Newark, NJ - Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, is pleased to announce the US Premiere of the "Simoun" anime at their 2007 "Yurisai" event!

"Simoun," licensed by Media Blasters, media publisher of products targeted to fan-oriented specialty markets, tells the story of a wolrd torn by war, and the trials of a squadron of warrior-priestesses, the Sibylla of Chor Tempest. "Simoun" was voted "Best Yuri Series" of 2006 by Okazu Reviews.

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ALC Publishing, the world's only publisher of 100% Yuri will be premiering the newest Yuri manga anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5," at Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event on September 29, 2007 at the Newark Gateway Hilton.

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Okazu reports that pre-registration for Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event is about to end soon.

Also, the Yurisai Poster and Fanfiction Contests is going to end soon as well. The theme of the contest is "Fairs and Festivals".

Source: Okazu

Okazu, one of the "oldest and most comprehensive blog for Yuri anime and manga reviews, information and events" celebrated its 5th anniversary today:

Today is a milestone. Five years ago today I wrote the first Okazu post. In it, I explained why I chose "Okazu" as the title of my blog [...]

ALC Publishing, the world's only all-Yuri publisher is proud to present their fifth 100% Yuri manga anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5," available for Pre-order at the Yuricon shop and on Amazon.com.

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Yuri Artists, Writers, AMV creators and Cosplayers - Yuricon Contests are on!

Newark, NJ -Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, offers 4 great contests in conjunction with their Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event!

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Newark, NJ - Media Blasters, media publisher of products targeted to fan-oriented specialty markets and Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, are teaming up at Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event to present the Yuricon "Simoun Cosplay" contest, in honor of one of Media Blasters' most exciting upcoming anime series!

Cosplay Contest entry has never been easier - come to Yuricon's "Yurisai" Event and register for the contest at the door. No pre-registration needed. Please read Yuricon's general Cosplay Contest Rules for registration and costume guidleines. (http://www.yuricon.org/events/07Cosplay.html)

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A new yuri magazine from Ichijinsha titled Comic Yuri Hime S (880 yen) will debut on June 18th. Yuri Hime S (Yuri Hime's sister magazine) is different from Yuri Hime Selections, a special issue of Yuri Hime that carries series from Ichijinsha's most popular yuri artists.

Erica Friedman, founder of Yuricon, interviewed on Afterellen.com

Erica Friedman, president of Yuricon and ALC Publishing, was interviewed by Suzanne Corson, a contributing writer at the popular lesbian culture website.

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RICHMOND, CA ?? March 5, 2007 ?? Infinity Studios, LLC announced today that it has entered into an agreement to license acclaimed artist Miyabi Fujieda's highly acclaimed yuri manga IONO-SAMA FANATICS Vol. 1 (ISBN:978-1-59697-015-1) from Mediaworks. Miyabi Fujieda is a highly popular and recognized manga artist who has created numerous hit titles in Japan including NOVA, ALICE QUARTET, KOTONOHA NO MIKO TO KOTODAMA NO MAIO TO and has also been a guest artist for a few chapters in the extremely popular manga hit DI GI CHARAT.

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