DeathNote

But we fans should know as well that many of us think that Light is cool. Many of us are disappointed when Light has to die. And many of us think that Light is perfect, Light is right, Light doesn't deserve to die, etc.

How about it?

When Light is so cool, Light fights for human beings, Light stands for justice. Ehh? Sorry, many of us THINK that. Not THOUGHT, but THINK. After all of his evils are uncovered and he shows the real ugly face of his, there are GIRLS and BOYS crying over him and don't want him to die. There ARE.

How about it?

DeathNote has done its duty. It's such a great creation for ones who can control their thought and know what is real what is not. In this case, ones who enjoy the manga as its own valuability and are not influenced by the thought of manga.

There are TONS of boys and girls over 13 and under 16 or 18 still couldn't think over DeathNote, I'm sure. And it's not as easy as you guys said.

And you guys react as you're only crazy fans, and to not pay much attention to what the news is talking about. They have the right to worry '____'. Just remember, it's not that every Deathnote fan can be MATURE and INTELLIGENT like all of you saying that you are.


i own a death note notebook.
of course i dont used it in such a bad way.
i mean its also the fault of the kids not the notebook.
for me its one of my collection and theres nothing wrong with it.
kyaaa there is no nudity there isnt it?

thats why deathnote if for 13+


yes but there is misa misa tied up and it looks a tad wrong

Nudity? Well that part where

Well that part where Hal was in the shower...
and when Takada was kidnapped by Mello...

*sighs* people these days

Wow... I just went to A-kon a few days ago and since then, I have been watching and reading Death Note. I mean, I thought it was so cool, I LET my mom read it. I mean, what is up with these freaks, I just said,"Hey mom, I watched a cool anime called Death Note, they have the manga of it, do you want to read it?"
she just looked at me and said,"Sure!" and she bought it for me. My mom loves the book, so if other parents just sat down and read it, keeping in mind that this book is for ages 16+, then I am sure they would like it too.

Now, just to make the people in China mad... and because I have wanted to do this for a couple days now, I am going to make my own Death Note, and freakin' use it as a diary.

Today's entry
Keiara Haruno A lot has happend to me today, I mean, I
went to world market, bought three new
manga, etc. etc.
Na'Caern Okay, so the boyfriends doing good, he
is getting his permit tomorrow. Fun Fun!
Melly I really need to contact her...

Teehee. It would look just like the death note.. but instead of writing how people die, I would write my friends names, and my name, and write what is going on currently in our lives so I can keep track of dates to get together and stuff ^^

This is just

This is just ridiculous.

My parents never reacted to Death Note like that :(

To tell you the truth, my mom is a FAN of Death Note. I got her into it! She has watched both of the movies, and she wants to read the manga and watch the anime.

I also own a Death Note, but its just for fun...Like, a prop. I cosplay too, so I use it for that. Sometimes when I'm very frustrated, I use it burn off the stress, because I'm a very physical person, for a girl.
If wanted to, I could break someones face (hooooo yes thank you jujutsu)
I would never write someones name that I knew in it. Even if I was tempted. TRY THE FBI'S MOST WANTED.

BUT ANYWAY, thats just immature.
Death Note taught me about so many things in life. Like if you have power, sooner or later it WILL go to your head. Even if its good or bad.
Ever since I've gotten into death note, I've been thinking more logically, and its helping me out ALOT in school believe it or not xD

Don't judge a book by its cover. Just because Death Note has the word "Death" in it, doesn't mean its ALL bad.


i think if you killed off their most wanted list theyd be pissed at you for making them look bad

Man oh Man

The only way this notebook would be dangerous is if you smacked someone with it -_-

Hahaha...or if you're in

Hahaha...or if you're in China, just slip it into someone's bag and wait for the police to find 'em.

Such a idiotic action!!!

Hahh This so so fucking riddiculous I must say.

Not just parents, I wonder why China's government also have such childish reaction??? Everyone know that Deathnote is a manga, or, in other words, a wonderful manga. But never does it have some kind of [harmful or rebellious] impacts as they fools may say. If they're kinda afraid of the manga and its realting stuffs, they're the one who's being foolish and childish, scared by a mere manga like that.

Gotta chnge soon, or else we'll spat at your face, childy XD

ha ha shame on China Its a

ha ha shame on China

Its a brill series and they are missing out

Oh, my Shinigami....

Wow.... People don't have any right to take away a notebook like that. I agree that Death Note is a WONDERFUL anime. However, my parents would freak like the chinese police, so they don't know too much about it.XD However, Death Note is a psychological anime that helps people understand how humans work. They shouldn't take it so literally....

Wow. I was amazed that

Wow. I was amazed that something like that would go this far. For me I really enjoyed Death Note and all the things it had to offer. It made me think about things like getting revenge, or ever wishing someone dead. (which I'll admit I've done. I mean who hasn't?) I think the only thing that should be done about Death Note is maybe watching your children and what they buy? If a parent is concerned about the it then they shouldn't let their child buy it.

Though I agree that maybe they shouldn't be allowed at schools.

A sad day for China...

China seems a little paranoid. Now they see this Anime and Manga, this work of fiction, to be a threat. Whether or not they think Death Note iz T3h EB1LZ, they can't stop kids from liking it.

I hope they realize that notebooks can't actually kill someone. *eye roll* That's why its Fiction. Unless someone were to smack someone with it..

I assure you that the people who are against Death Note in China have not actually seen the anime or have read the manga (The parents must think its the spawn of the devil). I actually have a friend who has bought a "Death Note" on ebay and uses it to vent and relieve stress. No one has died to date.

Besides, Good conquered Evil at the end.

NO WAY!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLY STUPID!!!!!!! as everyone else said before me... i've nothing new to say but JEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!! i had heard about that but these people are INSANE!!!! such a stupid thing to do... maybe they're just bored?! *too much death note*

people are stupid

people are so stupid. Banning something that everyone loves so much just beacuse it has 'instructions' on how to kill someone? Come on people,there are millions of ways of killing people and China is worried about a notebook? thats really stupid. Why not try to get criminals and ad guys instad of banning something everyone would trade their allowences for a year for? its just a thought, but alot of people have the same oppion.

haha.Chinese people are stupid.

would you believe?

some CHINESE people are REALLY stupid.

anyway, it's a go0d thing to have a deathn0te coz u can express ur anger to one person by just writing his/her name. I think it's one of the ways that you can release you anger to one person or more. And, DUH?! Kira is not real. God couldn't kill those people you write to your own death note. They are really just over-reacting. They're thinking it's true. or maybe, could possibly be true. Banning the death note would be their lost anyway. They haven't just realize yet how death note is very co0l, interesting and fun.

it's their lost. hahaha.:D

this is retarded

Light showed a sense of justice, why hide the kids of today's world from that? If they believe that there is a notebook that can kill a criminal istantly (well, within 40 seconds), they will fear to do anything bad. And as other people said, it won't actually kill people. I myself own one and i've written over thousands of people's name in there and they are still alive, are they not? Why should it even matter anyways? It's from an awesome anime series. I actually agreed with Light every step of the way. I would have done the same damn thing as him. But i wouldn't go around killing innocent people. Only criminals, and besides, murderers are gonna just rot in jail, why allow them to suffer like that if it can be ended quickly. The fact of the matter is that it isn't real, i would know considering i'm writting names of people in it all the time. Think of it, people, we scare kids with them so they don't start criminal acts, and they don't use drugs. Yes, my mother has seen it, and she too agrees with me all the way. Besides, basic science can tell that they are not real, though it would be pretty awesome if they were.

DeathNote;the anime, the story and the effect

Again I am let down.
I just saw my first episode of DeathNote last-night and loved it.
Its a great story filled with concious choices and reactions that impact not just the main characters, but the entire world of humans.
For someone to say that anime is corrupting their children or that video games make their children violent is simply irresponsible and disguisting.
If a kid thinks that by believing in the book it makes the book real than that kid should go to church.
Okay parents you dont like what your kids have, do or think? Dont buy for them, let them do or think anything that you are opposed to, then see what kind of monster they become.

all-though i must say the fear of having my child carrying around a "death note" when i know nothing about the origins of the note would probably get my knickers in a twist too, however i would simply want to know more before i pass judgement.

my sons

i would be more worried if my sons read the bible

How People Are

Here is how people are:

Mom: Son, we want to talk to you.
Son: Ok, what is it?
Dad: Stop reading Death Note. It's a bad influence.
Son: Have you read it?
Mom&Dad: NO! We would never do such a thing!
What son usually says: ok i guess i have no choice
(burns all death note merchandice)
What son should say
Son: Read it. It sounds bad, but you see moral messages.
(sevral hours of convicing later)
Mom&Dad: ok we'll read it!
(sevral volumes later)
Mom: sorry we said it was bad
Dad: we shouldn't have judged it.
Son: it's ok.

What should have happened usually never does so speak up!

Death Note books are FAKE, will NOT kill anyone, and are NOT a one-way ticket to h***.

Somtimes I think China should be renamed Moron Country, but then I remeber that I like China.

ur funny

ur funny

the only reason i still like

the only reason i still like China is because they have a good taste in Mythology.

*looks at dragon*


Death note in my personal opinion is hilarious. It may sound like i am crazy but hey who isn't. I like seeing people die i like blood i love guts and all the gory stuff and i am a girl not a guy. Weird? Probably but i don't care if the kids "Crazy" let them be let them get a death note notebook thingy let them have fun. (SMILE)
Would you believe me if i was Kira? JK

Yea.... Thats not really the

Yea.... Thats not really the meaning of the whole story. If you want blood/guts, go watch a scifi movie or something.


well thats true but comics are much better cuz there are no limits and in movies they always cencore the good parts don't u think?

Death note rule

We all have right for thinking who we want to die.It's a freedom,if you want blame,blame the bastard that fuck with your kids,the Death note is just a expression.Be graceful that they didn't kill anyone yet.I too have a Death note,I have a lot of people that I dislike(because they treat me bad),I wrote their name in my note book.Did they die???? No!!!!Like I say ,the notebook is just an Expression, you can't stop a person from hating someone,If you do that,they go insane.Beside Death note take a lot of brain to read,It took me 45min to read it,It have a very intelligence.



(^^) lol hope i can hear more of your thoughts LittleKiraNeko.


having a deathnote is like writing things you dont like and burning the paper...except without the arson


the worst thing that could happen from a Death Note is a paper cut it can’t physically kill someone…… unless when they found it the saw a Shinigami let it go

Who are these people?

This is just absolutely, 100% stupid.
The chinese police probably got bored and thought "let's go piss off some teenagers by banning one of their faveourite things."
It's soooo stupid, I can't get my head round it.
I bet you that almost none ofthe people involved in banning Death Note havn't even watched the anime read the manga or even read about the two.
Who do these people think they are.
They have no sense of Justice. They should learn some lessons from Light nd L.


Death note can be beneficial to children/teens

this report is just like the book written by Adolf Hitler(DO NOT READ THAT BOOK), MEANING,it's trying to bend people's wills and make you, no, force you to see things from their point of view. Death note has been a very helpful thing to me, i can't stop talking about it, not because of the concept of death and killing in it, but because of how i feel it can make people forget about the killing, the puzzle that is the anime draws your mind away from the "this is so merciless and cool" fact. I think, if parents are going to disgrace Death note, they should take an interest in it themselves first of make a family activity out of it and lead their children throught the right and wrong of it. It's an enjoyable hobby, to have a death notebook, it broadens the mind and immagination and of course people arent going to die from it, so if people want to be angry at others they can go ahead and wirte that person's name in the book it will make them feel better and it WON'T kill ANYBODY. I think it's VERY easy to see that blatantly obvious fact.Also, if parents do watch Death note they will see that it isn't all evil, it shows the fight between good and evil (Light vs L) and i know that a lot of people would take the side of L when watching this.

Kira Vs. L

When I watch death note i see many points Light and L have argued. Although I do take Light's side, yes, i see what he is doing is evil but what would you do in his situation?
Light is fighting for a better world... though his vision of a perfect world has been twisted by the people who intefere (L and co.), by intefereing and trying to catch Light, Light also has to defend himself, i'm sure many of you would do that too.


. . . . . .

He also wants to control the world.


He wanted to control it so it would be a Utopia, and so there wouldn't be criminals.

Death note

police and teacher can be a pain.When you are the most hated kid in school,you have a lot of enemy for the way you are.I'm Anime crazy,weird and a little bit hyper at time and because the way I talk,people love to make fun of me,even just by people make comment about me from time to time.Those of them that didn't even know me will treat me badly.I believe this is why people don't like goth and emo,personally I like goth and emo kid.

You can take away our tool to express our feelings,but you can never take away the way we feel.

If you agree or disagree with me e-mail me at

DEATH Note rule

That what I got in trouble

That what I got in trouble for Express my feeling with word,Now I have to burn my notebook.


Well, I can see how parents can get the wrong idea, but they shouldnt go to so drastic messures just to get something that dont really work banned from school...

Death note in my personal

Death note in my personal opinion is hilarious. It may sound like i am crazy but hey who isn't. I like seeing people die i like blood i love guts and all the gory stuff and i am a girl not a guy. Weird? Probably but i don't care if the kids "Crazy" let them be let them get a death note notebook thingy let them have fun

hey, fuck anybody who wants

hey, fuck anybody who wants to get rid of death note that show is cold as hell

the worst thing that could

the worst thing that could happen from a Death Note is a paper cut it can’t physically kill someone…… unless when they found it the saw a Shinigami let it go


fist off i would like to say that we the fans have got to see the parents point of view i mean put yourself in there shoes how would you react to your kid if they wrote stuff in a book called DEATH-NOTE and said hey mom i wrote douwn the name and date of a kids name who made me mad. now i am a fan 2 but i am not taking the side of parents but still we should see the other side of the block anyway what china is doing is sencership and china is mother fucking homotic mikel jackson loveing dumb ass place to ban Death-Note just like other on this said it helps little kids with anger issues and stuff i am 16 and all the little de-de-des (retards) are fucking it up for us and what if the US bans it then WTF!!!!!!(What The Fuck) then i am fuck and who says parents whont like DEATH-NOTE. ps L other wise known as LAWLIET is my fav character let me know how i did write back on this and 1 more thing CHINA WHAT THE FUCK!.


i would understand if my son/daughter was a fan of the series... i reckon reading deathnote makes people smarter


Well, i personally dont think writing someones name in the death note is bad. Its just a replica, its hardly going to kill anyone. i guess it makes the person with the death note feel abit better if they put people they hates name in it. Maybe let out some steam if ya know what i mean. But i find theres absolutely no reason for a ban on them.

I gotta say

I feel that despite the over-reaction, there is some truth about what the parents are saying about the Deathnote. For exampe, a little while ago, there way a body found in Europe with a note by its side saying "This world is rotting. Kira will bring justice." I am a huge fan of Deathnote, but I really do't think that products from it should be sold to the younger people. High school and up are responsible for their own actions, but little children's brains are not full developed and as such, they shouldn't be exposed to it. I feel I can say this I am my 7 year old kid sisters guardian and cause I am a huge fan of Deathnote, and as such, I have experience of both.


Let the kids have their fun

Let the kids have their fun writing each others name in the Death Note. There's no way it will actually kill someone unless you started beating it against their head. . . and that wouldn't really cause any damage anyway.

Although if they are writing kids names in it tell them to be smart and not bring it to school. People should know better about that.

A Ban?

Certainly an over-reaction. In my perspective, its a thought-provoking idea. Does it not make you think? Of course you have thought, before picking up this book, about the death penalty and if people deserve it or not.

This book is not about right or wrong, it's about how to think. If teens and young adults thinking more is bad, then ban Death Note. But at least read it first. It wouldn't be a bad book for a more mature audience to read, like those in high school or university, for a project, particularly students taking law or psychology.

Its all about who reads it, and if they are mature enough to think about it in the right way. If it's labelled for teens, Death Note is not responsible, instead there should be more control over the people who get their hands on it.

Can't blame the chinese for

Can't blame the chinese for these actions after what the japanese did to chinese people in world war 2. They were like Nazis but in asia killin chinese people like the jews but more brutally. According to wikipedia and most history sites its sed that pregnant chinese women were raped by japanese soldiers and then the unborn baby is taken out of the womb. Also men were filled up with water to death using a hose and then the soldier jumped on their bodies to get the water back out. These are only 1 thing out of 10s and 100s of tortures they did.

I dont live in china but i would say some would hate the japanese like how europeans hate nazi. But banning an anime cosplay item, they must be outta their minds. Instead of banning death note try and stop the japanese from hiding their history in ww2 from japanese kids.

And the people who ban this

And the people who ban this wonder why they are single...


How stupid! >.< Everyone knows no one can truly kill using a replica notebook. Sheesh! ( I own one myself! XP ) Those psychologists should at least learn more about Death Note and the parents should just stay silent and put more trust in their children! Kids aren't so stupid like before... >.<

ehh? o_o

LOL.....o_o....wth D:< .... wuts the point of banning it? You cant kill someone with a replica :O and besides like if the parents read the manga or watched the anime they would understand the point of the death note.
This makes meh want to go china and like bring a Death Note with me and walk around with it in public writing stuff down and scarring people o_o lol


I can't help it.
It may sound immature to some, But I completely agree with the person above me. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Guys (and gals), let's not

Guys (and gals), let's not get out of line here...and please don't pretend to be a CP admin -_-


This is so stupid, that I even can't believe that happened.

I mean, come on. When I watched FullMetal Alchemist, I was drawing circles trying to trans-mutate something. When I watched Naruto, I was trying to do techniques. It's normal to do.

I also created the Death Note by myself. I also have it. I didn't write anything in it - it was just a souvenir. Even if you write something, it's not like he's really going to die.

I would understand this action in China in students started to kill themselves because of FullMetal Alchemist (when a person in this world dies, in Alchemist world, energy is gained to perform transmutations). But just writing something in the piece of Notebook - that can't harm anyone.

Horrible. I wouldn't expect that from China.


good death note forum

Any body know any good Naruto places?? i love naruto.

You are in my DEATH NOTE

I found a new kind of Death Note book where you only need someone's Internet nickname and IP address. Is that scary or WHAT?

ha ha Ha Ha HA HA HA