Shueisha Responds to China Banning Death Note

Death Note is banned in Beijing, Shueisha comments that "All of them are pirated anyways."

More strange incident involving Death Note in China following up to the "banning of horror books in Beijing."

On the 16th, a Chinese/English newspaper China Daily reported that "Beijing local government has ordered to retrieve Death Note from its publisher Hualing Publishing due to its bad effect on juvenile - the manga is causing students to neglect their study by indulging themselves in Death Note." The Beijing local government has been inspecting bookstores and has already confiscated around 500 volumes. In response, Hualing Publishing sought refuge by saying:

We published Death Note under the permission of its owner.

However, Shueisha, the Japanese publisher of Death Note, made an announcement in response to Hualing Publishing's claim:

We did not give any license to publish Death Note in China for anyone. All of them are pirated printings. We have nothing to do with this incident. No comment.

Source: China Information Agency News

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So Hualing Publishing published Death Note in China without getting the license for it o.O

You could hardly find any

You could hardly find any licensed Japanese work in China lol

EVERYTHING published in

EVERYTHING published in mainland China is pirated, Chinese claims everything as their own. The only licensed chinese edition are printed and sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Well in recent years there

Well in recent years there are some offcially licensed Doraemon, Detective Conan, X, City Hunter, and I think just a few months ago Say Hello to Black Jack. Also now it's almost impossible to find pirated manga in Beijing thanks to all the crackdowns...and with so few official releases, it's becoming harder and harder to buy manga in Beijing :(